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blue bomb - 5:47 PM Dec 30th, 2009

a prisoner in my own home - waiting for UPS 12:21 PM Dec 29th, 2009

Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea isn't really Tolkien fodder - warring with your shadow self is a psychotherapeutic twist on swords and sorcery 6:22 PM Dec 28th, 2009

media outlets can recycle those 2001-vintage "America at War" banners with Obama in place of Bush 6:16 PM Dec 28th, 2009

the NY Times actually used the phrase "widening the terror war" 6:11 PM Dec 28th, 2009

Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player--c'mon, c'mon keep up with everybody! 10:32 AM Dec 28th, 2009

asked dog walker friend if his or any clients' dogs howl when the Law & Order theme comes on - he said no 2:14 PM Dec 27th, 2009

news media is trying to scare us again but I really have no interest in invading Nigeria 11:52 AM Dec 27th, 2009

trionic waves 12:27 AM Dec 26th, 2009

as for moving to N. Zealand, you'd be trading US military insanity for crickets the size of small dogs 10:08 PM Dec 23rd, 2009

gadgets "perfect feeling" from Never Touch a Running System (1996) 12:37 AM Dec 23rd, 2009

tangerine dream "flock" (1982) 11:59 PM Dec 22nd, 2009

"in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen people" - momus 4:08 PM Dec 21st, 2009

wouldn't know shitake from shinola (culinary insult) 9:29 PM Dec 16th, 2009

emanuele di sante - relax your body - stefano s & lory d electro mix; lory d - pezzo sclero - original mix 11:10 AM Dec 12th, 2009

"Lovecraft is like totally bananas hahaha I mean wow. This one hell it was just strait up nuts, freaky low quality goodness hahaha." 1:45 AM Dec 10th, 2009

both neko case and mark mothersbaugh picked "A Face in the Crowd" for TCM 12:32 AM Dec 9th, 2009

RT @WIZARDISHUNGRY i wanna make a flask that looks like a lacie hard drive 4:04 PM Dec 8th, 2009

headline from comcast web portal: "Authorities say man stabbed 2 Army buddies to death" (can a murder victim still be a buddy?) 5:56 PM Dec 4th, 2009

track 10 on Tony Thorpe's Electric Kingdom electro comp. is Lory D, Bitter End 1, not Synapse (discogs notes the error on the CD) 1:04 AM Dec 4th, 2009

3 books on the way: Paglia's The Birds, Ethan Frome, and the first Earthsea novel (never read those Le Guins) 12:24 AM Dec 4th, 2009

reading Richard Ford's 3rd Bascombe book - I kind of hate it but the obsessive detail makes it hard to ignore 12:19 AM Dec 4th, 2009

"this book is bad" "well, you're bad" (criticism in the happy talk days of 2009) 7:38 PM Dec 3rd, 2009

nbc employees' new masters have a right-leaning tabloid sensibility judging from the daily news on the company web portal 7:34 PM Dec 3rd, 2009

job recruiting site hotlinked a GIF I posted (for loading icon?) - huge unwanted traffic - listings for cashiers, cab drivers, etc 10:21 AM Dec 3rd, 2009

the search function here is so lousy I'm saving my twits to a private blog page (these are supposed to be notes I can use) 10:15 AM Dec 3rd, 2009

sliced actual '70s breakbeat 10:12 AM Dec 3rd, 2009

just noticed twitter changed its annoying question to a 70s TV show reference 10:10 AM Dec 3rd, 2009

announcing troop pullout and troop increase at the same time 5:21 PM Dec 1st, 2009

watched man on subway repeatedly touching all the jewelry on his fingers & wrists and then I returned to thinking about signal flow 4:01 PM Dec 1st, 2009

used the word Althusserian here on August 9, 2009 and it doesn't come up in a search - pretty bad 7:49 AM Dec 1st, 2009 via web

"broken news" twit feed - up-to-date rumors and meaningless headlines three weeks after events happen (sold to network for undisclosed sum) 9 minutes ago from web (Dec 1, 2009)

my tweet cloud was boring--blog, internet, gallery, music, book, film, etc--so i deleted it. about 19 hours ago from web

un-virtualizing Google 3D Warehouse: about 19 hours ago from web

the necromonger in me thinks it's a breath mint. but the furian... 2:17 AM Nov 28th from web

syfy vs cytwombly 10:42 PM Nov 27th from web

"Gimli, son of Glóin, got himself an art gallery?" (afc comments nov 25) 8:08 PM Nov 27th from web

@jonbro - thanks for the listen and feedback - i was thinking of doing rhythm-only things for a while - will try that one pianoless 3:02 PM Nov 27th from web

comcast blocks thunderbird-using email port then emails you with a link to a deleted page on how to configure thunderbird for comcast 12:15 PM Nov 26th from web

2 min cable tv surf - one vampire reference, one shark, one eggplant parmigiana throwdown 12:50 AM Nov 26th from web

"where did you read that?" "a blog" "a real blog or a media blog?" 4:53 PM Nov 25th from web

the anti-network: "if it bleeds it recedes" 10:09 AM Nov 25th from web

face of heartbreakingly beautiful girl or boy who has been kidnapped somewhere - your modern media is on it (the homely not so much) 10:08 AM Nov 25th from web

scary bearded dude on tv staring at you every day with intense eyes of hate 10:03 AM Nov 25th from web

obama's idea to stimulate the economy is more war 9:48 AM Nov 25th from web

wondering what interesting music is being made now that I will hear in 2025 9:43 AM Nov 25th from web

they call him the GIF whisperer 8:12 PM Nov 22nd from web

Amon Düül 2 is one of the rare bands that uses "rock dots" for diaeresis 6:41 PM Nov 21st from web

hoodie with "Xtreme Couture" printed on back (in fake graffiti scrawl) 3:04 PM Nov 21st from web

in the future museums will only show the sets and sketches of famous filmmakers as art...oh, wait 3:02 PM Nov 21st from web

rewired brain to filter out constant Palin references from el creepo mainstream media 2:58 PM Nov 21st from web

speaking of emo, what an address to have snagged: @emo 7:57 PM Nov 18th from web

"Probably the toughest time in anyone's life is when you have to murder a loved one because they're the devil." Emo Philips 7:43 PM Nov 16th from web

hearing the words Mission of Gravity pronounced aloud in public made me happy 3:00 PM Nov 16th from web

guy behind me on subway was explaining bussard ramjets (along w diatribe that Niven, Clement and Haldeman were the real deal, not Star Wars) 2:49 PM Nov 16th from web

Cal-Q-Lator - Dr Bradford (cheerful techno) 12:44 AM Nov 16th from web

Teste - The Wipe (with OptiDisc) 12:24 AM Nov 16th from web

DJ Deller - Romantic Call 11:51 PM Nov 15th from web

a guy called gerald - black secret technology 2:02 AM Nov 15th from web

jeff koons is coming over tomorrow to curate my collection 12:28 AM Nov 14th from web

google search: "modernist sculptures indian gods and boners mingle in work" 9:42 AM Nov 13th from web

reason was met with invective until he finally sank to their level, then the topic shifted to his sinking 8:54 AM Nov 10th from web

he walked into the chatroom and shot it out with the entire cult 8:46 AM Nov 10th from web

artists with hordes of followers out scouring the internet for any bad mentions of the master 8:43 AM Nov 10th from web

treating reality as if it were software - entering the wrong password, installing in the wrong folder, wiping out everything, reinstalling 9:11 PM Nov 8th from web

a trip to reena spaulings: 12:11 AM Nov 6th from web

tv=sharks, ghosts, vampires, coroners, cooking competitions, hookers, soccer moms, explosions, deodorants 1:07 AM Nov 5th from web

Bush/Cheney were much more convincing fascists than Obama, with their cult of toughness and Bush playing pilot dress-up 10:17 AM Nov 4th from web

central contradiction of anti-Obama fearmongers: how can a Dem be a spineless wimp and a fascist dictator simultaneously? 10:13 AM Nov 4th from web

V the 80s series showed the lizard beneath Reagan's "morning in America" propaganda - it's been retooled as an anti-Obama wankfest 10:08 AM Nov 4th from web

@gup - Q. Why is Reverend Moon part owner of Wacom? A. Prophets need tablets. 12:58 PM Nov 2nd from web

jacket with "orange county choppers" on the back 12:22 PM Nov 2nd from web

"what’s survived of Industry star machinery is for celebrity-hungry 20-something hotties that can sing, dance and disrobe like world champs" 11:37 AM Nov 1st from web

busy treating reality as if it were software 4:45 PM Oct 31st from web

the "humble" and the "ripple" are two of the avatars channeled by a young girl player - they are merciless killers 10:44 AM Oct 31st from web

objects are bartered (including small bags of hemp) before transdimensional avatars battle on liquid white tabletop 10:41 AM Oct 31st from web

acrobat rides vertical rail mounted on building sides (smashing it in the process) to attract the tornado's attention 10:38 AM Oct 31st from web

[dreams compounded of Lem, Wolfe, Jan de Bont, and Miyazaki's paper birds] 10:35 AM Oct 31st from web

the humble and the ripple turn the other players to white, oozy mush; quasi-sentient oleaginous tornadoes hover near ground level 10:30 AM Oct 31st from web

spectre means respect (david marusek) 10:09 PM Oct 30th from web

non-ironically wearing a button-down shirt and ironed khakis - that would be me 4:00 PM Oct 30th from web

art idea: ironic awards show that everyone takes perfectly seriously 8:28 AM Oct 30th from web

hard for twitter to be "minimal" when they're blasting new services at the top of the page 8:15 AM Oct 30th from web

baby einstein screen shots, fdr's dog, baltimore dragon boats, etc: 5:06 AM Oct 28th from web

reclaimed Baby Einstein videos to be recycled as meditation DVDs 11:00 PM Oct 23rd from web

Deee Lite - Picnic In The Summertime 10:28 PM Oct 23rd from web

tank smashes through Perrier (TM) truck in yucky James Bond movie 10:01 PM Oct 23rd from web

"All You Need Is Love" used in Blackberry commercial 11:09 PM Oct 21st from web

NY Times marketing whizzes: "We'll make our pop-ups so entertaining people won't mind having text obscured." "Cool, let's knock em dead." 8:10 AM Oct 21st from web

more fans of fans (some scrumptious design here) - 10:07 PM Oct 19th from web

dis(tance) & co (tracker house tune I like) 10:04 PM Oct 19th from web

swine flu found in hog 3:02 PM Oct 19th from web

load my home computer session / beam yourself into the present 11:48 AM Oct 19th from web

alec empire limited editions 1990-94 12:34 AM Oct 17th from web

honk if you love open source 10:51 AM Oct 14th from web

Tragg's Trough 12:42 AM Oct 14th from web

"I am not claiming that a work of art has nothing to do with the person who made it" writes O'Hehir after lengthy Chinatown/Polanski pairing 7:56 AM Oct 13th from web

musician posts SoundDiver mods; Apple buys eMagic; Apple discontinues SoundDiver; musician hosts unsupported mods for eternity 5:27 PM Oct 12th from web

"Whitney MePa" 12:25 PM Oct 12th from web

with all the mp3 sites out there it's weird YouTube is becoming the default jukebox (songs w/o videos - just a still or spinning record) 8:22 AM Oct 12th from web

feng shui for the pseudo-profound: 9:25 PM Oct 11th from web

competing chefs who are vampires 7:43 PM Oct 11th from web

just realized david marusek has another book out in the "counting heads" universe--looking forward to more techno-dystopia 8:02 AM Oct 11th from web

the same companies that fill up your bill envelope with paper inserts want you to "go green" by signing up for their e-billing 9:18 AM Oct 9th from web

"The only bad thing is the lieutenant from the Enterprise-C was the guy from Happy Gilmore. Regardless, I highly recommend it." 10:54 PM Oct 8th from web

@jamesww - nice mix, nice tunes 8:40 PM Oct 8th from web

dropped some change on archival storage materials - tired of looking at yellow tape and dirty grey polyethylene 6:29 PM Oct 8th from web

greg egan defends his book Incandescence - he shouldn't have to stoop - 11:09 AM Oct 7th from web

am really totally, utterly sick of cooking competitions 11:49 PM Oct 6th from web

i need to be let back into the Q continuum 10:53 PM Oct 6th from web

Security by obscurity: 9:45 AM Oct 5th from web

NC: people ship their inconsequential tweets back to the old blog as if to place a big "Nothing to see here folks!" sign over both locations 4:27 PM Oct 4th from web

@mistertim - forgot "Personal Jesus" in my blog list of "reach outs"- probably because Depeche was ironically combining faith and phoning 4:22 PM Oct 4th from web

hiphop DJ Mr. Magic died. Incoherent timeline here: 11:12 AM Oct 3rd from web

"every day is a yellow day / I'm blinded by the daisies in your yard" 4:41 PM Oct 1st from web

the state of TV (following trends in journalism): reenactments of events the producers imagine could happen 7:26 PM Sep 30th from web

twitter seems wired more for affirmation than dissent (no one expects backup if you say "right on") - perhaps it should be called baa or moo 11:06 AM Sep 30th from web

"this story is inspired by the possibility that hidden creatures exist" 9:53 PM Sep 29th from web

Molly Dilworth should make rooftop pixel art like the photoshop stained glass filter to spread over areas that aren’t actually high security 8:27 PM Sep 29th from web

@varonearts Molly Dilworth's google satellite-ready rooftop paintings are somewhat different from google's quasi-artistic security pixels 8:26 PM Sep 29th from web

HuffPo story "Dan Rather Lawsuit Tossed" is followed by umpteen twitterers saying exactly the same thing. What's the point? 4:17 PM Sep 29th from web

why does HuffPo have twitter feeds of people repeating what's in HuffPo's own headlines? 4:14 PM Sep 29th from web

"knock knock" "who's there?" "bernie" "bernie who?" "bernie madoff with my life savings" 11:52 AM Sep 29th from web

more google accidental artistry: 8:55 AM Sep 29th from web

"if you missed the social factors that shaped my work as an artist then you aren't paying attention to an important part of art" 4:34 PM Sep 28th from web

i knew when i went to Salon this morning they'd have a lead story about Roman Polanski 12:33 PM Sep 28th from web

Nigel Tufnel of the fictitious band Spinal Tap facetiously believes that D minor is "really the saddest of all keys." (wikipedia) 7:58 AM Sep 28th from web

"wouldn't know D minor from Dee Dee Ramone" 7:57 AM Sep 28th from web

it's easier to imagine poulenc as a Picabia-like subversive when listening (as opposed to watching those conservatory-esque YouTubes) 7:50 AM Sep 28th from web

listened to poulenc concertos I have on vinyl and watched some YouTubes of him and others playing his music 7:47 AM Sep 28th from web

everyday conversations fraught with tension and then exploding into bloody chaos - just another day in tarantino world 8:46 PM Sep 24th from web

M.A.N.T.I.S., the TV movie (the Sams - Raimi and Hamm - firing on all cylinders, and a great cast) 5:17 PM Sep 24th from web

those guys, "tonite" 5:08 PM Sep 24th from web

bizarre inc, "love in motion" 5:05 PM Sep 24th from web

discussing "Kunsthistoriker-Hypnose durch MS-Paint blingbling": 11:19 AM Sep 24th from web

dreamyshade's "blade runner in san francisco" plugged, linked to: 9:36 AM Sep 23rd from web

does fighting permanent conflicts with volunteer and mercenary troops count as "wartime"--as in "the photos were censored in wartime"? 8:31 AM Sep 23rd from web

"franz kafka, what's shakin?" "sigh--couldn't get The Metamorphosis published so I submitted it to an anthropomorphic fiction zine" 9:41 PM Sep 22nd from web

"He befriended me on MySpace." "You mean friended, Gramps?" 11:39 PM Sep 21st from web

"Wearing a black Ralph Lauren T-shirt under a dark jacket, his head bowed over his plate of pasta..." (must be a NY Times article) 9:16 AM Sep 20th from web

"Strategic defaulters often go straight from perfect payment histories to no mortgage payments at all" 2:26 PM Sep 19th from web

the only thing we have to fear is terror 11:13 AM Sep 19th from web

brian droitcour's psychic powers of criticism analyzed: 3:32 PM Sep 18th from web

ny times refers to reagan's "vision" of a missile shield - "delusion" or "boondoggle" or "corporate giveaway" would just be so...impolite 8:46 AM Sep 18th from web

@varonearts - thanks, jason. were you able to see that Space 301 show? I never saw installation shots (not for want of asking) 6:13 PM Sep 17th from web

Sally McKay on the "affect" of animated GIFs (including mine, Petra's and LM's): [thx sally] 4:55 PM Sep 16th from web

dream_froth2 - prefab sprout namechecked: 12:02 AM Sep 15th from web

@wizardishungry - pancakes - 10:06 AM Sep 13th from web

strange search request in my stats: "clement greenberg tennis us open" 10:01 AM Sep 13th from web

@artfagcity - congrats on smoking C. Knight out of his cave 10:04 PM Sep 11th from web

@bhoggard - am honored to be your ringtone - that bass intro would totally work 9:56 PM Sep 11th from web

walked by WTC (NYT still calls it "ground zero") - one cop for every truther - i feel so much safer 11:00 AM Sep 11th from web

theorem vs swayzak "day from hell"; swayzak "kilburn high road"; james s. taylor "drum and bass forever" 8:36 PM Sep 10th from web

dreamed I painted Obama's portrait and Michelle thought a kid did it 8:56 AM Sep 8th from web

she's ten; we offered her piano lessons but she says she's more interested in learning to find loop points 9:46 PM Sep 7th from web

musical miniatures; factory preset haikus 9:39 PM Sep 7th from web

reading about art doctrinal disputes in the 19th century is more fun than participating in them in the 21st 8:06 PM Sep 7th from web

miasmatic wave crunch; the "grey goo" problem enters music composition; using the goo proactively 8:03 PM Sep 7th from web

every squiggle turns into an image and every spray of notes turns into a tune 12:08 PM Sep 6th from web

@raphaelbastide - 9 yrs hence those drum & bass records will sound even more amazing when the only permitted music is Contemporary Christian 11:45 AM Sep 4th from web

wish a frienemy would quit baiting me into defending my low culture bona fides 8:05 PM Sep 3rd from web

listening to drum and bass records from 9 years ago is completely humbling 8:04 PM Sep 3rd from web

tarts, go to the cornfield (yes, you Brittany345) 8:00 PM Sep 3rd from web

now back to Parker killing people in the Richard Stark novels 7:56 PM Sep 3rd from web

gene wolfe's "book of the new sun" - 800 pages of literary scientifiction puzzlement set in a dying Earth landscape 7:55 PM Sep 3rd from web

express any opinion other than "it's all good" and you will be called Greenberg 6:17 PM Sep 3rd from web

pieter K "sequence/watch dis"; digital "eaze off"; landslide "down down" 6:16 PM Sep 3rd from web

will never understand grocery store bins full of peaches that soften and rot without every getting ripe and tasty 7:43 PM Sep 2nd from web

‘Soul’ of a Party Is Memorialized - that's the NY Times using air quotes in its Ted Kennedy funeral headline 6:41 AM Aug 30th from web

1000th twitter post 4:39 PM Aug 29th from web

if you people are going to write excellent twits then you must desist from ever writing any worse twits (still making fun of AFC commenter) 1:07 PM Aug 29th from web

dreamed my car (a '64 Dodge Dart) turned into a cat and a fox, who then ran off in opposite directions, forcing me to chase them down 8:17 AM Aug 28th from web

saw woman walking her retriever, which had a 2-foot long, bright green, stuffed Christmas elf in its mouth 6:13 PM Aug 26th from web

GIFs that suck your attention for no reason vs GIFs that suck your attention to make you aware of some product 1:10 PM Aug 26th from web

i saved a woman once who'd been procured for a Kennedy (Irish branch) by pretending to be her date - he was pissed 9:39 AM Aug 26th from web

an investigation into the clash between stasis and forward momentum in music (and the latter's mysterious properties) 9:24 AM Aug 26th from web

Les villes vues d'avion sont semblables / À des étoiles éléctroniques Qui sont écrasés au sol pour prendre racine / Et vivre ainsi étalés 9:20 PM Aug 23rd from web

"We are like children who look at print and see a serpent in the last letter but one, and a sword in the last." (Gene Wolfe) 8:53 PM Aug 23rd from web

private language evolves on twitter built around avoiding marketing asshole followers 8:33 PM Aug 23rd from web

bonus tracks - one of the worst ideas in the history of marketing - if they weren't good then they probably aren't now 10:44 AM Aug 22nd from web

some great accidental datamoshing on The Conversation on TCM - movie is destroyed but very aesthetic 9:49 PM Aug 21st from web

let them eat co-ops 9:39 AM Aug 18th from web

re-read AFC thread on racist NYorker cover - d remnick's right to make little joke trumps need to cool it in a country full of armed bigots 8:03 AM Aug 18th from web

my comment about the de-swinification of swine flu got retweeted on some stupid pork lobby astroturf page - grrr 3:04 PM Aug 17th from web

imagining a muzak version of "Yak" by Plaid 3:21 PM Aug 16th from web

obama embraces the right's vision of free market healthcare: "if you don't have a rich relative, get one" 2:43 PM Aug 16th from web

pandemic H1N1/09 is now WHO's official swine flu name in deference to pork lobby and religions offended by slur to animal they don't eat 11:38 AM Aug 16th from web

sen. jim webb was supposed to be working on prison reform in the US but is jetting around the world being the hot shit diplomat 8:18 AM Aug 16th from web

carl orff "fortune plango vulnera" (chamber version); paul lansky "mild und leise" 8:12 PM Aug 13th from web

obama disappointments: af-Pak bloodlust, signing statements (can't believe he's continuing that shite), larry summers 10:43 AM Aug 12th from web

"our mother's house" (dirk bogarde: dissolute dad) is a more subtle version of "little girl who lives down the lane" (martin sheen: sicko) 9:52 PM Aug 11th from web

for a certain type of person humankind's greatest problem will always be welfare cheats 8:56 PM Aug 11th from web

plus soso, baidu, jappy and the government of china 8:13 PM Aug 10th from web

eventually the net will be google, apple, microsoft, comcast, verizon and millions of consumer schmucks 8:10 PM Aug 10th from web

swallowed by python: newsgator "synchronizes" with google, ends support for free consumer applications including NewsGator Online 8:07 PM Aug 10th from web

@litherland - this discussion ( ) suggests brain control has replaced simple coercion 9:51 AM Aug 10th from web

vvork-like project: "Kindling": 100 Kindles set on fire (gas mask required) 9:03 AM Aug 10th from web

i gave my 120 studio assistants the weekend off 8:34 AM Aug 10th from web

"police interfere with public space not through interpellation (hey you!) but regulation of what you can see/hear" - why can't it be both? 12:17 PM Aug 9th from web

ranciere: althusser's "hey you" (cop turning a passerby into a state subject) is replaced by cop telling you what you can't see 12:13 PM Aug 9th from web

ideology: no longer the Althusserian policeman shouting ‘Hey you!’ but the traffic cop waving cars past a crash saying 'nothing to see here’ 11:42 AM Aug 9th from web

@grammar_police - i wasn't reviewing Groys' book! 11:27 AM Aug 9th from web

@artfagcity - Groys - "who is the audience for all these blogs?" means "no one is reading me anymore" 9:54 AM Aug 8th from web

logitech no longer makes mice for the PS/2 port - you have to get a USB adapter (which doesn't work in my KVM switch) - suckage 9:21 PM Aug 5th from web

spilled coffee on laser mouse - no more laser mouse - back to the track ball 8:26 AM Aug 5th from web

.mht files - spawn of the devil - #microsoft 8:24 AM Aug 5th from web

any video of an animal attack worth worth showing ten times 11:20 PM Aug 2nd from web

"Parade was awesome. Great costumes, music & dancing. Neighbors actually talking to each other. Quit complaining about your 'yard' you fart" 5:59 PM Aug 1st from web

nasty nets taught us about internet piano playing pets but the real breakthrough was...telling us it was like Schoenberg! OMG 4:47 PM Aug 1st from web

hundreds of Bolivian-Americans in parade near my apt. 4:29 PM Aug 1st from web

mario bava on hulu 12:11 AM Jul 31st

dan curtin "population 2", terrence dixon "links", shed "another wedged chicken" 12:10 AM Jul 31st

nail came loose from plaster (after 7 years), painting fell, destroying another artwork and an ashtray I inherited (painting is fine)

@wizardishungry - new burritoville: "free" chips with your order; old burritoville: free chips while you were waiting 11:59 PM Jul 27th

only about 10 hillbillies and the entire US media care about Sarah Palin 1:07 PM Jul 27th

the kind of thunderstorm that sets off car alarms all over the city 5:33 PM Jul 26th from web

imagining a vvorklike sculpture of used Kindles 8:33 PM Jul 21st from web

huffpo publishes henry louis gates jr's mug shot even though charges were dropped - sick media f*cks 1:08 PM Jul 21st from web

"you want blurry? blurry? what kind of idiot wants blurry video?" "no, he's saying he wants 'blu-ray'" 8:56 AM Jul 21st from web

friend misinterprets art clone sightings as "art shouldn't be like other art"; no, it's "dumb one-liner art shouldn't be like other d.o-l.a" 9:17 AM Jul 20th from web

don't these TV tornado chasers have about all the "data" they're going to get by now? 12:27 AM Jul 19th from web

moral of octavia butler's Kindred (so far): if you thought living in the '70s was a bitch try 1819 5:56 AM Jul 18th from web

seems this twitter fad is leveling off - good, let's get back to using it for nothing 6:52 PM Jul 17th from web

Richard Stark's Parker books slug you in the gut and walk away; particularly liked The Score, The Outfit, and The Jugger 6:48 PM Jul 17th

Greg Bear's Eon destroys the Earth in the first half and then gets bogged down in alien protocol for the remainder 6:45 PM Jul 17th

books I have barely enjoyed: Greg Bear's Eon; Tim Powers' Anubis Gates (the latter is better than the former but too damn breezy) 6:44 PM Jul 17th

forgot to mention yon thie fie channel also purveyeth ye wrestling 6:37 PM Jul 17th

@wizardishungry - I spent a few minutes trying to convince the new owners to reinstate free chips (the place was empty last week) 6:33 PM Jul 17th

opening tongass forest helps "unemployed loggers" - right, I guess their bosses are just along for the fun ride 6:27 PM Jul 17th

@WIZARDISHUNGRY - that burritoville makes a pretty good chicken achiote quesadilla - guess people discovered it 6:25 PM Jul 17th

bank's "lend a hand, save the land" means "go online, save us a dime" 6:59 PM Jul 16th

leonard nimoy should never again appear in widescreen 7:00 PM Jul 15th

based on true events: kid vomiting out wraith 11:32 PM Jul 13th

2 blessed 2B stressed 11:13 AM Jul 9th

sonic couth 6:48 PM Jul 8th

younger than jeezy (only four days left for Younger Than Jesus jokes--gotta get a few more in) 10:06 AM Jul 8th

@RoyStanfield: YBA is link from pictures to YTJ because the Y is actually verbalized! 10:03 AM Jul 8th

reaching the end of the 140 character limit is to rational argument what electroshock therapy is to a normal train of thought. just when you 9:57 AM Jul 8th

tracing pop to pictures to YBA to YTJ might be interesting if anyone's up for it 12:43 PM Jul 7th

bh says one NewMu sleeper didn't take the sleeping pill (i'm guessing the one giggling when people nearby told good jokes) 12:10 PM Jul 7th

the pictures generation were all younger than jesus when they got started 12:02 PM Jul 7th

didn't realize sleepers at the NewMu drugged themselves (assumed it was fake) -pretty creepy 11:59 AM Jul 7th

thie fie - ye channel for ftupid fteampunk, outerfpace foap operas & fupernatural crappage performed by comely yng thefpians 10:51 PM Jul 6th

lasting contributions of the pictures generation: johnny mnemonic; eric bogosian on law and order 12:43 AM Jul 6th

two words that continue to define my post-vacation existence: biting midges 1:24 PM Jul 4th

"i'm just really enjoying writing these little tunes" "it seems you are" 1:45 PM Jul 3rd

"i won't stop rocking 'til I retire" 7:06 PM Jul 2nd

unemployment rises, healthcare bankrupts, military bloats, and liberal bloggers are talking about a governor's sex life 11:27 AM Jul 2nd

an acquaintance laughed at my cell phone. it's a five year old nokia but you'd think it was a WWII vintage walky talky from the reaction 9:18 AM Jul 2nd
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