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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order,  January 8, 2020 - January 15, 2016

a friend has been building secure IRC communities and indie blogs; he made one tweet and a curator said (unironically) "welcome back to the internet" Jan 8, 2020

revisiting an artforum review from 23 years ago Jan 8, 2020

nasty nets gets the sh*t end of the anthology stick (as usual) - Jul 4, 2019

twitter to target accounts with ‘troll-like behavior’ -- watch out, art critics May 16, 2018

solo piano compilation battle May 10

this twitter documents unpaid internship opportunities in the art world -- so many to choose from! RT May 3

when i start doing a podcast you'll know it's all over Mar 26

breece d'j pancake, my classmate (a tale of two mentors) Feb 15

the show is down and now "exists as documentation" RT @HoneyRamka  <--- Installation pics of 'Pre-Post-Internet,' an exhibition by @tommoody Feb 10

belated reply to Patrick LeMieux's attempt at computer art patricide Jan 7

thanks to @FailureAWLife for the props and exhibition details; twitter's arrangement of them into comic book-like panels is very "pre-post-internet" RT @FailureAWLife
Tom Moody's fabulous collection of office-technology-produced paintings, gifs, and other oddities up @HoneyRamka through Jan 21 31 Dec 2017

thanks to @FailureAWLife for the exhibition details - I like the way twitter arranges them into comic book-like panels 31 Dec 2017

Some examples of pre-post-internet art and activity RT @dream_froth3 @cluebucket 16 Dec 2017

Please come to my opening tomorrow and see how it was done before whatever it is we're doing now. RT @HoneyRamka Honey Ramka presents 'Pre-Post-Internet', an exhibition by Tom Moody. Opens 12.15, 6-9 PM — on view thru 1.21. 14 Dec 2017

was laughing retroactively at the Scott Kildall/Nathaniel Stern PDF about their project "Wikipedia Art" where they used the word "Brooklynite" as my identifying credentials, as in, those damn Brooklynites saying what is and isn't art 21 Nov 2017

i have a show opening Dec 15 at Honey Ramka gallery called "Pre-Post-Internet" -- might as well get out front and claim this turf 21 Nov 2017

if @furtherfield must break links in the name of website redesign "progress," could they please add, on the "Sorry!" landing page, the sentence "Any old links can be accessed on our archive by adding 'archive.' to the beginning of the URL" 21 Nov 2017

Twitter's algos think this tweet is in Spanish 15 Nov 2017

the algo-iest algos ever algomolated Full Metal Algo 14 Nov 2017

denis villeneuve retires older model replicants (and his own brand) in the futuristic thriller A Blade Too Far 14 Oct 2017

"retiring rogue older model replicants" is like running on the edge of a blade, or something 11 Oct 2017

in book "The Bladerunner" the hero smuggled surgical supplies in a eugenicist dystopia of medicare for the few -- that actually makes sense 11 Oct 2017

every mediocre manager wants a bottle of "CRM" digital snake oil Jul 3

wall street bull is bad sculpture but defiant girl is kitsch that makes you want to rip your brain out Jul 1

please don't ever retweet me @shittydudefindr Jun 24

thanks for the props re: 66 bitmaps @stageyb #PFBC (pray for better curators) Jun 15

world-saving via self-effacing techno - Jun 14

now everywhere you look you will see Belter haircuts @dream_froth3 Jun 10

get thee to yon multiplex so that thou might know the Fate of the Furious Apr 22

twitter ditched prioritizing tweets by font size? good move Apr 15

hell circle needed for "the banal," e.g. commenting on the number of likes or dislikes on a YT (or commenting on those comments) Mar 30

Winter Storm Smegma is on the way -- looking forward to Summer Rain Shower Hercules later this year Mar 13

suggested additions to weather channel's list of winter storm names: Fizzle, Fake, Hype, Nothingburger Mar 10

viva obsolescence - Feb 13

marching alongside chuck schumer is not resistance Feb 8

take all those recommendations, reminders, and ads out of my timeline and i'll come back to this miserable slagheap Feb 7

good assessment of recently-closed site RT @FailureAWLife In Memory of, an Endlessly Collaborative Image Poem Feb 7

political convos on twitter R neolithic bordering on troglodytic @fred @wilma @pebbles @bambam #obama #trump #clintons Jan 31

vol. 5 of 5 -- until 6 is ready - Jan 14

because *you* demanded .flac versions - Jan 13

more music and pictures of PCs - Jan 12

"extraordinarily...prolific" --AmbientBro magazine Jan 11

let the spamming commence: 4 or 5 volume set of my 2016 songs titled "Generic PC" -- here's volume 1 -- Jan 10

the man in the high warehouse -- a 36-part philip k dick-based tv drama from amazon (tm) Dec 14, 2016

nothing says christmas like an inflatable minion or two in the front yard Dec 14

in many ways twitter is @mirrrroring the web's worst infantilizing tendencies - wait - how'd that username get in here Oct 4

as you type twitter keeps trying to anticipate (via annoying popups) which twitter user you are about to not type Oct 4

"If it wasn't made in 1971 I'd swear it was ahead of its time for 1964" (Erich Kuersten on Blood of Dracula's Castle, 1971) Oct 4

twitter has reached a stage of crapification where google is interested Sep 24

meet "Yong Fetner," a pro-Dakota Access Pipeline sock puppet Sep 16

this was the first night since Occupy with no police guarding the Wall Street bull statue
Sep 12

modular synthesizers should be heard and not seen Sep 10

no texting while bicycling, please Sep 10

"i said to kate, i said, kate..." (cell blabber) Sep 8

how much more proprietary hardware will it take before you (i) go all-Apple (ii) leave the Apple family Sep 8 @SbarroChica Aug 29

brock, s. blumenthal, conason, indispensable in the Bush II era, are all miserable clinton shills now Aug 24

RT @max_labor breaking news via @tommoody [the domain is for sale] Aug 18

ars technica keeps pounding the "russkies hacked the DNC" meme - did they get Clinton Foundation money or something Aug 15

for those diagnosing hillary's health from animated GIFs just remember presidential succession is (1) hillary, (2) bill, (3) chelsea, (4) VP Aug 14

you can pay "cloudflare" to stop people hotlinking your animated GIFs! Aug 11

we really needed "cloudflare" to tell us a website we are trying to access is down May 23

sticky: i have never played cricket, but once had a collie by that name Apr 24

most people I know aren't on here to beat their sales goals Mar 15

what is the point of unchecking "prioritize tweets" if you are going to get a "while you were away" box of selected tweets Mar 11

twitter central thinks "best" tweets means "most-faved" and that's why they deserve priority in our precious timelines Mar 9

online residency at in progress - first post  - second post  (tweets'll be minimal) Mar 2

thanks to all who attended the ptyxolopies talk in brooklyn last night; it was fun to discuss new media issues (& dumps) with a poetry focus Feb 28

please come tomorrow (saturday feb 27) / ptyxolopies / greenpoint / 8-10 pm EST (this link has the address: ) Feb 26

please attend saturday night or dump from 8-10 pm EST (we'll be talking about you) -- PS note twitterized GIF below Feb 23

RT @FailureAWLife Saturday: Cat Tyc, @vassilakisnico, & @tommoody on image-text poetics at the Luncheonette.

like we needed hourly updates on our tweets' "impressions" Feb 17

conspiratorial? moi? The Surfer’s Conspiracy. Investigating with Tom Moody Feb 16

if you want me to come speak to your group it will be $225,000 Feb 8

"young women have to support hillary" (madeleine albright) yet clinton supported andrew cuomo over zephyr teachout for NY governor Feb 8

hillary "speaking fees" clinton Feb 3

hey @animatedloop these aren't GIFs you're posting, they're video files hosted by twitter Jan 15

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