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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, October 11 - June 30, 2012

i said the term "climate change" is wishy washy so why do you want to follow me 501c3 no-brain twitbot - BLOCKED - i need another hiatus 11 Oct

"climate change" is wishy washy but so is "global warming" - richard stallman's term is "global heating" 11 Oct

woman on subway platform talking to "the voices" rather than unseen phone companion 9 Oct

it's taken almost 3 decades but Tim Burton finally has the directorial clout to make Frankenweenie into a feature-length movie 5 Oct

googled "dog rear wheelchair" for a visual approximation of the angry cur I encountered yesterday 5 Oct

a poodle with hind legs strapped to wheels barked at me on 55th Street today 4 Oct

Facebook passes 1B active users, says its publicity department - clicking a like button counts as one "active use" but never mind that 4 Oct

Kristof: “I hope Obama is looking distracted because a team of Navy Seals is taking out Zawahiri right now." Lambert: "Ha ha, teh funny" 4 Oct

cloud atlas prereview: interesting novel of self-conscious poMo discontinuity wrecked by sentimental Hollywood need to find "connections" 3 Oct

space opera isn't written in a vacuum (iain m. banks) 3 Oct

Giorgio moroder impersonator for hipsters' kids' birthday parties [idea stolen from @willsimpson] 2 Oct

whom the gods would destroy they first make curmudgeonly 2 Oct

news headlines on comcast's sign-in page kill brain cells: "bristol palin's bad night," "diseases prevented by coffee," etc #owner_of_nbc 2 Oct

Guardian: "After Fox News apologised for its error, the Buzzfeed website posted a clip of the [car chase suicide] on its website" #new_media 29 Sep

when ryder ripps said "philosophy is retarded" he meant "philosophy is retardataire" #universal_rhizome_translator 28 Sep

"ain't" and "be" agree with all subjects, including "I" and "y'all," which gets around not having a contraction "amn't" 28 Sep

a show called pro-am had better have some dirty pictures - lots of them - it should be mostly porn 27 Sep

there's the amateur that gets into professional net art shows and there's the amateur that scares the crap out of people 27 Sep

J. Vernon Shea's atmospheric The Haunter of the Graveyard has the reader yelling at the tv horror host to "stay out of that cemetery" 22 Sep

James Wade's The Deep Ones is dated, w/ references to Lilly & dolphins, hippies & LSD, but nevertheless a twisted tale of man-fish congress 22 Sep

Brian Lumley's "Cement Surroundings" and "The Sister City" describe Old One activity under the Yorkshire Moors, evil & benign, respectively 22 Sep

reading the four stories dropped from August Derleth's Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos anthology when James Turner revised it in '90 22 Sep

mitt romney left a message on my phone! the man who came on afterwards said obama was raising more money 22 Sep

these recent AFC posts reducing art to politics force commenters to awkwardly declare their bona fides @MXEXSXH 20 Sep

Jeremy Bailey's rambling monologue preceding his Lil Wayne animation has "a genuine and apolitical affinity" for cringe comedy 20 Sep

Jennifer Chan's AFC piece on hiphop doesn't discuss music at all: "hiphop" is synonymous with words, images. and lifestyle 20 Sep

Pruitt + Early's 1992 "racist" work wasn't met with bad reviews so much as stony, career-killing silence from the liberal arterati 20 Sep

freestyling poorly over a long-winded and pretentious art animation could show "a genuine and apolitical affinity for hip hop" & still suck 20 Sep

"the best net artists don't call themselves that and the ones who do mostly suck as artists" --bryce poser, 2012 17 Sep

condolences to @glasspopcorn for a shallow critique that should have been aimed at Ryan Trecartin 16 Sep

the sociology of hiphop in the microcephalic world of emerging net art 16 Sep

scientists discover a new species of monkey that the Congolese have known about for years #first_world_news 15 Sep

boy-eating-fresh-boiled-corn-isolated-over-white-background.jpg 15 Sep

Obama also has set his definition for "middle class" as families with income of up to $250,000 a year (AP) 14 Sep

cops out enjoying zucotti park tonight outnumbered civilians 4 to 1: sure hope they aren't being paid 14 Sep

forest ranger refers to what he calls The Disney Effect, by which he means people attempting to pet vicious grizzly bears (NYT via b. flynn) 14 Sep

the US' favorite mercenary army has changed its name again, from Blackwater to Xe to Academi - the sleaze can be traced in that evolution 14 Sep

you fade out of a hall-passing smile by touching your forehead in a mock-salute accompanied by a brief head duck 12 Sep

Trike Feat. Audiomat, "Electric Day," "Slow and Low" (Intl DJ Gigolo, 2000) #vinyl 12 Sep

success is making the world a demonstrably worse place and then being asked to recommend five books (karl rove in salon) 10 Sep

ah, i see at Vvork the clock is still stopped at 1968: 8 Sep  
DFW litmus: david foster wallace or dallas-fort worth 7 Sep

Sarah Oppenheimer at P·P·O·W 6 Sep

your experience of the web WILL be like smooth jazz even if they have to beat you to death with kenny G's sax @WIZARDISHUNGRY 5 Sep

we're supposed to believe that Conde not micromanaging Reddit is by design rather than just neglect or incomprehension 4 Sep

just learned (from the NYT) that Conde Nast's parent co. Advance Publications owns Reddit 4 Sep

the wachowskis were notoriously publicity-shy...until this week's 5000 word fluffy-puffed marshmallow in the New Yorker 3 Sep

Dark Shadows and Total Recall failed at the box office - *whistles happy tune* 3 Sep

review by @mashedpo of Road House, starring julian's idol patrick swayze 2 Sep

this man who wrecked his own family and gets rich from degenerate gamblers is a major backer of the "moral" mitt romney 1 Sep

adelson cheated both sons by buying their company stock and then selling the company for a much higher stock price 1 Sep

adelson's heroin addict sons: depending on the source (i) one died (overdose or suicide?) (ii) one or both were estranged from dad 1 Sep

adelson's first wife: depending on the source (i) a suicide and/or he divorced her (ii) he became a widower after her terminal illness 1 Sep

"klingon hair flippers coming within range, sir" "sensory shields up"  -- hat tip @mashedpo 31 Aug

because i bughunted network awesome some dude who is starting some kind of facebook-parasitic "flick service" thinks I give a crap 30 Aug

@NetworkAwesome after 14 minutes this film goes to "private" … :( 29 Aug

dear fellini's ghost, La Dolce Vita is a great movie but 8 1/2 is a self-indulgent rehash, with a pointlessly maudlin ending 29 Aug

dear fellini's ghost, endless starkly-lit closeups of strange-looking people is not surrealist 29 Aug

bryce wolkowitz @lindsay_howard @Nullsleep - "partially digital" gallery where Caitlin Jones worked 28 Aug

"polaroid spectra system SE" and "wmd gamma wave source" @Nullsleep 27 Aug

if the XP shutdown sound's four notes are from Liz Story's "Wedding Rain" let's hope Microsoft paid her handsomely @WIZARDISHUNGRY 27 Aug

us bleeding edge constituents of the cv/gate revival now have a modular synth shop in the NY metro area 27 Aug  

i wasn't talkin shit in the 8 Bit documentary but happy to meet @Nullsleep on the neutral ground of analog modular synthesis 27 Aug

news media sprayed facts in all directions as the story changed from "terrorist shootout" to "shitty boss payback / suicide by cop" 27 Aug

young rapper torn apart by seapunk twitter blockage 26 Aug

all mr. market wants to know is if it will get free money from bernanke in this supposed ayn rand-ian, life's-tough capitalist system 25 Aug

mayor stresses that innocents shot in today's midtown police gun freakout are merely wounded 24 Aug

so many websites slo-o-owly load facebook crap for the eventual counting of your presence as a hit for zuck and his failing team 22 Aug

NASA Curiosity Rover disturbed the ancient soil of Mars with wheelies, donuts, spilled motor oil and other parking lot customs 22 Aug

AP: "The NASA rover Curiosity made its first test drive Wednesday on ancient soil of Mars" - ah, the soil, the good earth, etc 22 Aug

the exiled was even more blunt: "it's hard to feel sorry for the fucker responsible for Top Gun" 21 Aug

sorry to be so mean about tony scott but his body of work is a net cultural negative 21 Aug

tony scott's final note: "i have a lot to answer for but feel especially bad about Crimson Tide" 21 Aug

a lifetime of directorial mediocrity, then suicide - the only thing missing is the exciting over the shoulder POV shot of the final plunge 21 Aug

instead of "entitlements" how about "social fairness programs" or "catch a break" programs 21 Aug

Rounders is a movie about a man learning to deal with his nemesis (played by Gretchen Mol; Malkovich was the least of Matt Damon's problems) 20 Aug

hug wars not drug wars 19 Aug

just aggrochillin' 19 Aug

david cronenberg's descent from visionary to craftsman is awful to behold 18 Aug

developer quoted in NYT thinks twitter will thrive - and increase market cap - as "stewards of the open nervous system of the planet" 18 Aug

men of all ages, nice ankle socks! we needed to see more leg but understand that you don't want chafing 16 Aug

rediscovered old michael nyman record, The Kiss, 1985, released before he became a famous film composer 15 aug

twitter is nudging me to "complete my profile page" - they want more data about me so they can sell me stuff - OK - age 999 city shamanville 15 aug

twitter co-owner plans to tear down his historic SF home to replace it with a "green home" 15 aug

bow wow wow's "i want candy" used in verizon cell phone network commercial 9 Aug

apparently the press has decided to treat the taking quotes out of context strategy as just too complicated or intriguingly tactical 9 Aug

painter who switched to pixer @Emilie_Gervais but some prefer "internet provocateur" 8 Aug

gifboom makes videos but calls them gifs; cinemagram makes gifs but calls them cinema 8 Aug

donald wandrei once wrote about a "solid teleporter" who said "i'm going to the bank" and created a person-shaped hole several blocks long 8 Aug

"i'll pass on the flavored oxygen, thanks" 8 Aug

hey twitter please fix the ampersands in my archived tweets - if you don't i'll - i'll - stop reading the promos 8 Aug
some reporters followed sheldon adelson's slug trail from Vegas across the Utah border & right up the steps of the mormon tabernacle. #mitt 8 Aug

america deserves a president backed by a powerful casino magnate who isn't a co-religionist but relishes fanaticism in all its forms  5 Aug

taking a quote out of context and pounding it relentlessly on the campaign trail is a technique endorsed by the church elders  5 Aug

USA is about 1 step away from societies with honor-killings & acid throwing with these celebrity headlines about "cheating" & "tramps" 5 Aug

congratulations to @glasspopcorn for moving up from "ryder ripps project" to "mini-ryder ripps" - soon you will be him, then you 5 Aug

if i was going to re-score surveillance footage of an extra-judicial murder i'd probably want to use carl stalling or spike jones 2 Aug

chris marker … / more chris marker 2 Aug

a culture fit is just as important as a technical fit when inserting exotic objects; let us be your rubber gloves [promoted] 1 Aug

when twitter first started it was for stuff like poetry not some omnidirectional form of email to incorporate "social" into your crap biz 1 Aug

The Watch is easily the equal of Abbott and Costello... in scenes where the characters stare in disbelief from behind shrubbery (ebert) 28 Jul

Slate's liberal arguments for conservative positions seem scientifically designed to rile readers sufficiently to share angry tweets (J.S.) 28 Jul

jeff sparrow distinguishes cockburn from hitchens and other "trolumnists" because cockburn actually cared about what he was writing 28 Jul

alexander cockburn's death means the fog of delerium we live in just got incrementally thicker - we needed that voice 28 Jul

will self: for us Empire of the Sun was the map we'd been waiting for; for others it was just a story of a boy in an internment camp 27 Jul

"ya'll take a listen - you'll hear a deep sound coming down from Bobby Peru" 26 Jul

prereview: hollywood's cloud atlas will confuse clever writerly connections with "connection" in the sense of new-age spiritual bonds 26 Jul

Chris Brogan: text-and-pic memes convey emotion; emotion is good; this is the new web. This was right after the lobotomy. 26 Jul

chris brogan's "junkweb" and james bridle's "new aesthetic" could have a diet-coke-and-mentos-like synergy of glib prognosticating 26 Jul

for trailer park boys fans 26 Jul

chipotle was playing some dub thing with horns - pretty good - spring reverb forever 24 Jul

"we have ways of making you talk with pictures" 22 Jul

"dueling with media theorists twice his age": "have at you!" "you are blocked, sir" 22 Jul

am using seamonkey composer to clone old "homepage" pages originally made in netscape composer #nerd 22 Jul

dear diary, these constant promoted tweets in my timeline are destroying my will to live but capitalism is still the best system 21 Jul

distributed culture is fine in theory, what's maybe not so good is balkanization resulting from thousands of failed tries to own the net 19 Jul

40 Over 40 - not hot, not sexy, these formidable dons rule the art world with ancient connections and prideful determination 19 Jul

"coding insights with michael manning & tom moody" could work if we take turns saying aargh and using block capitals 18 Jul

we are boring @PerMertens, @mirrrroring but since my Flash plugin plays GIFbooms I'll call it Flashboom rather than MP4boom 18 Jul

Any Web Tool Can Be Used or Repurposed into an Elite or Popular Medium but some are still more odious than others 18 Jul

there's some disagreement about the cause or consistency of a 1-second pause in gifboom or Flashboom gifs 18 Jul

recently learned that gifboom gifs are hidden behind an Adobe flash facade so you can't easily right-click and save them - Flashboom! 18 Jul

my recent image that wasn't mine and wasn't recent finally disappeared 15 Jul

for what does it profit a dude to gain 1K+ followers and become an asshole 14 Jul

i came up with an algorithm to imitate Chuck Close; he told me to stop and my whining made me world famous 14 Jul

my wilderness report of living outside facebook, day 2200. another has joined me; i call him Friday but he insists his name is Man 14 Jul

“No one can make you successful, the will to succeed comes from within, like an alien bursting out of your stomach" [promoted] 14 Jul

i'm a searcher like bodhi (minus murder, kidnapping, robbery, surfing, and patrick swayze) 13 Jul

we advise our clients not to use irony in any of the four spheres of social media engagement because it "screws the pooch" interactionwise 11 Jul

another henry cow-ish Sunaba performance from 1990 surfaced: 8 Jul

discovered more of those "Kornhaber Brown for PBS" shows covering 6 year old trends in a way that makes you want to jump from a bldg 8 Jul

my indie haircut does not have blue streaks, that's just the instagram filter 8 Jul

ya I made some mistakes and trashed some reputations but hey, I thought it was a good read and the real problem is your negativity 8 Jul

"but enough about me, what did *you* think of my show?" 6 Jul
Raging Bull II: The Beatening 6 Jul

your problem is you haven't unleashed your florida side 6 Jul

higgs bosun - the "third mate" particle 4 Jul

100 yrs ago business wanted waves of immigrants (cheap labor) & started a campaign to "americanize" them, undermining u.s. unions 4 Jul

origins of "4th of July" as anti-labor propaganda 4 Jul

higgs boson discovered in old copy of Quark 4 Jul

questions re: AFC story on new Rhizome director: 4 Jul

didn't realize i was the leading edge of a CV/gate revival 2 Jul

3 Questions Corporate Marketers Must Ask When Managing Social in Distributed Networks 1. what is social 2. is god good 3. click for pizza 1 Jul

actual wikipedia editor to use as a model for @Hypothete's proposed "wikipedia editor" halloween costume 30 Jun

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