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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, December 29, 2015 - January 13, 2015

some thoughts on @FailureAWLife's thoughts on 29 Dec
thanks @mirrrroring -- more original PNGs at RT @mirrrroring drawings by @tommoody
Embedded image permalink 8 Dec

thanks to @bhoggard for checking out the show at @honeyramka (and for the nice photo) RT @bhoggard @tommoody at @HoneyRamka Embedded image permalink 7 Dec

lonergan clarification of "internet aware art" missing from Mass Effect index 2 Dec

please come see these PNGs! RT @HoneyRamka 'Original PNGs' An exhibition by @tommoody Opens Fri., Nov. 20, 6-9 pm 16 Nov

what sort of creature would go back in time to kill Baby Einstein 11 Nov

when that nagware showed up on my desktop telling me Windows 10 was ready to install i commenced divorce proceedings from Bill Gates 5 Nov

thanks @raphaelbastide - (plug) i'll be showing some of this work at Honey Ramka in Brooklyn Nov 20 - Dec 20 RT @raphaelbastide Fresh! @tommoody is using Krita MyPaint and Gimp for his paintings #floss #contemporaryart  5 Nov

i go to a website for information, not user experience or "fun" -- what's fun is when everything works properly 4 Nov

the top thing to hope for with an art & technology website is continuity, not every-four-year redesigns where data is shuffled and/or lost 4 Nov

tarantino: "i'm on the side of the murdered" bill bratton: "shame on him" 3 Nov

"MS doesn't want another 'XP fiasco,' that's why they're pushing Get Windows 10 so desperately, especially on 7" (4ch) Oct 8

best part of the steve jobs movie is where he leads a team of commandos into his own sweatshop and demands better working conditions Oct 6

The Last Witch Hunter stars Vin Diesel as an unfrozen congressional investigator seeking communists in present day Hollywood Oct 4

do not tweet out of fear Oct 3

"the 140 character limit imposes writerly discipline that must not be relaxed," he argued
Oct 2

that damned martian water, creeping down hillsides Sep 30

hero or traitor, i call you geek Sep 30

i like stories about celebrities "leaving social media" Sep 29

resident of remote mountain valley who eats only bacon turns 103 today Sep 22

a new Bandcamp LP is up, titled Stasis Field Day. This is track 6: Sep 18

response to @ran_dom's recent surf club theorizing Sep 16

people tweeting their instagrams need to get real Jul 21

new bandcamp release, "crude essence": Jul 15

watching nathan barley and thinking back to that dumb discussion about whether london was a more "political" art town than NY Jul 11

rich comedians in gas guzzling cars getting photogenic coffee Jul 10

wealthy comedians in fancy cars getting overpriced coffee Jul 10

freedom & fireworks festival / all bags, coolers subject to police search Jul 4

just followed someone's link to a redirect to a pinterest pin of a jpeg Jun 22

if you don't want to ride the bucking bronco of social media, just don't tweet about current events Jun 20

"Hamilton by far the better man" (k. pollitt) - tweets omitting verbs should be read aloud in the voice of the "how is babby formed" caveman Jun 18

my tweet "organic views are the opiate of the masses" was faved by some organic drink company Jun 2

RT GIFs with celebrities and movie references are easier for theorists as well as consumers @gridworks1 May 31

new bandcamp release, "curbed convolution": May 28

seen on 27th street: petra cortright painting May 12

today i literally stopped and smelled the flowers - some kind of tree blossom - odorless May 3

new "meta" release on bandcamp: Apr 10

fact-checking Frieze magazine: Mar 25

at Frieze magazine "editing" means converting an angry critic's capslock to lower case and hitting "publish" Mar 22

thanks @heathercorc -- it is my reply to pointguy by @stageyb Mar 9

new bandcamp release, "knob twiddlers": - also new front page with all LPs to date Feb 26

correction: it's JACK FM not oops Feb 24

guthrie lonergan's take on life, art, and the web always bears investigation whether or not he is your Bruce Nauman Feb 24

i enrolled in a school for short electro-ish compositions where a sadistic older man yelled at me to help me achieve my potential Feb 23

more profound and jarring than the GIF award category "can't look away" is "can't unsee," a specialty (hat tip ryz) Feb 23

and the GIF award for "animals-as-metaphors-for-the-human-condition" goes to... Feb 23

vvorked again Feb 17

"If Picard had never been daring as a young man (and nearly died as a result) he would have grown up to become just some guy?" J. Hoffman Feb 14

whitney kimball pens a self-regarding exit to criticism while artist bodies are still twitching on the stage Feb 14

please speak clearly and unambiguously, this is an art gallery Feb 12

when rhizome wrote about ryder ripps' On Ho tumblr last August, they forgot to condemn it! whoops Feb 10

facebook and instagram are the perfect home for those hokey cinemagraphs @WIZARDISHUNGRY Feb 10

both ripps' hotel and instagram projects have their defenders but the Art F City-inspired smear campaign is still going full throttle Feb 9

there's been a tendency to confuse ripps' actual artworks with his voluble reactions on social media to having his character assassinated Feb 9

RT artforum writer @snpsnpsnp reviews ryder ripps' show, not very intelligently: early, unsigned review of the Ryder Ripps show Feb 8

RT artforum writer @snpsnpsnp equates digitally annotating a review with defacing a painting

RT artforum writer @snpsnpsnp suggests certain art should be illegal: also crazy that a Ryder Ripps painting is legal Feb 8

twitter erupted with news of cop cars at Vice HQ a few days ago but it was just Joe Biden visiting Feb 6

horizontal censorship, NY style: Feb 6

artnet defends self-objectifying fashion model from artist's touchscreen defacement -- who will be defended next -- how about @McDonalds Feb 1

what artnet calls ryder ripps' "custom slideshow" explains the Adrianne Ho project much more lucidly and amusingly than the artnet review Jan 31

american psycho - the protagonist shoots 160 people, the audience cheers - eventually he is, himself, shot Jan 27

a mom signing a comment "love, mom" might be a conscious revolt against dehumanized text & not mere vernacular cluelessness @jacobgaboury Jan 25

if you can make it in irony-challenged NYC you can make it anywhere -- don't even think about cracking a joke here -- you'll do OK Jan 21

new bandcamp release, "discreet mutations": (cassette version is available) Jan 20
despite the NYPD slowdown they continued to guard the wall street bull statue around the clock! Jan 16

you could disagree about the political content of a work of art without reducing the artist to a smoking ruin of "unsound ethics" @__nkO Jan 13

ok @__nkO I weighed in: Jan 13

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