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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, December 14, 2013 - December 28, 2012

been there, #BeenGhazi @glassVEVO #john_mccain #mad_cow_disease 14 Dec

the US has no moral authority to comment on other countries' protest crackdowns #mayor_bloomberg 11 Dec

happiness is never having to look at ⌘ 10 Dec

high line "native" plants (and bugs) imported from Eastern Hemisphere 9 Dec

"justifying artists to their families is a service I provide" --museum curator, several years back, joking but not really 4 Dec

16 views of a fire from the exact same position is not adding much to the sum of human knowledge 27 Nov

the cell-phone rubberneckers will then check their pages to see if anyone has acknowledged their intrepid quasi-journalism 27 Nov

10-15 people holding up their phones to catch a building burning is a slightly grotesque thing to witness 27 Nov

sticking ads in my face isn't a fair trade for all the fine content and connectivity twitter sponges off of me 27 Nov

it's been free up to now @mirrrroring - how they pay for their entertainment is their business - they could get real jobs 27 Nov

needless to say I laughed at the salesman who regularly caused pee wee herman to run screaming from his own front door 27 Nov

a picture of a car for sale just appeared in my timeline - can't take much more of this - silicon valley dickheads business model 27 Nov

no more whipping the llama's ass after december [sad emoticon] @NullsleepEbooks 27 Nov

warrior against christmas initially radicalized by santa disillusionment 26 Nov

it's bang-your-head time again as the weather channel resumes the practice of naming winter storms 22 Nov

it's great that self-effacement got a slang term and became word of the year, oh, wait 20 Nov

____ is the "evaporated cane juice" of _____ [blueprint for future joke] 20 Nov

"quit bitching make the future" vs "keep bitching make the future" 20 Nov

thanks to retweets i know of people who find zuckerberg more repugnant than i do 19 Nov

"the Program Files directory is like the pantry of a restaurant. You aren't expected to go in there..." thas prty stupid, thx jon 19 Nov

experimenting to see if blocking @hyperallergic will stop it from promoting tweets into my timeline 18 Nov

tumblr is auto-sharpening images now? 15 Nov

my geo-location "twitterville" helps Austrian scientists analyze my travel patterns 14 Nov

was this criticism yelpful to you 13 Nov

bondi blue creates dissonance with the neopolitan ice cream triad which can be resolved harmonically via copious application of hooker green 12 Nov

in visual art the color wheel is a tool, not a site of occult mathematical intricacy a la the circle of fifths - why? 12 Nov

count me on the side of whatever music theory school opposes the naming of chords and assigning of songwriting functions to them 12 Nov

names of iain m banks' sentient starship "Minds" are both joky-clever and unmemorable - hard to keep straight who's doing what in the book 12 Nov

newly-IPO'd twitter invoices library of congress for massive license of copyrighted material 12 Nov

the library of congress will have a special tweet study room for [details classified] 11 Nov

library of congress saves all tweets for the good of humanity. promoted tweets receive a special viewing room with plush carpet and waiters 11 Nov

"following" is how you curate your twitter experience; "promoting" is how you access people who wouldn't follow you in a million years 11 Nov

manual retweets connect us to the early, pre-bullshit twitter @WIZARDISHUNGRY 7 Nov

going away present for the mayor and his "seventh largest army" 6 Nov

approximately 100,000 parodies of the solo jazz cup have been done to date, see. e.g. 6 Nov

the expressive gesture coffee cup in the sad bloomberg photo is called "solo jazz" - it is a meme @saranrapjs @mbellsmith 6 Nov

young businessperson walking down street: "fine, fine, let me put you on headphones so i can invoice with both hands" 6 Nov

dear mayor de blasio now that bloomberg's gone can you please remove the 24 hour police guard on the wall street bull statue 6 Nov

anyway am guessing "small business vertical" is marketingspeak for "vertically-aligned meme sector penetration of the mom-pop demo" 5 Nov

email offer to advertise began "i see you write about the small business vertical" well no i'm usually sitting 5 Nov

i said that to tim griffin once when he was a junior varsity critic - the phone went horribly silent - he was pissed 3 Nov

artists will always be the best critics because they have the most at stake (if they are inclined at all to write) 3 Nov

poets and philosophers drift into the art world and get strokes due to the desperate need for writing there, even when they don't get art 3 Nov

all the poetry in the world won't help your prose if you don't understand the art you write about (note to newbie critics) 3 Nov

shopping online for a "dj table" #advertisers_come_at_me_bro 2 Nov

could this noisy strip mall of attention-getting banners really be my twitter? 1 Nov

banksy is a divine gift to lazy art journalists 31 Oct

hyperallergenic, i mean hyperallergic, invaded my timeline to tell me about banksy, ruining an otherwise good halloween 31 Oct

if your existing health plan is cancelled as "non-ACA compliant" is it because it's worse or just less expensive? 30 Oct

obama's "If [you] already have health insurance, you will keep [it]" was basically not true 30 Oct

large ugly "promoted illustrated tweet" from well-known mega-corporation just defecated its way into my timeline #twitter_IPO_cmon_baby 29 Oct

"modern art was a US intelligence plot" is the new "my kid could do that" 29 Oct

"if you suspend nuclear enrichment we'll suspend piling on new sanctions" is how McCain & Graham define credibility 29 Oct

whoever named the newest WordPress release "Basie" please report for jazz deprogramming 26 Oct

photogenic blond-haired girl missing, kidnapped, or found living with dark haired people 25 Oct

small deadly biting creatures are always trending 24 Oct

in the early '90s would google have harassed underground resistance to "use their real name"? would UR have been on a google site? 23 Oct

salon misprinted hyperallergic as hyperallergenic yesterday 20 Oct
recently emailed explanation of you-know-who: "It's basically street art for art critics, except art critics hate him too" 20 Oct

ADDAC Systems damn your temperamental wav player and its proper wav order and naming syntax all to hell (much as i like this module) 19 Oct

a key point in "synth britannia" is that pop music writers are hopelessly stuck on the guitar-bass-drums model as "real," "soulful" etc 19 Oct

Can also stood for the axiom that if you have a good drummer you can do just about anything 19 Oct

back in the day was impressed by can's use of a "musique concrete break" in lieu of a guitar solo, e.g., in moonshake 19 Oct

"Hwin is twenty-eight, but could be younger. He has a blissed-out grin and an impish dusting of freckles" -- loathsome writing 13 Oct

"We now expect social entrepreneurs to solve problems that government used to solve" new yorker BS about bay area whizkids 13 Oct

how obtrusive will feedly's "upgrade to pro" ticklers get before they realize feed-readers aren't moneymakers 13 Oct

your facebook membership helped Zuck pay for his six homes 12 Oct

the gavel just came down on surprised prairie dog and the consortium of owners successfully bought it in -- next step, take it offline 11 Oct

we may not agree on much except we all hate banksy 11 Oct

and the Nobel for tentative confirmation of a theory goes to.... 9 Oct

"a truly universal system that treats health care as a right instead of an opportunity for rental extraction" (lambert) 9 Oct

the god particle deniers movement consists of one PO box in New Jersey 9 Oct

mystery meat is solved: it is higgs boson chicken 9 Oct

"toynbee idea in 2001: resurrect dead on planet jupiter" - now that was street art 6 Oct

dirubbo family farm stopped hotlinking my loading gif after i substituted the clumsily-scrawled phrase "dirubbo ougah boogah" 3 Oct

Cypress Hill are the only people allowed to use the word "lockdown" 3 Oct

if Black MIDI did not exist it would be necessary to invent it ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ████ ████ ████████████████████ ▃▃▃▃▃ 29 Sep

Are you sure you want to make this comment? Is it hurtful in any way? You are using your real name. [Post now] [Don't post] [Save for later] 28 Sep

can someone please point me to an internet backwater? 25 Sep

"From now on, to comment on a YouTube clip, you’ll need a Google+ account, and your name will be fixed to your words" uggh 25 Sep

cronuts were a favorite cro-magnon dessert 25 Sep

it's also why police are handing out flyers telling you to upgrade your phone … 25 Sep

fingerprinting was an act of ritual humiliation by the state so in a way it makes sense for the high-handed Apple to imitate that 25 Sep

still clinging to the sentimental idea that unique identifiers such as fingerprints aren't freely given, even to a machine you "trust" 25 Sep

blackberry is dying because people decided en masse that they'd rather be tracked and fingerprinted 23 Sep

to my friends with iPhones - hope you're enjoying your new fingerprint scanner #lambs_to_the_slaughter 23 Sep

saw a family of gray haired hippies in tie-dyed shirts gawking at One World Trade Center 22 Sep

penny pritzker's wikipedia entry has been largely scrubbed of controversy 18 Sep

revealed: koch brothers plan to venuform earth (make it more like the surface of venus) 17 Sep

turning off javascript is a violation of corporate first amendment rights 16 Sep

looking forward to the twitter IPO when we all get paid, finally! 15 Sep

"to call out" - to offer criticism, to challenge -- variant of "to throw down" -- "elizabeth warren called out the supreme court" 13 Sep

“Be We Political? Digital Art Responding to Contemporary Politics” panel will offer a broad range of left-wing views 12 Sep

constitutionally speaking the pres is commander in chief of the armed forces, not "this nation" #wingnuts 12 Sep

not really a war, just a slight act of punishment with no consequences for us, so c'mon let us bomb (kerry - DC's idea of an adult) 9 Sep

in the future "the social network" will be watched as hilariously dated comedy a la The Net 8 Sep

pres o-bomb-a to give "full court press" for extraterritorial aggro 6 Sep

visiting rednecks on subway: "miley turned out to be a real slutbucket, din't she" (me, thinking to myself "oh please shut up") 2 Sep

salon changes a wayne koestenbaum LA Review of Books headline from "through a glass randomly" to "memoir in the age of buzzfeed" #buzz 2 Sep

mad bomber nancy pelosi now has an opportunity to make her case after some artful obama fu 1 Sep

"One U.S. official said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity ‘just muscular enough not to get mocked’" (LA Times) 31 Aug

someone was telling me that pelosi owned large tracts of land in the phillipines but I can find no record of it 31 Aug

nancy pelosi wants war! yeah these bloody bay area latte-sippers in flight suits. america can fix any bad thing and pass the brie, please 31 Aug

we know where the chemical weapons are, they are north of damascus or slightly east, west, or south of there 30 Aug

i give a cigar to everyone who quits facebook @__nkO yours is in the mail (i'm not going broke on this, trust me) 29 Aug

"it's a GIF in the sense that 'it runs in a continuous loop''' - ha ha - Facebook liars 29 Aug

the new york times will once again decide, reluctantly and with heavy heart, that it's time to bomb for peace 27 Aug

glass popcorn's ned schneebly is dystopian microtonal rap interpreting a foundational text of western civ, 2003's "school of rock" 27 Aug

based on your past viewing, pres. obama thinks you would like "pink flamingos" 26 Aug

i'm investigating the role canned social media plays in shrinkwrapped identity formation 25 Aug

is part of The Cloud - what about Rhizome comments - my confessional inventory is growing - was i careful enough 24 Aug

i don't consider paid hosting the cloud but of course they have copies of all my data 24 Aug

oh wait, more cloud hanging over me: Disqus comments 24 Aug

my non-personal cloud presence consists of amazon (involuntary), (one mp3), and all these tweets (what was i thinking) 24 Aug

sadly microsoft never gave me a PC to make Paint drawings @mirrrroring 23 Aug

your neighbors will gladly suffer as much noise as it takes for you to have a really excellent hot tub deck #yuppie_scum 21 Aug

one lump of coal per megabyte was a favorite canard of the late '90s - zombie lies will not die as long as there's coal in the ground 19 Aug

these stories about streaming vids using up more energy than your refrigerator are perennial lies trotted out by the coal industry 19 Aug

debussy's "sonata for violin and piano" wraps its tentacles around your head and jerks you forward, back, and sideways (plus it's pretty) 19 Aug

being psychic is a useful part of the advance PR work i do on the internet @glasspopcorn 19 Aug

"there's got to be a way to get those stiffs off my property" (Jonathan Winters as Rev. Wilbur Glenworthy) 19 Aug

glasspopcorn is the Ned Schneebly of rap 19 Aug

new parked domain girl discovered via salon's wrong link to alternet 17 Aug

perich-meehan-perkins MOMA event night notes 17 Aug

in the 2008 primary we "hoped" for a "change" from Clintons as presidents - that's still true in spite of spy man 16 Aug

🎶 if we listen quite quietly / we can hear them a-shooting from grave to grave 🎶 15 Aug

adding "at columbia" to every tweet would make them more columbia 9 Aug

david karp to give 90 percent of his future income back to Tumblr users -- just kidding! 9 Aug

"making the cloud safe for abstract art since 2004" 7 Aug

what killed the cloud, snooping or Xtreme cliche hype bullshit meltdown 7 Aug

will Bezos have the WaPo writers working on Amazon warehouse worker pay scales? (yves smith) 6 Aug

is that a fader in your pocket or... @dream_froth3 1 Aug

is there a nobel prize for spying 1 Aug

free range website is one discovered through a multiplicity of searchbots and word-of-mouth without recourse to any large company 30 Jul

a worthwhile experiment: is it still possible to build a web audience without canned social media 30 Jul

the cloud is bizspeak for hey rube give us your data -- a spike in hard drive sale stats post-snowden would amuse 30 Jul

if the implication is that Snowden's revelations killed the cloud, well, good. 29 Jul

"if you return him to us we promise not to execute him for breach of contract" 27 Jul

living vicariously through the royals 25 Jul

"bruno mars" is an esperanto phrase meaning "astonishing mediocrity" 23 Jul

the phrase "brilliant hashtag" seen in news headline 19 Jul

pres. obama wonders why you went to pizza hut after turning into the Wendy's parking lot 17 Jul

Iran is demonized in Greater Redneckistan (thanks to Ted Koppel in the '70s) and Official Washington DC (thanks to strange lobbyists) 11 Jul

organic views are the opiate of the masses 11 Jul

while on vacation learned a plane crashed in SF. CNN had its usual concerned announcer faces and desperate milking of 1 or 2 video clips 11 Jul

instead of making one truth-teller's life miserable would like to see our national leaders do something grown-up like not spying on us 5 Jul

never say deets 5 Jul

biden used to be called "the senator from MBNA" because of a direct-mail credit card company he was beholden to 4 Jul

vice president hairplugs signed off the call to ecuador's president with "well, it's been nice intimidating you" 4 Jul

closed Google Analytics account and deleted tracking code from more spyin' for sergey 3 Jul

how can you write a news headline with the phrase "defiant tweet" and not laugh 2 Jul

Chew-Z Energy Chews. Light the fuse. Let nothing get in your way. Brought to you by Palmer Eldritch and Pepsi™ 2 Jul

wikipedia entry on Full House catchphrases (saved prior to removal for more professional wiki) is one of my more popular posts @zoesalditch 1 Jul

the Friday parody with venture capital recipients rapping to the beat awes with its sheer volume of nothing companies and cube farm zombies 30 Jun

"have you had the hump of a camel" exchange with Seinfeld/Letterman on Seinfeld's web show is funny 29 Jun

the Texan who built the first PC I owned (around 2000) referred to Apple as "the Communists" 28 Jun

the phrase "apple push notification service" sounds like something horrible you don't want to know about 28 Jun

i have windows display scaling at 125% and disabled Firefox 22's bad image scaling by setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to 1 instead of -1 26 Jun

in order for pics to read correctly in Firefox 22 I have to use small type elsewhere in my PC or manually zoom every webpage down 2 sizes 26 Jun

firefox 22 misunderstands how display scaling works in Windows - you can enlarge the system fonts but pics don't change 26 Jun

firefox 22 for Windows "follows display scaling options to render text larger on high-res displays" - not just text - it's fuzzing out pics 26 Jun

link to CBS news print story launches autoplay viagra ad - fortunately we now have more than two other channels 26 Jun

"liquid water blah blah, possible candidates for the presence of life" - obligatory language for all astronomy news stories 25 Jun

bored-on-the-web game - click away from a page with paula deen's face on it without landing on another page with her face 25 Jun

GAIN MORE FOLLOWERS - our hosts scream at us - ah, but to what end - and how many are enough? - ask we, the constantly prodded 22 Jun

if you promise not to discuss poking on twitter i'll refrain from talking about subtweets on facebook 22 Jun

if someone subtweets about you (doesn't include your handle in a dig) - is this rude or just typical internet passive aggression? 22 Jun

hey google checking my feedly feeds doesn't mean i want to be logged in to youtube - you are the internet's sticky beehive - try ethics pls 19 Jun

plumbing, baking and ice delivery by moe, larry and curly were among the 50 events domestic spying prevented 19 Jun

another day, another jackhammer - the street outside has been reconstituted 20 times over since i've lived here 17 Jun

americans seem to vacillate wildly between "don't tread on me" and insane pep rallies for national security 17 Jun

the press ignored Wired's "giant data collection center in Utah" story because it had no handsome young man fleeing to Hong Kong, i guess 17 Jun

mccain lost to Obama but the wattle-necked Keating-grifter somehow manages to decide foreign policy 15 Jun

also props to michael connor and orit gat for the good discussion of .art and art online: 14 Jun

To do list: pass these negative comments on e-Flux's .art domain application to ICANN - see 14 Jun

"once we own the art domain we'll gradually return power to the people, with a Politburo to determine deserving proles" 13 Jun

"it's true we had $185,000 to bid for the art domain but we also need artists to write emails so we don't look like grasping elitists" 13 Jun

"please support us in our quest for .art so we can keep those domains safe for museums who will lease them from us for hard cash" 13 Jun

if wins the top level domain for art, we can stop worrying what happens if snooty but aggressive art types get ahold of it 13 Jun

snowden sure knocked the trial of what's his name right off the front pages 11 Jun

nyc still has a 24 hour police guard on the wall street bull statue 10 Jun

andrew sullivan, still a freak after all these years, warns us that the consequences of not being spied on could be "terrible" 6 Jun

tumblr broken functionality and advertising complainers, this isn't about you, this is about david karp living the american dream 6 Jun

difference between app and program: program doesn't have persistent popup banner asking for a rating 1 Jun

"i don't usually like writings on art because they're mostly promotional" [email from friend outside the art world] 1 Jun

would like a panel on "immersion in interactive online bullshit" vs "creatives needing space and silence" 1 Jun

it seems longer than six months ago that Denny's had a promotion for "shire sausage" in connection with The Hobbit movie 1 Jun

beggin strips just showed up in my timeline 26 May

or as ricky from trailer park boys prefers to pronounce it, "atodaso" 24 May

the gif creator's jif obsession was well known but suddenly am getting i-told-you-so emails that he "proved" it just by saying it again 24 May

before cell phones we gripped the dial with four fingers and slowly turned clockwise 22 May

the time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire, tide gets clothes so clean, they glow like holy fire, etc 21 May

RIP ray manzarek - does this mean the pressure is finally off john densmore to sell the detergent rights to "light my fire"? 21 May

dear "beatles," don't you think your exposure would be improved if you used your real names? we'll be changing this soon 20 May

"benghazi, man," "yeah, benghazi, whatyagonna do" 20 May

several commentators have noted that the upside of obama drowning in scandal is he won't have the energy or capital to "fix" social security 18 May

people's etiquette dilemmas over "poking" should not be discussed on twitter 18 May

crawl into that phone and throw away the password, sincerely, Big Hardware 17 May

look on the posi side wordshortening gives us mo room to Xpress our thots 17 May

the orangutan fur transplanted onto sheldon adelson's scalp doesn't seem to be "taking" 16 May

honey, i need you out of the house for a couple of days, some mob guys are coming over to try to kill me (p. highsmith premise) 15 May

how close are we to the world in jack womack's "random acts of senseless violence" (zeitgeist barometer) 15 May

an e-book version of charles fort's "Lo!" is available for 99 cents 12 May

a preposterous 1776 feet 11 May

bought 2 books by robt fitch, "the assassination of new york" (re: de-industrializing NYC) and "solidarity for sale" (re: union corruption) 9 May

would you *want* to be the next justin bieber? attacked by fans, barfing on stage, monkey stolen by authorities... 7 May

if your content is a lure for someone else's ads it'd not YouTube it's TheirTube 7 May

local ad on local TV (benign); ad tailored to your IP address appearing on youtube before the video you wanted to watch (not so benign) 6 May

blog post on "memorial day 2000" vhs tape (vid appeared on youtube in '11)

"a guy in Catch-22 says every minute you are bored adds a minute to your life – Eno is a real life-saver!" (p. ragan) 4 May

i hate david brooks but "bourgeois bohemians" is the only way to describe some of my neighbors 4 May

"surrounded by people who grew up eating kale and vacationing overseas" (m. mlekoday) 4 May

if running a bank into the ground and stiffing depositors doesn't qualify you to be commerce secretary, it's hard to say what does 3 May

"third way" is DC-speak for "sides with owners against the loudmouthed disenfranchised" 3 May

man getting out of car in ditch: officer i was watching the road on the feed on my cyberglasses 1 May

YIBAs (young internet based artists) may eventually become MIBAs (master internet based artists) 1 May

william gibson says he's more interested in how people respond to technology so maybe it's a bit early for him to opine on cyberglasses 1 May

lazy journalists now use twitter rather than cab drivers for a quick read on public opinion 30 Apr

guess Buzzfeed won the buzz battle when "Buzzmedia Rebranded Itself as SpinMedia" 30 Apr

going back through old blog entries. proud to have been making fun of Buzzfeed as long ago as 2006! 30 Apr

libertarian economists base austerity prescription on Wolfram Alpha error 28 Apr

twitter excels for semi-conscious urban poetry but maybe not for stock tips, news of the revolution, or whether the subway is running 27 Apr

blogger/WaPo writer barry ritholtz invests in twit-crunching start-up so of course he says twitter is a revolutionary medium 27 Apr

if you follow "experts" for news and comment you also have to listen to their crap, and their convos with people you don't care about 27 Apr

as for apple buying twitter - yes, please do that - let's just ruin it and get it over with 27 Apr

trying to use twitter for conversation and comment leads to instant misunderstanding because no one has space to explain themselves 27 Apr

do you need the news of a bombing 15 minutes ahead of CNN? maybe -- if you live on that block -- but then you probably heard it go off 27 Apr

twitter: for people who value fast-breaking over articulate 27 Apr

attempt to inject reality into cascading happy talk interview met with begrudging partial fact check 26 Apr

one person in america wasn't trying to solve the boston bombing or even following it much! i can't reveal who this was. 24 Apr

those of us twitterers who got in ahead of the major news organizations don't really understand what is meant by a "fake tweet" 24 Apr

🎶 i've cracked enough jokes and i've smoked enough smokes / now i'm feeling for the ropes / i hope no one took notes 🎶 24 Apr

well, you see, young master, pots and kettles were once made of iron and were black, and that's why we say... 24 Apr

global heating, man. all these news stories about global heating. except they don't call it that. #global_heating 22 Apr

Sean Paul says he is indifferent to others' opinions and actions re: his loyalty to women and he won't take second place. 21 Apr

"algorithm" and "augury" both come from the indo-european root word "agog" [joke - don't look this up] 21 Apr

confusing Kickstarter guy with Foursquare dude is a faux pas involving gradations of meaning within the bourgeois public sphere 21 Apr

foursquare dude just said "yah, product vs art" like its something that gets thrown around a lot in startup culture (joelHolmberg at 7on7) 21 Apr

RT @dotkalm Overheard in the #7on7htc bathroom "sounded like he doesnt get his creative high from the business side of things, which is interesting" 20 Apr

"lockdowns" are not tolerated in a free society except during media frenzies 21 Apr

7 years after the Rhizome-sponsored GIF Show exhibition in SF, Wired discovers "art GIFs" (mostly dumb lenticular-looking stuff) 19 Apr

note to other unfrozen cavemen: audible audiobooks are DRM'd and you have to download "special software" to play them 19 Apr

some patients placed in an Eno Room, however, showed a shocking and precipitous decline in their condition 18 Apr

if a curator swears on a stack of bibles he is inviting you and not just "inviting you to submit," and then dings you, he is #hellbound 18 Apr

those amanda bynes gifs are sad and gross - she was a celebrity who fell - we live for this shit - it's stupid - don't show me any more 18 Apr

the rover descended to the surface of the Gowanus Canal, in the belief that where there is water there may also be life 17 Apr

no one can say mcdonalds doesn't innovate -- they took the wrap and added "Mc" to it 15 Apr

Britons have commemorated Thatcher’s death by pushing “Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead” to the top of the download charts (Juan Cole) 14 Apr

thanks, firefox -- a big green animated arrow that ZOOMS out when we download is just we needed 13 Apr

who needs animated gifs when you can just sit and watch your browser do crazy tricks as you surf the web 13 Apr

why is a raven like a writing desk? because Poe wrote on both (Lewis Carroll/Sam Loyd) Apr 10

i never use "late capitalism" because it seems too optimistic Apr 9

patricia highsmith's strangers on a train is less like Hitchcock's version and more like The Cable Guy Apr 7

looking forward to Young Karl Marx's next essay on "bring your own projector" shows as an entry-level event for the gallery system Apr 7

a truly decentered armory wouldn't use the word armory 6 Apr

please do not help reptilian rapper @glasspopcorn get more organic views 3 Apr

announcing T.H.I.N. Lab, where the only skillz you need are artistic ones and your chances for grants are S.L.I.M. 3 Apr

which headline do you click: "US Hands Control of Troubled Area to Afghans" or "Germany Takes Justin Bieber's Monkey"? 30 Mar

"surfactant" is too good a screen name to waste on one post 26 Mar

times and attitudes change and that's why our band name is changing from Trans Fatty Acid to Grass Fed Cows 26 Mar

"Bill Gates’ mother having the connection to an IBM executive that enabled Gates to license MS-DOS to them" (yves smith) 26 Mar

tilda swindon sleeping at moma is stupid celebrity vanity writ large - come get me later - i'll be in the cubist area 26 Mar

Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed imagines what a society of anarchists would be like (it's not just a critique of commies, highlighters!) 25 Mar

if editors and curators got the axiom "99% of artists stop producing two years after school" we'd be spared the pain of newbie posterity 25 Mar

would it be considered polite to knock google glass off someone's face and step on it, if you noticed the red recording light on? 24 Mar

p t anderson's dad, voice of ABC: "If I'm out in public and I feel like being recognized, I just raise my voice and say...'The Love Boat.'" 20 Mar

tomorrow will post a screenshot of an agonized chris crocker illustrating one of those "foods not to eat" ads 19 Mar

alternate blogging on twitter due to a calamitous power outage in Dreamhost's US-West Data Center (Irvine) 19 Mar

saw a man reading White Noise on subway; cracked up remembering "hitler studies" and "the airborne toxic event" 19 Mar

it has been painful watching google devolve over the years - how's that @WIZARDISHUNGRY 14 Mar

bloglines reports being swamped with new users after Google said it was getting out of the RSS reader biz - please be patient 14 Mar

one could imagine a network of indie blogs returning to sidebar links as a means of finding and supporting each other post-RSS...nah 14 Mar

having said that, RSS has been dead for a while as a destination outside of the soup-to-nuts social media environments 14 Mar

bloglines still exists and works for RSS-reading, post-Google Reader; "killing RSS" will happen when no content software offers feeds 14 Mar

hey, neighbor, thanks for that gut renovation, your jackhammer really helps my music 7 Mar

The Weather Channel announces it will also be naming spring and summer rainstorms -- list of anticipated names coming in April 5 Mar

got an email from someone who remembers me drawing spider-man on a desktop in 7th grade and having to erase it - blanking on this incident Mar 3

was disappointed to learn that "my" .svg still has .pngs floating around in it - for some reason i can't view the source Mar 3

amazon put everything I ever purchased into their dopy cloud without my asking - who was it that said creepy was just a synonym for new Mar 2

google...switched their algorithm maybe 18 months ago to greatly favor recency, which made their searches vastly less useful (yves smith) Mar 2

"screenshots are just repeating back someone's words in a dumbass voice" --Goatmilk Mar 2

Hagel Prevails in Senate After Bruising Bout With HIS OWN PARTY (capslock added) Feb 26

A-1 Deli buys red delicious apples for $.75 from Lee's Fruit & Vegetable across the street and sells them for $1.50 Feb 23

youtube is using aggressive popups to strong-arm alias users to give first & last name -- another fun outlet just hit the skids Feb 22

what we need are short Vine-like files that can be read in any browser without a plugin, app, or user ID. oh, wait... Feb 18

Nasty Nets reincarnated as Archey Nets: … Feb 18

did we ever get an "Ansel Adams of Instagram"? Yes, according to Google, that person is... YOU! Feb 17

who will be the first new media journalist to discover the "Vito Acconci of Vine"? Feb 17

imagine a short video clip of the NY subway that is not a GIF that I am sending to you -- this has been a Vine thought experiment Feb 17

firetruck just came around the corner blasting the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" out the window Feb 13

hang out with the President in the Hangout (no hard questions allowed) Feb 13

dopamine will get you though times of no style better than style will get you through times of no dopamine @avianism Feb 13

i will never use the word "selfies" Feb 9

the weather channel persists in naming winter storms: i propose "Johnson," "John Thomas," or "The Avenger" Feb 7

the danger of zizekian withdrawal from bogus web interactivity is people saying "dude doesn't know how to use social" #be_tough Feb 7

amazon commenter says bang on a can's 4 Organs sounds like 1 Loud Organ And 3 Quiet Organs Feb 3

we have ways of making you beautify your profile, share media, and tell us about yourself Jan 31

Lyrically, the song refers to how Sean Paul doesn't care what people say and that he has to stick to his girlfriends "like glue." Jan 14


just realized vvork stopped publishing last month - fortunately we have tweets documenting 12% of their posts Jan 2

old guy at Forlini's (bar in Little Italy): "I got no tattoos and no attitude" Dec 28

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