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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, June - March 2008

@dream_froth2 yeah if this is now a ten page archive limit not sure I will continue - where can we go?

reversible tuber

advocacy for the hell of it

i think the Anthropos Essentia changed from growing humans in vats to being an aboriginal purist cult

but...shreeks devoured Rey Raza and Sitor Ananta

putting Mr. Charlie's brain in the androne body still seems cruel to me, no matter how happy AAA says he is

TNG episode "The Inner Light": next time just send me a letter

rhizome in old english means ground into a fine powder 12:18 AM June 23, 2008

swayzak outtakes - i dunno - occasional good dubby textures and electro blorts - I miss the old swayzak 12:11 AM June 23, 2008

ensemble ambrosius plays the music of frank zappa - finnish chamber group - very fine 12:08 AM June 23, 2008

and in your dreams you can see yourself as a prophet saving the world - the words from your lips - i just can't believe you are such a fool 07:59 PM June 22, 2008

"is that dog as old as I think he is?" "15. He has tumors, the right side of his face is paralyzed, and he leaks." (neighbor boarding dog) 04:08 PM June 22, 2008

australia has approx. 500,000 feral camels 07:18 PM June 21, 2008

CiM - geosat fill 05:35 PM June 21, 2008

john tejada & arian leviste - soul reborn 05:33 PM June 21, 2008

one last Eureka 7 pop culture reference: the main character's first name Renton is from Trainspotting 05:30 PM June 21, 2008

permutation city: people copy themselves and disappear into a walled garden in the Net 05:26 PM June 21, 2008

good summary of the shockwave rider: 02:08 AM June 21, 2008

re-reading Solis by AA Attanasio. The Maat are building The Array! Didn't know he was foreshadowing. 01:50 AM June 21, 2008

we have camps. no, we're not that far apart. a photo on a blog is net art. now you're being sarcastic. i told you we have camps. no we don't 01:45 AM June 21, 2008

there are many, many images of Frank Stella's that no one would ever think of stealing 01:40 AM June 21, 2008

yes, everything's net art: going to a petting zoo and petting baby goats, scuba diving, pumping iron, eating a hot dog 01:36 AM June 21, 2008

does a scan of a photo of a painting on a blog count as net art? yes. if you aren't being sarcastic that means everything's net art 01:33 AM June 21, 2008

the guy's guestbook says - "I want content, not just 'this movie rocks' - but no reviews - *I* write the reviews" 10:27 PM June 19, 2008

revisited a dot com era site: - it's the same but less "under construction" pages 10:24 PM June 19, 2008

no vvork withdrawals just a glow of inner peace

Salon trashes a movie, letters pour in saying "critic, you rule" even though no one's seen the movie, then they close the letters--Fuck You 09:40 PM June 19, 2008

i want to sexy youtube, i am finding.... ;-( BLOCKED 11:15 PM June 18, 2008

mega dude fest 11:13 PM June 18, 2008

old guard being helpful: "Net Art 2.0 makes me sound dated, but I like 'post-Net Art,' which you makes you sound late getting on the bus" 11:12 PM June 18, 2008

you're suffering from twitteraphasia - the 140 character limit frightens you into silence - you experience fear you won't be able to complet 10:56 PM June 18, 2008

new Duane Reade has CoinStar and Chase ATM--this almost makes up for the Starbucks 12:22 AM June 17, 2008

why did Lieutenant Daniels appear to Hurley and Locke? 12:19 AM June 17, 2008

@wizardishungry: (since April) 10:39 AM June 16, 2008

lamer newbs mean tamer tubes 01:20 AM June 15, 2008

the only one I could think of the night we made the list was IRL 04:26 PM June 14, 2008

just realized marisa used some of my fake acronyms for netacronyms (free for seniors, off-track meddling, fuck the wankers, you sure is?) 04:23 PM June 14, 2008

left my comments open accidently, went to bank, came back and had a comment (thanks) 04:19 PM June 14, 2008

tired of those n00bs 11:00 PM June 13, 2008

you make a lot of jokes, gup--two 06:16 PM June 13, 2008

nice nets 05:41 AM June 13, 2008

i knocked myself out and all i got was this lousy dead horse jpeg 08:51 AM June 12, 2008

you remind me of the man/what man/the man with the power/what power/the power of hoodoo/who do/you do/do what/remind me of the man (var.) 08:47 AM June 12, 2008

found a blog streaming one of my songs on load-up, with a Ghost in the Shell-like graphic of an android head spewing 1000 wires out the back 10:33 PM June 11, 2008

reading my second John Burdett book--Bangkok Tattoo--if you must know, farang 10:30 PM June 11, 2008

wrote a preReview of Man on Fire, as a joke, that was as insane as Hide and Seek (both D Fanning vehicles but never saw MoF)

shrink to girl: "what game did Charlie ask you to play?" "Upsetting Daddy." (charlie is bad dad; Daddy is good dad)--MINDBLOWER 10:06 PM June 11, 2008

girl also fakes autism at her own behest to save people she knows bad dad is going to kill--makes herself obnoxious to drive them away 10:03 PM June 11, 2008

good dad thinks his daughter is autistic from trauma of her mom's death but bad dad killed mom & girl is faking autism at behest of bad dad 09:59 PM June 11, 2008

young girl with psycho killer dad learns to accommodate his good & bad selves by playing different roles with each--what a creepy premise 09:52 PM June 11, 2008

voyager where aliens become children as they age, go to sacred planet to release their energy on death--pretty good 09:43 PM June 11, 2008

line of Venice tourists arranged in Spiral Jetty for photo op -- NO NO MAKE IT STOP 07:13 PM June 11, 2008

activeX, directX, Xbox, Xmen, Xmen2 11:19 PM June 10, 2008

america's best dance crew 01:23 AM June 08, 2008

@wizardishungry wish you could have been there. It was a full house and I think people had more fun than Mr Sourpuss described 10:19 PM June 07, 2008

checking out the Supercentral WIKI via RSS--I like the content whether or not I can decode it 09:46 PM June 07, 2008

t.whid's rhizome "summary" of the panel is abusive--my response is minimal. I did not read his twits from the panel 09:44 PM June 07, 2008

cleaned 6 years' dirt off my ceiling fan and portable (window) fans--ready for days in the 90s 06:57 PM June 07, 2008

"move along, nothing to see here" 03:11 PM June 07, 2008

sf by women: theme: people merge with aliens or become symbiotes (butler--lilith, cherryh--gehenna, piserchia--earthchild) 10:32 PM June 05, 2008

crapulous 09:14 PM June 05, 2008

no one good has made art about "the rules of art" since the bauhaus, so why call anything formalist? it's an insult by boomer conceptualists 04:41 PM June 05, 2008

all music sans lyrics is formalist - but no calls it that - only visual art is stigmatized by not having a story in words 04:37 PM June 05, 2008

OptiDisc is Kenneth Noland, Op art, Time Tunnel graphics, inspiring a dozen jokes about hypnosis like "get on your knees and give me a BJ" 04:29 PM June 05, 2008

i changed the URL of Kay Whole Again to reduce bandwidth - also DreamFroth2's sad fluffy hotlinked by German fashion blogs 04:25 PM June 05, 2008

I have a song "Kay Whole Again" - pun on the "K Hole" - Asian sites linked to it as "Whole Again" by Atomic Kitten

vvork is curation in the slightest sense of the word - it is consumption - vvork/twitter is its brain - also in the slightest sense 04:12 PM June 05, 2008

how do you know it's art? - photo of 60 screenshots of OptiDisc on non art world people's websites 04:04 PM June 05, 2008

BLOG in gallery; blog as performance 04:02 PM June 05, 2008

"what is the long form of internet art?" - show photo of my old blog printed out 04:02 PM June 05, 2008

ideas I'm batting around for the Net Aesth 2.0 panel 03:57 PM June 05, 2008

formalist is not the opposite of political 03:55 PM June 05, 2008

"advanced killer AIs talk like regular dudes" genre: Marusek, Vinge, Wright, Banks 07:18 PM June 04, 2008

i reblogged that magic eye oil painting 4 years ago 08:43 AM June 04, 2008

vvork just ran out of artworks!!! 12:12 PM June 03, 2008

cognitive surfplus 12:10 PM June 03, 2008

NYTimes blog sneer '04: "LiveJournal is a Blurty is a Xanga is a DeadJournal is a DiaryLand." Blurty???? 10:52 PM June 02, 2008

classmates --> livejournal --> friendster --> myspace --> facebook --> twitter --> classmates 10:17 PM June 02, 2008

Great care must be taken to avoid leaving inorganic materials inside the chamber. 09:12 PM June 01, 2008

"He was a kind little man in his way. I made him go down that hall into the darkness. I made him do it." (The Seventh Victim) 09:08 AM June 01, 2008

40,000 in Gehenna--an offworld colony gone wrong; governor a grief-stricken alcoholic; persistent lizards 08:45 AM June 01, 2008

two new songs--both with "classic" structure and under 90 seconds. not posted yet 09:31 PM May 31, 2008

tonight I had corn chowder in a tiny highball glass (not at home) 11:53 PM May 30, 2008

i have to go move the island 08:28 PM May 29, 2008

ftp went pft--fixed now 07:48 PM May 29, 2008

lucas owns the rights to all that work, I can't even look at it

reading old journals. I'm happier than I used to be but thought I was happy at the time 07:03 PM May 29, 2008

archives are back, woo 01:05 AM May 29, 2008

cherryh's Merchanter's Luck good so far: nuts & bolts sf, interpersonal problems to be worked out a la "spaceship office" many today inhabit 08:25 PM May 28, 2008

they should call twitter "memento"--nothing can be remembered but it's worse because you can't even tattoo yourself 08:59 AM May 28, 2008

not sure how good a "diary" is that doesn't let you page back past one page 08:53 AM May 28, 2008

@kortrijk looking forward to yr haircut, yr work onscreen, and yrself. we will show them how it's done (even w only 5 min per artist) 08:25 PM May 27, 2008

twitter needs to get its shit(ter) together--half the stuff doesn't work--they should have prepared better to be popular 08:15 PM May 27, 2008

beats and bits, bots and brats, bleets and butts 06:08 PM May 27, 2008

@wizardishungry very sorry to hear about your arm 09:10 AM May 27, 2008

found tweet: "if these fucking people do not stop doing YOGA ALL AROUND ME at this coffee shop, i am going to decapitate all hippies ever" 05:47 PM May 26, 2008

@wizardishungry yes, software and remembering to convert from English to metric 10:41 PM May 25, 2008

"With liquid water comes the possibility of life" is a sentence I wish we could quit reading--the science excites w/o little green beings 09:07 PM May 25, 2008

the mars landing simulation employs the battlestar galactica shaky-cam:, as one blog noted 07:25 PM May 25, 2008

nasa blog: 4:53 pm: Touchdown detected!! We're on the surface of Mars and there is celebration in Mission Control!! 07:02 PM May 25, 2008

mars landing soon--will it work? from the simulation it seems precarious as hell 06:31 PM May 25, 2008

loud neighbor party--it's not music, their laughter is earsplitting 06:16 PM May 25, 2008

octavia butler theme: something changes you and you have no choice but to accept it 06:10 PM May 25, 2008

"old people should not try to speak LOL Cat"--found tweet, hard to argue with 08:21 PM May 23, 2008

twitter is worthless between 5 and 9 pm Eastern (as in slow or "something's wrong")--right? 08:20 PM May 23, 2008

day two: mashed up two old songs, drew annoying viscera, went to cleaners

when I bought some clothes yesterday one of the clerks sang "ring my bell" at the final tally 11:52 PM May 22, 2008

nine days to run errands, make art 09:24 PM May 21, 2008

Divine to tabloid reporters: "Ask me more questions!" (Pink Flamingos) 10:57 AM May 21, 2008 from web

one month wait time to see doctor--if your organs are fusing together you can "use the walk-in clinic" 10:50 AM May 21, 2008

"I don't have to talk, either, man! See how you like it. Just total fuckin' silence. Two can play at that game, smart guy." (Fargo) 10:44 PM May 19, 2008

"I don't know what makes me do these things, I guess it's some kind of a lizard brain..." (Albert Brooks, Modern Romance) 10:34 PM May 19, 2008

technorati is chockablock with *obviously* fake Word Press blogs--this must stop and soon 04:46 PM May 19, 2008

get off my lawn, and turn off those embeds!!! 11:04 PM May 18, 2008

O. Butler's Mind of My Mind: the "pattern" holding telepathic "actives" together is what A. Galloway would call the protocol 08:35 AM May 18, 2008

telepath stories in SF: metaphors, templates for cyborging of humans via networks 08:33 AM May 18, 2008

I told a co-worker I hate Walter Keamy (the merc on Lost)--I just hate his face. She said nothing. 12:09 AM May 17, 2008

Octavia Butler's Wild Seed - an unholy cross between Roots and Wuthering Heights, per David Pringle 12:06 AM May 17, 2008

more on cognitive surplus credits: 07:05 AM May 14, 2008

tinyurl made my url too tiny 03:36 PM May 13, 2008

proposal to j sisson re: "cognitive surplus credits": 03:34 PM May 13, 2008

"house music is a universal language spoken and understood by all" (smooth touch) 01:12 PM May 11, 2008

using my cognitive surplus 08:32 PM May 10, 2008

voyager where aliens from The Void have a calculator jam session while the Doc bobs head appreciatively and 7 looks on 10:03 PM May 09, 2008

ideas for music series: more acoustic jazz trio songs; a suite of songs in the vein of the DEVO Corporate Anthem 09:48 PM May 09, 2008

premise of Gutenberg Galaxy: understanding transition from oral to literate culture helps us understand transition from literate to media 09:45 PM May 09, 2008

starting the first of the Octavia Butler "patternist" novels, Wild Seed 09:44 PM May 09, 2008

finished the action-packed Iain M Banks downer space opera. it's a bit like Star Wars where Greedo didn't shoot first 02:04 AM May 08, 2008 from web

all batman movies suck 12:17 PM May 07, 2008 from web

@piotch - yes, the museum tours are good, from what I know of them; the artist acceptance speeches seemed like too easy targets 03:16 PM May 05, 2008

what is about YouTube comments--people are completely uninhibited to say whatever comes into their heads, at all times 08:11 AM May 05, 2008

andrea fraser's striptease video on vvork--she needs to stop obsessing about the success of these assholes (just an initial reaction) 08:07 AM May 05, 2008

am reading my first Iain M.Banks sf novel--he writes non-sf without the middle initial 11:53 AM May 03, 2008

apollo (stringed instrument/mathematical music of the spheres) flayed the satyr marsyas (piped instrument/earthiness and sex) (albright) 11:52 AM May 03, 2008

adorno's appreciation of music has little to do with the ear but rather music's connection to mental structures 11:47 AM May 03, 2008

like Greenberg, Adorno is a purist: art is valuable to the extent it is disillusioned, authentic (albright) 04:27 PM May 02, 2008

adorno adds music to the laocoon analysis; his Philosophy of the New Music praises Schoenberg and ridicules Stravinsky 04:25 PM May 02, 2008

greenberg: each art should remain inviolate within its own private domain (albright) 04:21 PM May 02, 2008

gotthold ephraim lessing: nebeneinander (spatial arts) vs nacheinander (temporal arts) - each has distinct protocols 04:03 PM May 02, 2008

laocoon problem: man crushed by snakes screams in poem but is impassive in statue owing to different protocols of those media 04:02 PM May 02, 2008

really my defense of "Darmok" wasn't impassioned--it's not *that* good--just an appeal to reason 01:16 PM May 01, 2008

it's like a language course where you learn an incomprehensible tongue and also its underlying theory--what other TV show does that? 10:10 AM May 01, 2008

just emailed with someone else who dislikes "Darmok"--I made an impassioned defense for this TNG episode 10:09 AM May 01, 2008

@dream_froth2 I am too slow for chatting. The last person I chatted with kept beeping me for "dead air" 08:11 PM April 30, 2008

i want a computer without all the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs shit on it 05:29 PM April 30, 2008

think my favorite part of the future o' internet panel was the one laptop per child discussion 05:28 PM April 30, 2008

trying to get the bass centered in a piece I'm working on--damn these presets 10:49 PM April 28, 2008

Telex faves: "Pakmovast," "Brainwash," and Anthony Shakir's remix of "Raised by Snakes" 12:01 AM April 28, 2008 from web

@WIZARDISHUNGRY I like Telex 11:33 PM April 27, 2008

@artfagcity - happy birthday! 11:31 PM April 27, 2008

famous pre-surf club image collector sent me a zip of his archive today 03:31 PM April 27, 2008

where is my copy of Prince Caspian? (the book) 03:25 PM April 27, 2008

overheard at work: "when we first moved out to Long Island our house was crawling with geicos" 04:58 PM April 24, 2008

dreamt some graph data about the current economy had a sculptural Yin-Yang shape and we were trying to move it down a hill--in Costa Rica 12:22 PM April 24, 2008

voyager where janeway takes ship misfits out on shuttle 01:04 AM April 24, 2008

lost highway on DVD--better than when it came out. "Dick Laurent is dead." 01:02 AM April 24, 2008

beatles "hello goodbye" sold to target for "mash up" 10:01 PM April 23, 2008

picked up laundry and drycleaning, got haircut, checked PO Box, bought groceries, thought about "new media" 05:53 PM April 23, 2008

in Money for Nothing donald westlake ridicules sf/fantasy--describes book reading for the "Farbender Netherbender" series 11:19 PM April 20, 2008

dr. greg egan became dr. greg bear in a later Eureka 7 11:16 PM April 20, 2008

Am curious to read one of the novels Westlake wrote under the name Richard Stark--James Wolcott just recommended Dirty Money 08:59 AM April 19, 2008

Westlake also wrote the script for The Stepfather, starring Terry O'Quinn (John Locke of Lost) 08:57 AM April 19, 2008

The Ax (D. Westlake) is one of the most disturbing books I've read--halfway through I "accidentally" left it in a cab and then rebought it 08:54 AM April 19, 2008

Janeway, at Exchange Place 10:19 PM April 18, 2008

i learned about tanuki from the movie Pom Poko--couldn't watch the whole thing on TCM because it was late 12:52 PM April 18, 2008

nice tanuki avatar used by wizardishungry--I once spent half a day researching tanuki (tanukis?) via google 12:47 PM April 18, 2008

We also got a Duane Reade drugstore, in a high rise residential that opened up. that I will probably use--our drugstores aren't great 04:15 PM April 17, 2008

my neighborhood just got its first Starbucks. I've been here 7.5 years and got along fine without Starbucks 04:12 PM April 17, 2008 from web

marc green AKA markus grunert "Wo Gehobelt Wird..." 12" 09:14 PM April 16, 2008

hugh hopper basslines 09:10 PM April 16, 2008

the '97 Pink Flamingos DVD remaster cleans up the film quality and audio--not sure if that's good, but enjoyed seeing it again 10:25 AM April 16, 2008

chickens made of glass, alas (gertrude stein, not me) 10:35 PM April 15, 2008

rewatching Pink Flamingoes last night: "no one sends my mama a turd in the mail and gets away with it!" 07:50 AM April 15, 2008

Stalker is great but Roadside Picnic is much more perverse and emotionally torqued up 07:47 AM April 15, 2008

the prev. post is the last line from Roadside Picnic (filmed as Stalker): Red's wish to the wish-granting Golden Ball 07:45 AM April 15, 2008

happiness for everybody, free, and no one will go away unsatisfied! 09:59 PM April 12, 2008

Buzzard getting the wriggling magnet out of the Zone unscathed 09:54 PM April 12, 2008

dixon (aka hamster)--the only stalker to fall into the meatgrinder and live 09:16 PM April 12, 2008

moulages (zombies); emigrants from the Zone who lived through the Visitation move elsewhere and cause disasters; mutagenic effects 01:04 AM April 12, 2008

magnetic traps (empties), K-23, the white ring, the Golden Ball (wish machine), Dick the Tramp, the jolly ghost 12:58 AM April 12, 2008

so-sos, lobster eyes, rattling napkins, bitches' rattles, white whirligigs, needles 12:28 AM April 12, 2008

the Greg Egan character continues to crack me up--he looks like a gigantic baby 02:25 PM April 11, 2008

the organic/sentient substrate of the Eureka 7 world is variously translated as "skurve," "scab coral," and "scub coral" 02:20 PM April 11, 2008

more Eureka 7 pop culture shoutouts: characters named Adrock Thurston, Axel (Axl?) Thurston 02:12 PM April 11, 2008

mosquito mange (graviconcentrates), batteries, itchers, black sprays, death lamps, pins, bracelets, sponges, carbonated clay 07:49 PM April 10, 2008

twitter has spammers; so far I've blocked a healthy heart twitter and a learn spanish twitter 07:14 PM April 09, 2008

in/from the Zone: empties, full empties, burning fluff, witches' jelly, black bramble, cotton on the antennas, spitting devil's cabbage... 08:06 AM April 09, 2008

two other stories with aliens/alien worlds indifferent to humans: Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama and Solaris (not the Clooney) 01:15 AM April 08, 2008 from web

think I'm going to read the Strugatskys' Roadside Picnic again 01:12 AM April 08, 2008

the Eureka 7 setting isn't postapocalyptic Earth--it's another planet, a fact we don't learn till halfway through Season 3 ("Pacific State") 10:40 PM April 07, 2008

spent a bunch of time digitizing one of my fave vinyl records (purchased for a buck in a cutout bin) then learned amazon has a remastered CD 05:25 PM April 06, 2008

i made my first favicon today--it's supposed to be L'informe (grisaille molecular lumps) as opposed to snappy and lucid 05:22 PM April 06, 2008

jameson quote saying you can't look at LA directly or you'd go insane, you have to look at it obliquely via Raymond Chandler 03:34 PM April 05, 2008

"surrealism reminds us of the suppressed dissonances of our commonplace sensory experience" - daniel albright 03:27 PM April 05, 2008

apollinaire defined surrealism as a heightened real--when you see with superclarity, things merge and overlap in jarring, uncategorical ways 02:18 PM April 05, 2008

wonder how the screening went? i had to work (work not vvork) 02:16 PM April 05, 2008

John Tejada, Stefan Schwander, Barbara Morgenstern, Dan Curtin, Larry Heard 02:12 PM April 05, 2008

Also Scanners Live in Vain when all the scanners meet in the big room and bump into each other--only the cranched scanner notices 01:16 AM April 04, 2008

Was thinking of the Nasty Nets screening in terms of Egan--the disembodied temporarily choose to be embodied 01:15 AM April 04, 2008

I read Schild's Ladder twice. 01:14 AM April 04, 2008

Greg Egan's new book Incandescence is due May 1--exciting! 01:13 AM April 04, 2008

a military research facility is called Tresor 01:07 AM April 04, 2008

an exobiologist on Eureka 7 is named Greg Egan--he is enormous 01:07 AM April 04, 2008

i once used the word "precious" to describe some bad late collectibles of Richard Tuttle's and his cult went ballistic 08:45 PM April 03, 2008

paddy's one word preview of James Welling: "yuck" 08:43 PM April 03, 2008

two LFOs in a synthesizer is hard for me to wrap my mind around; three is off the chain 08:42 PM April 03, 2008

more techno lore in Eureka 7: the mechas are called LFOs. 08:40 PM April 03, 2008

I spent the day making music and arguing about the rematerialization of art. 08:39 PM April 03, 2008

personal "brilliance" of X is performative, gains cult, creates aura for his uninteresting objects (his?) 11:16 AM April 02, 2008

codes in anime: fluids = emotions; 90% of the humor is about shame, embarrassment; Americans are shameless (jackasses) 08:43 AM April 02, 2008

tech talk on Trek = the modern workplace; disch: enterprise bridge is an office 08:28 AM April 02, 2008

the Children of Tama, onscreen. Craig Owens, in a book. Temba, his arms wide. 08:25 AM April 02, 2008

gertrude stein: formal language experiments. current equivalent: indecipherable pop references, private language 08:23 AM April 02, 2008

craig owens talked about poMo use of allegory. artists, others referencing pop culture tales are as incomprehensible as the Children of Tama 08:21 AM April 02, 2008

do reaktor people talk to MaxMSP people?

thx to travis for surf the channel TNGs and alan n shapiro for recommending Darmok 05:07 PM April 01, 2008

one of the plot keywords for Greaser's Palace on IMDb is "constipation" 01:36 PM April 01, 2008

three Eureka 7 episodes have "Acperience" in the title--some Hardfloor fans among the writers, evidently (correction from earlier) 01:34 PM April 01, 2008

Putney says the Bormann 6 girl is got to have soul. 08:38 AM April 01, 2008

robert downey Sr is now known as the guy who fucked up Jr.--it's not fair 08:38 AM April 01, 2008

structured e-music: electronic music emphasizing composition, timbretonality, rhythmelodies (to use kodwo-esque neologisms) 08:35 AM April 01, 2008

2 years of VVORK. A good source of tech news and politics. 08:31 AM April 01, 2008

i'd like to have something like the blipfest in NY where there would be no performances, just listening, talking about structured e-music 02:10 PM March 31, 2008

The Gekko State crewmember Moondoggie (US surfer name) has a thick Kumamoto accent (southern island) said to be hard to understand. 02:03 PM March 31, 2008

The Eureka theme song (rap) has the words hata hata; in Patlabor Goto asks for hatahata (sushi) when his officers visit Sakata, Yamagata 01:57 PM March 31, 2008

The God Warrior calls Nausicaa "mother" (in the manga); the orphaned children call Eureka "mama." (Child mother theme) 01:51 PM March 31, 2008

Eureka is pronounced eh oo wreck uh. The show's flying surfboards and cloudscapes recall Nausicaa riding her Mehve--gorgeous, trippy. 01:47 PM March 31, 2008

dumb tv show dialog: "Did you see the nude pics of me online?" "I don't look at those blogs." 01:42 PM March 31, 2008

Darmok on the ocean; Michael when they took Walt. 01:35 PM March 31, 2008

T**, in the home of S**** and D***** 08:09 AM March 31, 2008

Renton, on the ship with Charles and Ray 08:08 AM March 31, 2008

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra 08:07 AM March 31, 2008

The Gekko State's mecha are called the 606, the 808, and the 909. 12:47 AM March 31, 2008

two Eureka 7 characters are named Charles and Ray Beams 12:21 AM March 31, 2008

eureka 7: "world's end garden"--still not clear on the ecology of this postapocalyptic earth 12:17 AM March 31, 2008

Most of the traffic is robot mp3 finders from Asia, but humans have to be doing some of the requesting. 11:17 PM March 30, 2008

"Sawtooth Junction" was requested 8500 times in the same time period. That many partial requests could easily equal 560 full downloads 11:15 PM March 30, 2008

my song "Sawtooth Junction" has been downloaded 560 times in the last 30 days. I have no idea what that means. 11:09 PM March 30, 2008

I would never use the word electronica except for a certain kind of synthesizer lounge music. 10:22 PM March 30, 2008

Wall of Voodoo's Dark Continent: "I never caused Animal Wars..." 10:20 PM March 30, 2008

listening to The Bad Examples' Profis Like Us--Tiki electronica from Dusseldorf; very nice; forgot i had this 10:18 PM March 30, 2008

earlier today, heard some beautiful singing, at a Sunni Muslim gathering outside city hall. some kids gave me pamphlets, 10:16 PM March 30, 2008

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