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wondering if I should save my remaining unsaved twits and bail before the new twitter interface shows up about 12 hours ago

journamalism: "Gerwig...may well be the definitive screen actress of her generation" 10:53 AM Mar 28th

NY Times is so desperate for "balance" that they keep flogging these tea party non-stories day after f***cking day 9:48 AM Mar 28th

"The earthquake has focused attention on Haitiís glaring gap between poverty and extreme poverty" (rewritten NY Times subhead) 7:59 AM Mar 28th via web

"a safe and reliable nuclear force" (Livermore dude) 1:47 PM Mar 27th

"plated" my toast with an AbEx zigzag of honey 9:19 AM Mar 26th

"so-called flash mobs of teenagers" (The New York Times) 9:18 AM Mar 25th

Leviticus "Burial" - "It's a (one hit) wonder..." 6:38 AM Mar 24th

X lent me a book of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories, which I enjoyed, but we have been unable to schedule a time for me to return it. Mail? 6:27 AM Mar 24th

privileged girls grousing about the Double Happiness bus from Wilmington reminded me of Kate Beckinsale in Last Days of Disco 6:19 AM Mar 24th

Account for all your recent activities and then click [Yes Sir] 1:48 PM Mar 22nd

Maybe instead of "What's happening?" it could say "Account for all your recent activities" or just "Punch in" 1:43 PM Mar 22nd

Help keep PATH clean: smoking, drinking, eating & carrying open food containers on trains and in stations is strictly prohibited 1:38 PM Mar 22nd

eating, drinking, and carrying open food containers on trains and in stations is strictly prohibited 6:51 AM Mar 20th

Michiko Kakutani is famous for relying on the verb 'limn.' (L. Miller) 5:07 PM Mar 16th

mutual- and self-surveillance [tweet] 8:31 AM Mar 16th

watching Animal Cops Zurich 8:20 AM Mar 16th

tasha yar's sister 3:14 PM Mar 12th

legally downloaded score for Cocteau's Les Mariťs de la Tour Eiffel; intrigued by the idea of "surrealist music" 3:13 PM Mar 12th

have never liked the phrase "epic fail" - now Talking Points Memo uses it in headlines 3:07 PM Mar 12th

all art aspires to the condition of square waves 3:19 PM Mar 11th

elderly man on street told me I look like Kiefer Sutherland 3:18 PM Mar 11th

when did that "Tweet" button appear? that is positively post-internet. 10:28 AM Mar 11th

post internet: everything on the web I'm not aware of 10:24 AM Mar 11th

Magda, meet the weak gesture 10:22 AM Mar 11th

Rompler Room - kids make phat beats 10:35 AM Mar 10th

feeling like Bruce Dern in Silent Running explaining why a canteloupe is good 11:26 PM Mar 9th

sorry but I don't think "it's like Janice's face" is profound or funny 11:09 PM Mar 9th

more aphorisms, less linking and replying (fresh orange juice, no aphids) 11:09 PM Mar 9th

OK New York time to get out of those nice galleries we have year-round to see some art packed into little cubicles for a couple days 6:11 PM Mar 3rd

@wizardishungry - "to use this image as your desktop picture, click here to paypal the copyright holder" #chromemachorrorshow 7:18 PM Feb 28th

six degrees of francis bacon: 10:42 AM Feb 28th

googled "playing fast and loose with the grid" - hits were for midi sequencers and Enron 10:31 AM Feb 28th

reading about the Juan FernŠndez Islands 10:16 AM Feb 28th

@disquiet - thanks for those fripp riffs - for such a humorless man his music can be really funny sometimes - bootsy indeed 12:36 PM Feb 27th

@artfagcity - i have a backup pair for that eventuality #nerds 12:32 PM Feb 27th

tapestry: weak alternate-timeline-picard asks riker and troi for an informal personnel review 6:41 PM Feb 26th

"Lost" has become like wrestling, where characters can suddenly "turn heel." Now it's Claire's turn to plant an ax in a guy's chest. 8:49 PM Feb 25th

i am Tino Seaghal's camera: 9:22 AM Feb 24th

he is on a search for a wind that is sweeping across his land and destroying any plant life 9:16 AM Feb 22nd

bayh hated being criticized by left bloggers when he was working so hard pretending to be a Democrat 9:12 AM Feb 21st

note to evan bayh (whining in the Times this morning): the problem with the senate is corruption, not "partisan warfare" 9:00 AM Feb 21st

tune of mine shares a speaker with a growing oak tree: 11:05 PM Feb 20th

in Chronicles of Riddick, time and high security prison life have transformed the homely girl from Pitch Black into a gorgeous model 10:39 PM Feb 20th

technologist wouldn't know Chardin from Shamwow: 1:43 PM Feb 20th

@dwnr11217 - i meant, as opposed to a "custom" 404 11:18 PM Feb 18th

there's nothing quite like an Apache 404 to tell you you f-ed up 2:19 PM Feb 18th

not mentioning microsoft is also lame: 10:17 AM Feb 18th

most drastic demotion from figure of ultimate evil to hapless nobody: Ben Linus 11:01 PM Feb 17th

in the '50s Howard Hughes hired 3 "strapping Mormons" to work in 8-hour shifts at his bungalow, protecting his life and intercepting flies 9:45 AM Feb 17th

sawyer likes iggy 9:26 PM Feb 16th

keep your pineal eyes in your heads please 9:12 PM Feb 15th

harlan ellison to person leaving his lecture: "sorry if it wasn't what you wanted" 8:12 PM Feb 15th

re: TED's shirtless dancing guy - it was an OK meme video without turning it into a parable for leadership 10:34 AM Feb 15th

just ousted the old me as the mayor of my Aeron chair 10:15 AM Feb 15th

145 Iraqi candidates were rejected because of ties to the Baathisphere 10:19 PM Feb 14th

the treated voice on "Running from Love" by The Other People Place sounds kind of like Meatwad 8:28 PM Feb 11th

ny times headline refers to "the two sides" of the climate-change "debate" 9:34 AM Feb 11th

calling Portugal, Ireland, Italy, and Greece PIIG is way cold 9:10 AM Feb 11th

financial blog headline, yesterday: "Greece is the Word" 9:05 AM Feb 11th

parked domain girl on (thx ls) 7:43 PM Feb 10th

The Last Spoonbender 3:53 PM Feb 10th

beer o'clock in the garden of good and evil 3:19 PM Feb 10th

@willsimpson - my Wizard of Earthsea has a dragon with photoshopped lens flares and fake hammered bronze lettering 2:08 AM Feb 10th

@RoyStanfield - hat tip and gif: 12:38 PM Feb 9th

playing kraftwerk (antenna, autobahn) on citibank atm: "wrong place on screen to touch" is an octave below "right place on screen to touch" 1:12 PM Feb 8th

# pupsintrouble grateful dead super bowl halftime show with a CGI jerry garcia leading the remaining members. 8:08 PM Feb 7th via txt Retweeted by you and 3 others

Salon has 3 pictures of Sarah Palin on its front page - liberals love her. 8:38 PM Feb 7th

Derrida's Wikipedia entry has a section called "Honorary degrees and attacks." 3:22 PM Feb 7th

comment on YouTube home hardware synth-sequencer demo: "ah, the sound of hot masturbation" 9:52 PM Feb 6th

Tea Partiers Yearn for Days of Republican Corruption, Fear 5:22 PM Feb 6th

"CERNís engineers decided this week to play it safe and operate the collider at only 3.5 trillion electron volts" 12:26 PM Feb 6th (reposted w/ typos corrected--i hope) 4:06 PM Feb 5th

@robmyers - i'd say the iPad turns you into a 24 hour psycho without the app but that's just me 12:49 PM Feb 4th

@avierkant - thanks, now I can say I've seen it 12:48 PM Feb 4th

Don DeLillo does not use email but likes 24 Hour Psycho ("and likes"?) 9:13 AM Feb 4th

i don't want a computer to be creative, i just want it to work 9:04 AM Feb 4th

timesspeak:slight, reserved man, now going gray, with an intense, serious expression, who writes spare, etiolated, almost Beckettian prose 8:58 AM Feb 4th

if the computer's future is tv set tops and a balkanized web then it doesn't really matter if Microsoft "missed" it 8:55 AM Feb 4th

i gave her a smile full of shiny whites / the whole glistening batch / all she saw were incisors / that might be a possible match 10:03 PM Feb 3rd

she made me feel like a foreigner / in the country of the heart / a drop dead gorgeous coroner / where do I even start? 9:57 PM Feb 3rd

drop dead gorgeous coroners 9:45 PM Feb 3rd

"'avatar' and 'the hurt locker,' two widescreen responses to the theme of war, are..." "oh, shut up" 2:29 PM Feb 3rd

my stab at writing about virtual Ab Ex eight years ago: 9:34 AM Feb 3rd

travis hallenbeck's book of flickr faves (coupon discount for Feb 3): 9:07 AM Feb 3rd

petra cortright's is the best so far of vvork's recent "ab ex with virtual brushes" run: 8:46 AM Feb 3rd

richard ford "the lay of the land": detailed-to-Borges-level observations of life on Jersey shore punctuated by hostile physical encounters 8:11 AM Feb 3rd

a computer should be a stumbling block on the way to creativity (unless you built it yourself); people who "love" theirs need help 7:58 AM Feb 3rd

still debating iPad with friend who has about had it with me 11:34 PM Feb 2nd

so many steven seagal movies, so little time 1:26 AM Feb 1st

thomas brinkmann - inge 1 - from the ernst/rosa series 10:15 PM Jan 30th

missed this but a friend saw a TV ad with a kid defending high fructose corn syrup 1:34 AM Jan 30th

Lasterday I Was Been Bad ( ) 1:05 AM Jan 30th

Arrrgh. Bugs. No. No, spores. Deadly spores. (a favorite line from eXistenZ) 12:39 AM Jan 30th

@pjbaldes - sure, just shoot me an email (nice work on Nasty BTW) 12:37 AM Jan 30th

good sex in lit discussion notes 10:50 AM Jan 28th

"tell a dream, lose a reader" (Henry James said that, according to Martin Amis and Richard Ford, though Ford doesn't mention James by name) 10:32 AM Jan 28th

(dream described in previous twts was a mild dystopian nightmare prompted by several hours' struggle with a Waves autotune plugin) 10:06 AM Jan 28th

the music was mostly in a Cheryl Crow/Little Feat/FM pop vein but my mashup was better than the sources - forgot to hit "record" though 9:55 AM Jan 28th

verse from Tuscon country station stays in key and sync w/ chorus from Las Vegas pop station, with layering of up to 4-5 stations in harmony 9:51 AM Jan 28th

dreamed was making music w touchscreen gps utility that mashed up songs currently playing on us radio stations (by touching map locations) 9:44 AM Jan 28th

shrink wrapped pomegranate with POM sticker and bar code--genetically modified or what? 5:31 PM Jan 27th

i really need a tablet to do all the stuff I do on my computer 5:30 PM Jan 27th

unintentionally funny: that picture of Steve Jobs holding up the tablet that looked like a giant iPhone 2:56 PM Jan 27th

it's like a disease with them: 12:39 PM Jan 27th

@artfagcity - congrats on the voice feature (even though I said on your blog yesterday that it's old media that needs *your* thumbs up) 1:44 AM Jan 27th

Legowelt - "Arrival at the Station" - Klaus Kinski EP 1:36 AM Jan 27th

interior colonization - measuring the success of your hatred of art world insiders by whether they pay attention to you 4:25 PM Jan 26th

audiophiles referring to headphones as "cans" is faux-folksy 7:07 PM Jan 25th

overused phrase of the moment: "price point" 7:05 PM Jan 25th

"he was born back in in aught five" sounds archaic if you mean 2005 - steampunk? 2:49 PM Jan 25th

Saddy the Baddy Executed in Iraq 2:25 PM Jan 25th

best of the double-Os 12:26 PM Jan 25th

if you are bad the press will announce your execution using your cartoon name 12:24 PM Jan 25th

tired of insane blog commenters and I don't even have comments anymore. "Mr. Moody, what you fail to perceive is..." 8:23 PM Jan 24th

wsj reporter has new epithet for the "math whizzes that brought down our financial system" and are still at it: The Quants (boo hiss nerds) 3:31 PM Jan 24th

linear arithmetic synthesis is one of those things that became unnecessary when chips got more powerful - interesting historic eddy to xplor 2:32 PM Jan 24th

Linear arithmetic synthesis: Samples for attacks and drums; traditional synthesis for the sustain phase of the sounds - economical, weird 2:31 PM Jan 24th

"Artistic rights have begun to manifest themselves as general human rights" from SVA press release wasn't in Boris Groys' talk 11:37 AM Jan 23rd

A family of five owls can consume up to 3000 rodents in a breeding season 12:25 AM Jan 22nd

Omega 3 Snake Oil 3:25 PM Jan 21st

YouTube moving to Safari/Chrome-only video spec? 12:50 PM Jan 21st

i like how Curbed has turned condo architect Karl Fischer into a standing joke ("the latest Hot Karl was unveiled today...") 6:05 PM Jan 19th

guessing "zeroes" will win the decade-naming prize, even though it seems vaguer than, say, '90s--the teens won't technically start til '13 12:54 PM Jan 19th

online dictionaries seem to prefer "naught" to "nought" - same meaning, though; "aught" is a "false division" of "a naught," etymologically 12:45 PM Jan 19th

"noughts" conjures Jethro Bodine when he was a "double nought spy" 12:32 PM Jan 19th

very little interest in seeing Ratavar. CGI people and Hollywood liberals preaching about wars they don't stop, great 12:17 PM Jan 19th

thanks @wizardishungry - my spider sense tingled the first time I saw that agave "nectar" on the deli shelves (a few weeks ago) 5:36 PM Jan 15th

agave "nectar" uses genetically modified enzymes, caustic acids, clarifiers, & filtration chemicals in the conversion of agave starches 5:32 PM Jan 15th

don't really like aughts, noughts, noughties, or zeroes. am clinging to what I called it throughout--the '00s, pronounced "oh ohs" 12:04 AM Jan 15th

fight over "curb cut" - funny - 9:16 PM Jan 14th

would like a reverse Airnergy that neutralizes all WiFi energy in my immediate vicinity 12:05 PM Jan 14th

the thing about the Binars is everyone in the universe knows they're up to no good except the entire crew of the Enterprise 11:03 AM Jan 14th

Star Trek TNG's Binars could possibly read this drawing: 10:59 AM Jan 14th

@jonbro - was responding to this post about "interface lag" - 12:16 PM Jan 13th

Milton Babbitt's famous maxim, "everyone is a 12 tone composer" is no longer a prediction of a utopian future but the status quo. 9:26 PM Jan 12th

12 tone composition has become a mass cultural practice. Millions of people create their own archives and present them to others. (cont'd) 9:24 PM Jan 12th

Boris Groys' "everyone is an artist" schtick is supremely annoying in a philistine playground like the US 9:13 PM Jan 12th

what about all the artists the soon-to-be-closed Deitch Projects represented? they will have to find someone else to ignore their needs 11:24 AM Jan 12th

can't muster much sympathy for iPhone users wrestling with ever-changing music apps (capitalism=consumer anxiety) 10:04 AM Jan 12th

mark dion's wunderkammer induce sleep - the grid-like array of sifted Thames artifacts he did a while back seems a better way to go 11:39 AM Jan 10th

omer fast is "film" as opposed to "art gallery" but the looped nature of it requires flexible start times & open plan seating for screenings 11:31 AM Jan 10th

jeffrey vallance has a good eye for swap meet kitsch but the "wall of objects" diminishes their impact 11:28 AM Jan 10th

so little time, so many people that need to be clobbered (the Thing's answer to bile milkers and zero-lot-line apartment builders) 5:01 PM Jan 9th

americans are much more civilized than the Chinese bear-bile-milkers, installing windows on cows and such 4:57 PM Jan 9th

i need to go to a doc to get me some bear bile (didn't know granny from the beverly hillbillies practices in China) 4:52 PM Jan 9th

"Cannot understand why the Chinese can love this species of bear yet torture thousands of moon bears on bile farms" (comment on panda pics) 4:49 PM Jan 9th

Times gnomes change headline again to "Democrats Wary as Two Senators Decide to Retire" - story co-writer is Adam Nagourney, of course 8:44 AM Jan 7th

Times gnomes changed the headline to: "Retirements in the Senate Put Democrats on the Defensive" - still bad but not a complete fabrication 9:45 PM Jan 6th

14 House GOP incumbent retirements vs 10 Democratic; 6 Senate GOP retirements vs 2 Dem, per Washington Monthly 9:37 PM Jan 6th

NYTimes spins GOP talking points: "Retirements in Senate Signal Tough Year for Democrats" - yet Republican retirements far outnumber Dems' 9:30 PM Jan 6th

@dream_froth2 - turn off oven in summer, fry eggs on sidewalk 8:05 PM Jan 6th

@jonbro - thanks, it's hard to find a piece of paper around here without my spirals all over it 4:52 PM Jan 6th

She sells shore shares in the Seychelles... 4:44 PM Jan 6th

the architecture of greed (or A.D.): zero-lot line structures, balconies for extra square footage, rooftop parabuildings 2:26 PM Jan 6th

"greed" is so stern and biblical; I propose "acquisition disorder" 2:23 PM Jan 6th

It "breaks the heart" of MSNBC's David Shuster that the US couldn't have had a Dubai-like tower at the WTC; TPM "seconds" this dick envy. 10:42 PM Jan 5th

"Perhaps to his detriment, Mr. Noland was ardently loyal to his formalist principles" (another unelaborated Roberta stab at Noland) 4:33 PM Jan 5th

"When he was good, he was excellent" - are obits really the place for critics to get in their final digs? (Roberta Smith on Kenneth Noland) 4:31 PM Jan 5th

Bono's 10 ideas for the next decade: Get some new glasses, Wear less jewelry, Pay reparations to Negativland... 2:33 PM Jan 5th

the new york times actually used the phrase "far-flung terror network" 10:00 AM Jan 4th

ratavar (avatar sequel with ratatouille) 10:40 PM Jan 2nd

@pjbaldes - well, ring --> gollum --> a lot of trouble 8:59 PM Jan 1st

@pjbaldes - no (maybe I should); my train of thought was Benjamin Britten carols --> Middle English --> Middle Earth 4:44 PM Jan 1st

when I first heard "Middle Earth" as a kid I thought it referred to a hollowed-out space inside our planet 4:10 PM Jan 1st

proselytized bad digital culture to art world artists 12:51 PM Jan 1st

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