tom moody

Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, June - January 2012

the words "express yourself in motion" look especially inviting in a flowery cursive font 25 Jun

the wisdom after the dotcom crash - that quality of eyeballs trumped number of eyeballs - regressed to a memory in the zuckerberg era 25 Jun

ken jacobson's history of the shift, since WWII, in notions of corporate duty (from the public to just shareholders)!/?page=entire 24 Jun

"labor rights and economic justice have been effectively amputated from the human rights agenda" (mark ames) 24 Jun

should be archived: @MetaData 23 Jun

my package arrived from the @unicorngirl1 etsy store - am blown away by my hat and will have to redo my wardrobe around orange 22 Jun

2nd opinion for @GLASSPOPCORN - artists who buy twitter followers are miserable skanks 20 Jun

am enjoying Bernard Flynn's The Philosophy of Claude Lefort except for the parts about phenomenology and Derrida 19 Jun

coming soon: john carter of mars ironic theme ride 19 Jun

neorealist brand confusion: Bicycle Thieves or The Bicycle Thief 16 Jun

the news media loves an electoral horse race so much they'll even try to make Mitt Romney seem like a viable candidate 16 Jun

if the world trade center spire is reclassified as an antenna and we don't have a 1776 foot tall national symbol we're hosed 16 Jun

the problem for the artist is finding the right match between a work's "inherent distributability" (awk phrase) and its actual dissemination 14 Jun

you don't make a painting just to have a "scarce object" - some art has limited distribution by its nature, some has wider 14 Jun

"hum a few bars and I'll see if i can play it on my guitar" "no way, thief" - Promoted by The Music Industry 13 Jun

am not getting this desire for a centrist 3rd party candidate when the space between obama and romney is measured in microns 13 Jun

i think some dick signed me up for klout but the real me has limited interest in poorly quantified institutionalized anxiety 13 Jun

wanted: writer of short provocative statements guaranteed to cause monetizable comment fights; email "nick" 10 Jun

a painting in scare quotes is made using digital approximations of the non-scare-quoted activity @lolumadmad 10 Jun

"unauthorized use of party photo" - social media freeware at 10 Jun

looking forward to my hat ( ) from - Promoted by Glass Popcorn's Broccoli 10 Jun

Semi-talented sexy singer du jour performing songs of indeterminate genre - Followed by 50+ stalkers and others 9 Jun

Jesus - Followed by Paul, Peter and 50+ disciples 9 Jun

rap metal networking - Promoted by LinkedIn Park 9 Jun

hopefully our disagreement about the Alien prequel counts as a documentable uncomfortable interaction @mirrrroring 8 Jun

[unauthorized mischievous use of party photos results in lecture] 8 Jun

paraphrasing germaine greer: we should aspire to be the faceless artisans who built the cathedrals 8 Jun

for every young cindy sherman there are 100 bad britney spears publicists 8 Jun

models of celebrity culture & spin are ingrained in the lowest levels of artistic plebedom. E.g., self promotion thru publicity photos 8 Jun

i thought the cloud was just hype but it's an actual being 7 Jun

did we need an expensive prequel to Alien? no, we did not #prereview 7 Jun

i got nowhere with masculinist critique and had to abandon it @glasspopcorn but i probably still have some copies of "Polygamy" 7 Jun

rodney ripps mentioned at 2:57 6 Jun

have long disliked malcolm gladwell's writing but didn't know about his right wing think tank background 6 Jun

while taping his White House convos Nixon famously uttered the phrase "but it would be wrong" after discussing some nefarious activity 6 Jun

there's lots of sites named "stumblr," but only one where shy and awkward people can bump into each other 6 Jun

other potential interesting cage death matches: gifboom vs cinemagram; mr gif vs senor gif; talk soup vs gif soup 5 Jun

would enjoy watching a legal battle over who invented a little part of a photo that wiggled 5 Jun

if those fashionistas trademarked cinemagraph, does this mean they'll go after the recombinant "cinemagram" 5 Jun

if WTC1's spire is classified as an antenna by the Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat, it cannot count towards the prideful 1776 ft 3 Jun

netflix removes reviews with incisiveness or depth so we can read the thoughts of average viewers 2 Jun

oil companies turning the US heartland into a toxic waste dump, please leave my timeline 2 Jun

the classic response to "my kid could do that" is "yes but you couldn't" 31 May

we have signed first editions of Dune but there is only one left. OK, i'd like to put Muad'dibs on it @pjbaldes 31 May

@gup if everyone would use 3., I'd stop griping 30 May

since there is no consensus on what we mean when we say "internet-aware art" (see 1., 2., and 3. below) I propose we not use the term 29 May

"internet-aware art" 3. actions or constructions made with an awareness of how they will look or "read" on the internet 29 May

"internet-aware art" 2. objects or performances in art galleries that reference internet memes/conventions/techniques 29 May

"internet-aware art" 1. self-aware or self-conscious use of internet memes/conventions/techniques as art 29 May

visited Hulu recently - the ads for non-subscribers are more numerous than regular TV now 29 May

tweetfights: you give up increasing percentages of each message @ing everyone involved, so you are forced to sound dumber and dumber-er 29 May

moe (greek guy from The Wire); larry (hurley's imaginary friend); curly (ben grimm, The Thing) 28 May

just learned that the robot voice at the beginning of YMO's Technopolis is saying "Tokyo" 28 May

china blocks netflix and imdb, according to tedg, who is in shanghai this month 28 May

"you're like a photographer?" "i prefer instagramographer, occasionally moonlighting in cinemagraphy" 27 May

dogs and cats suck - [fight ensues] - $2500 27 May

gawker's new sponsored comment model misses this point: the appeal of blogs is that the writers speak their own minds [commissioned tweet] 27 May

convos about commissioned tweets, however, could be very informative and intellectually stimulating 26 May

i can't even conceive of having a convo about a sponsored post 26 May

Gawker to monetize corporate trolling, giving advertisers/sponsors control over article comments (M.Ames) - "article" means juicy headline 26 May

we gave him everything: front page coverage, museum shows, grants, drugs, but no, he had to have "integrity" - so we broke him 24 May

limit your internet art to what can be loaded quickly on a one-laptop-per-child computer via dial-up and you will achieve great riches 24 May

innovation is a free floating signifier without a referent of functionality 24 May

twitter's attempt to track conversations using @s doesn't work very well; seems like tweet-rot sets in fairly quickly 24 May

dreamed i was at a museum dinner for a show of wall-sized gerhard richter finger paintings and one trustee told off another trustee 24 May

the price of commissioned tweets is high to distinguish them from ordinary tweeting 23 May

commissioned tweets $2500 - trolling, bon mots, concrete poetry, you name it, you got it 23 May

search is not free; you have to look at the owners' vanity art projects such as interactive Moog synthesizers 23 May

cinematographers' union up in arms about cinemagraphers 20 May

"sup" "sup" "what r u doing" "grinding on the greeks" "that has ties to the humanist tradition" 20 May

was trying to explain that cinemagraphs only seemed like an advance in the narrow context of fashion photography and oh never mind 20 May

"cinemagraph" was trademarked - guess I need to purge my hard drive of those 7 year old livejournal images with a single moving element 20 May

was told at a williamsburg party that was over and cinemagraphs were going to be a big thing 20 May

before dubstep came techstep 19 May

terrence mckenna would say we're all suffering from caffeine psychosis @MOLLYMETH 19 May

"how can we monetize people's day to day involvement in the social network?" wall street analysts and new media art critics ask 19 May

high & low trolling: demarcating among 1. libels 2. smears 3. opinions about a person 4.opinions about a person's output 5. mere lulz 6. art 18 May

perceived personal criticism or proclaimed personal criticism (to avoid the actual topic) @melip0ne @__nkO 18 May

someone dumped a photo of Vampyroteuthis Infernalis and i started humming the song by Death Domain 18 May

...none of which had anything to do with the topic under discussion 18 May

the emailer went into long, painful self-aggrandizing detail about his own generosity in forbearing to attack me when he had many chances 18 May

received some emails yesterday reducing an argument over fact & opinion to "what can I do to get you to stop trolling me?" 18 May

will spare the person who sent the whiny emails @__nkO but personalizing criticism is at epidemic levels in the "troll economy" era IMHO 18 May

drew marrymore is getting buried 17 May [BUT THEN] @unicorngirl1 17 May

was looking for a YT clip of the "Daylight" scene where Stallone drops through 3 (?) giant ventilators by keeping pace with the fanblades 17 May

criticism of bad or mistaken writing misconstrued as caring about the writer on some personal level 17 May

somehow trolls devolved from a hideous form of human ringworm to "someone who said something I don't like" 16 May

"what can i do to get you to stop trolling me?" "well, if you put it that way, nothing" #who_is_the_troll_in_this_situation 16 May

willem dafoe saw @mirrrroring and me eating lunch in NYC 16 May

twitter vibrations tell me people are arguing about net art and money again today 16 May

allen strange's book on analogue synthesis ponders the difference between a chord and a timbre (e.g., the spectrum of a square wave) 16 May

NYC has the same index for density and mediocrity: DRPB, or Duane Reades Per Block 15 May

The Troll Continuum 13 May

"This is Chinatown." "Yeah, but it's Mother's Day." 13 May

i am offended by your trolling, or in the alternative, your trolling poorly in the "blending art, life & politics" sense 13 May

in the early 21st C smartphones conditioned vast segments of the public to feel naked without a tracking device 13 May

suri asks siri [insert celebrity offspring joke involving wacky technological misunderstanding] 13 May

"New Bing slightly different from Old Live Search" RT @ricedoutyugo 12 May

The Facebooking of Twitter, by Wired Q. Techdirt (am assuming someone's commented on this) 12 May expect favs & retweets to be visible by default in the coming months #people_need_to_know 12 May

"hiding by default" favs & retweets makes tweets some of the last texts untouched by the pervasive OCD of stat-counting 12 May

re-interpreting derrida's 1994 book "the politics of friendship" for a generation that mediates friendships through facebook #tenure #joke 12 May

before cinemagraphs, GIFs were awkward moving clip art used to decorate banner ads and announce that "you've got mail" 12 May

before instagram, photography was a solitary, alienated medium practiced by artisans with pretensions to "craft" and "lucidity" 12 May

reading about how tone wheels work on hammond B3s - never knew it was additive synthesis (of the electromechanical type) - bizarre 12 May

the immanence of the body politic is foreclosed by a gap, which is to say, an emptiness that makes a gesture in the direction of alterity 12 May

it's not enough just having the institutional juju to "make" artists, people have to say nice things about you, too. space for dialog:_____ 11 May

slimy as a week-old mango 9 May

all movies are now is stupid comic book themes, vampires, boomer TV show retreads, romcoms, bromances, and vampires 9 May

reason not to be a famous musician: sonic investigators will probe your releases for litigation-worthy sound grains 9 May

post-apocalyptic cave teacher: "students, who can tell me why we use the word 'green' to mean a cheap person, or pebble-pincher?" 9 May

i said you couldn't pay me to see The Avengers, so Disney sent me a ticket and twenty five dollars 9 May

john waters' female trouble has a YouTube-safe version with text crawls explaining what you aren't seeing 8 May

@ryder_ripps when I reach 63 i'll make an announcement, until then, fuck you 8 May

belatedly discovering robert fitch's taboo critiques of 3rd way, obama, union & left complicity with our, eh, "needy" fiscal sector 6 May

frieze fair follow friday fest for fair fans forking over forty 6 May

reading jean-claude lebenzstejn's book on malcolm morley - i like the '60s superreal work & was curious to get JCL's take on it 6 May

fox grinches deleted all but segment 1 of phantom of the paradise; please note @NetworkAwesome 6 May

"Paul's Boutique was initially considered a commercial failure by the executives at Capitol Records..." (markus fiedler) 5 May

if you told A.O. Scott as a child that he'd have to write 1000 word reviews of comic book movies or be fired from his job he might never hav 5 May

if you told me as a child that disney would eventually own and mismanage marvel i would have said "No No No - nuh uh" 5 May

the hulk, meanwhile, is played by three different male actors - there is a lack of balance here 5 May

there aren't enough male actors to go around that the same guy has to play captain america and the human torch? 5 May

"Top Gun 2" stars Tom Cruise as a drone operator whose increasing anomie causes him to go postal in a Taxi Driver-like finale 3 May

Bridling at James Bridle: some notes 2 May

NYC has committed 24/7 police protection for the wall street bull statue since fall 2011: 2 officers, one car, metal barricades 2 May

congress passes law to stop Tim Burton from adapting any more quirky 60s entertainments - this seems fair 2 May

hundreds of bored cops standing around empty lower Manhattan streets last night, squinting at every pedestrian - this was at 10 pm 2 May

maybe I should start a kind of wilderness report about what it's like to live in the wilds outside Facebook - people might be interested 30 Apr

I followed a link to Facebook, got the Facebook login, which disabled my "back" button - that's how much they want me! 30 Apr

yes @mashedpo it's tricky keeping data on your home cloud when so many services exist to suck it into The Cloud without your knowing 30 Apr

after-chewing-through-the-screen-door-shih-tzu-puppy-anxiously-breaks-through-to-get-to-his-master (dot) jpg [hat tip joy] 29 Apr

also, you can't really say artists have a "deeply important perspective" in an essay full of digs at them 29 Apr

this post is critical but confuses & blurs its targets among artist, curator & museum: 29 Apr

as rhizome's new director here are my edicts: (i) archey, you're fired (ii) actual crits on the blog (iii) no more intimidation via email 29 Apr

i bend time and space with a tweet 29 Apr to merge with - millions flee internet 28 Apr

instead of apps my home cloud has "programs," including email, which can also be stored in the home cloud 28 Apr

all the data i need is at my fingertips when i download it from my home cloud to my netbook 28 Apr

that's great @mashedpo - i predict your home cloud will change how you work, live, and shop 26 Apr

"It's hard to have a discussion about the true extent of Jedi powers where we're restricted to 6 movies" 26 Apr

my home cloud was hibernating but now it's powered up and I'm typing away! 25 Apr

enjoying the seclusion and comfort of my home cloud 25 Apr

(you should be able to pay for your education without usurers getting their blood funnels into you) 25 Apr

"student debt markets" is a phrase that should send shudders through any free society 25 Apr

Who Is the Real Troll in This Situation? - idea for curated exhibition and/or new media game show 25 Apr

similarly "post internet" could mean the thing we all did after the web became too insufferable or dangerous to spend time on 24 Apr

"taking it offline so the collector could have it locally" could be a contrarian, eco-survivalist effort to move beyond the web 24 Apr

we are all little boats floating on churning seas of people's undiscussed design decisions 24 Apr

"lists" disappeared from the twitter stats one day - does anyone still create or use them or did they just go down the memory hole? 24 Apr

if rhizome admitted the "taking it offline" strategy was bad, the bad reviews might stop coming 23 Apr

would it be so hard @benfinoradin for rhizome to admit the "taking it offline" quote was dumb, as opposed to harassing people who mention it 23 Apr

looking for a simple search interface that doesn't assault you with its own self-perceived cleverness every day 22 Apr

when I saw "drone studies" i thought it meant sound art but it's actually about murdering people from the air 22 Apr

i've told you i'm not pinterested in how much klout you have. but if you ever want a groupon... 21 Apr

scripture forbids the breeding of a dog called a "cockapoo" 21 Apr

art is not a mirror, it is a hammer (john grierson); art is a hammer, not a (me) 19 Apr

screenshots of argumentative threads where someone in the melee notices that "sterling has since removed his original comment..." AS ART 19 Apr

sterling "erase as you go" crispin recalls a young j. deitch starting street arguments, disappearing, then photographing ppl fighting AS ART 19 Apr

@GLASSPOPCORN covered that yesterday 19 Apr

i hope klaus enjoyed his personal kraftwerk concerts 19 Apr

town bloody hall, 1971 18 Apr

sally mckay's explanation to stage of what curating is ranks right up there in the annals of condescending pedantry 18 Apr

paddy's gender war thread is allowing folks to reflect on how balanced they've been in shows they're plugging 18 Apr

3 men in particular must atone for their complicity in badly-chosen group shows and their names are MANning, DULLaart, and SMALLey 18 Apr

"fuck u men pigs" trumps "i see the bro contingent has arrived" in loaded gender discourse 18 Apr

i dreamed this morning i was at a brunch w @gup & people were eating bacon & he just tweeted that he "ate lunch next to kevin bacon" #jung 18 Apr

i'm a bit spoiled by dump @glasspopcorn which has a good, more or less natural gender balance & somewhat bored by "expert"-curated net shows 17 Apr

Rushkoff: Learning how to program is not learning how to fix your car - it's learning how to drive... people to drink #7on7HTC 14 Apr

otherwise Monkeybone is pretty much the same from one culture to another #7on7HTC 14 Apr whoa, two of my drawings came up for the US #7on7HTC 14 Apr

if architecture is frozen music then blueprints must be... frozen sheet music? 14 Apr

9/11 memorial has a tasteful two-color logo with the 11 as the twin towers (in blue) #beam_me_up 12 Apr

"tempers have flared all over the internet" 11 Apr

do you make this work because people will "like" it? oh god, you're having an existential artistic crisis, please write about it 11 Apr

the purpose of my blog is providing something to link to when you want to say a bad essay is "mildly controversial" 11 Apr

Rick Santorum asks supporters: Whatís next? (Politico) Whatís next, Rick? Not being President, thatís whatís next! Ka-pow! Boom! (Stoller) 11 Apr

no one seems terribly alarmed by wired's cover article about the giant data you-know-what in the state of you-know-where 9 Apr

am not quite ready for banal and aestheticized to go the way of hegemonic 9 Apr

"pumping carbon into the atmosphere is melting ice caps and glaciers, what do we do?" "let's call it 'climate change'" 9 Apr

"all this high fructose corn syrup in everyone's diet is a public health emergency - what do we do?" "rename it 'corn sugar'" 8 Apr

reading zizek's attempt to resuscitate Lenin -- in so many words "let's do him over without the mass murder" -- ookay 8 Apr

true @MXEXSXH i forgot to mention data visualization 7 Apr

some british designers collect images incorporating well-known digital errors, bruce sterling hails new aesthetic. bye. 7 Apr

even William James couldn't save Peirce from the machinations of comparative nobodies at Harvard and Johns Hopkins 7 Apr

wikipedia names 2 villains in the academic establishment who forced logician Charles Peirce into a life of obscurity and penury 7 Apr

greek columns - superfluous junk used by artists - essay links artists to greek ideals - wrong but now the artists have huge egos 5 Apr

nothing wrong with using a scanner but making the scanning device part of the art is like Hockney displaying 20 iPads 4 Apr

affordable digital imaging is relatively new but has been around long enough that the novelty of making flatbed scanner art has worn off 4 Apr

photo of the current president of RISD putting Cheetos on a scanner to make art, ca. 2002 (in PDF at 4 Apr

use of flatbed scanners to make art has been around since at least the late '90s 4 Apr

"My generation is good at discerning the credibility of an image (understanding if an image has been digitally altered)" --Ray Kurzweil - jk 4 Apr

coming soon to an art & technology website near you: softball artist interviews (i.e., no follow-up questions). 4 Apr

erasing an aggressive comment after people have replied to it articulately is (a) shitty (b) performance art 3 Apr

financial blogger barry ritholtz recommends that apple use its "cash hoard" to buy twitter; if it happens let's demand $1 per word 1 Apr

"he'll troll you for doing new media wrong but troll him and he'll pity you for the dark headspace you must inhabit" 1 Apr

upgrade now to twitter prime and experience the "old twitter" free of promotions in your timeline 1 Apr

1 WTC will be the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, if you include the spire that comprises 22% of its height. 31 Mar

1 WTC will be the world's tallest all-office building. That's right, it's *all office.* (Taller buildings will exist.) 31 Mar

promoted tweets in timeline = intellectual jock itch 31 Mar

"social media" blamed by pink slime defenders for negative view of a wonderful product (damn that blogger Jamie Oliver) 29 Mar

dick cheney: failing upwards into immortality 28 Mar

"tending to huey" - from peter schickele's "silent running" score - theme also plays when huey tends to freeman 28 Mar

Phoenecia "Monday (Disjecta Remix)" - spacy middle-eastern-tinged kick-driven glitch-inflected etc 28 Mar

for the record it's "Nick Haflinger" - i noted that to the author but the wikipedians aren't letting him fix it apparently 28 Mar

spelling error in wikipedia article on the computer worm ("Nichlas") propagates on Web 28 Mar

sol yurick's Metatron imagines a convergence of banking, DNA, religion, and physics in the data realm, pre-web & Singularity theory (1985) 28 Mar

"changing styles so much does not help your brand as an artist" "what if my brand is 'fuck off'"? 20 Nov

for '60s ad culture as subject matter you can have "mad men" & I'll take "putney swope" 28 Mar

top new york cultural institutions really ought to reconsider taking so much koch money 27 Mar

growth economy blind to notions of ecological balance is a drive to extinction, but it's considered career suicide to say this 27 Mar

massive religious ad-buys on YouTube nauseate Americans, doom church's presidential bid 27 Mar

and people probably thought iRobot and iClaudius were books or something 26 Mar

facebook's IPO isn't even final and they're already claiming the word "book" - as a non-user I get to use that word, also wall and poke 25 Mar

A Heart for Dick Cheney, by Edgar Allen Poe 23 Mar

pbs exec: "can we get a content company to give us shows that look more like real journalism, with conflicting opinions & so forth?" 23 Mar

so, I was talking to this other brand about our brands and what we could do to make them more brand-y 22 Mar

birth, school, metallica, facebook, death 21 Mar

note to salon (the online mag): breitbart is dead, stop running pictures of that oaf to stoke our outrage 21 Mar

bob kerrey's uncanny resemblance to the keeper of Talos IV, noted by @mashedpo 21 Mar

bisphenol A in plastics may contribute to the global obesity epidemic (even babies are fatter) 21 Mar

steve jobs was a hippie, if by "hippie" you mean labor-exporting capitalist who lived like a god in his own country 21 Mar

"How would you characterize your music?" "Kind of ISSUE Project Room Lite" 21 Mar

"Describe your work." "It's a subgenre of relational aesthetics called talking to my peeps on Facebook." 21 Mar

"Why do you deserve this grant?" "I am quite high up there in the 'economy of liking.'" "Next!" 21 Mar

civilian to police guarding empty downtown park: "i think the danger has passed, gentlemen" 21 Mar

if you had enough chimp rockers and guitars could you get math rock? 20 Mar

"we're not bringing jobs back to the US, ever - whoa, look over here, can you believe that playwright lied?" 20 Mar

"our users colloquially refer to us as 'farcebook,' 'fuckbook,' and 'facecrack,' - it's time for an IPO!" 20 Mar

99.9% of the people who moralistically complain about my lack of blog comments just want a convenient place to say "eat me" 19 Mar

thanks @jmbjmb, i get tired of always having to point out that i'm jaded as opposed to internet-challenged 18 Mar

our mayor likes to brag that he has the 7th largest army in the world (that's vietnam's but whatever) 18 Mar

saw police vehicles surrounding the park Fri night when 20 people were there, thought "oh god another mayor mike rampage" 18 Mar

interesting facet of The Responsive Eye, the film, is curator Wm. Seitz extolling the "anonymity" of the artists and the style 18 Mar

saw de palma's The Responsive Eye doc; also Get to Know Your Rabbit, 1972, which has splitscreen, ceilingcam, & other signature tricks 17 Mar

brian de palma's The Fury: the original "he blowed up good" movie 17 Mar

love, love, love vs 17 Mar

between HTML5 and cinemagraphs it's getting harder & harder to just make a beckoning hand coming out of a mailbox 17 Mar

"animated GIFs never went away" does not sell newspapers or PBS documentaries 16 Mar

was enjoying some art till the museum wall label told me it was about power structures 14 Mar

still thinking about a salon des refusťs CD reply to paddy johnson's Sound of Art project, to be called "The Sound of Music" 11 Mar

"hush mode cancelled" "thank you, mom" 10 Mar

seven artists and seven technologists get together in a summer rental on the jersey shore... 10 Mar

instead of agitating for endless war, follow howard moon and get more into slap bass 10 Mar

washington's "iran hawks" need to find something less lethal to alleviate the boredom of their empty lives 9 Mar

florida tourism subway poster with gap-toothed model caressing dolphin who wishes he was elsewhere has been replaced yet again 9 Mar

twitter is so slight you don't feel like a bit player in One Maladjusted Harvard Grad's Rise to Greatness, The Movie (self-justification) 9 Mar

"i am the one who is amusing - not all of you! i am professionally amusing!" (jonathan franzen's twitter fears explained) 8 Mar

caution, historical sticklers: using the soft G for GIF now means you risk being lumped in with the "PBS GIF artist" group 8 Mar

titan's extinct race of exothermic, nitrogen-breathing cattle were the source of all the anomalous methane in its atmosphere and "lakes" 7 Mar

"i know you've been pronouncing GIF with a hard G but if you want to be on TV you'll have to go with what our fact checkers say" 7 Mar

on second thought, i need that kentucky tornado glossolalia woman to help me repel jezebel2583 7 Mar

cat bus videos removed from YouTube (creator closed his account) - moment of silence 7 Mar

reading about the history of the .us domain 7 Mar

glasspopcorn heavy metal capcha found on luckyplop 7 Mar

surprise video ending we'd like to see: kentucky woman reciting biblical gibberish to ward off tornado gets sucked up into funnel 6 Mar

mtv crew, on cell in coffee shop: "i'm getting myself some coffee" 4 Mar

you let this man get wealthy saying "feminazis" since the mid-'90s but now you're up in arms over "slut"? 4 Mar

that's about as long-form as my tracks get @glasspopcorn (1.5 min. is more the norm) but thanks 4 Mar

bass twelve, 2009, remixed 2012 - - @glasspopcorn et al 3 Mar

if you live in LA and write for HuffPo you say Breitbart was "basically a good man" or "had his flaws" 1 Mar

ted bundy's frozen head to give TED talk 29 Feb

a man just said "excuse me" but his eyes said "die for coming out this doorway instead of letting me in first" 26 Feb

science fiction stripped of political meaning and written with an eye to what CGI can produce for the film good? #nyt 25 Feb

the firm of Yoo, Smeagol & Cheney: legal & PR know-how, security solutions, and The Precious 25 Feb

florida tourism subway poster with "dolphin is not smiling - it's just a muscle crease, fool" has been replaced (49th street N/R/Q) 24 Feb

newt gingrich criticizes president's apology for being a nation of newt gingriches 24 Feb

Kraftwerk's early CGI "Musique Non-Stop" video disappeared for years and then resurfaced with Bartos's and Flur's images removed 24 Feb

just got a ticket for the night Kraftwerk plays the "Ralf & Florian" LP 23 Feb

three people wrote this essay - strike-throughs indicate murdered co-author 23 Feb

then as now, popularity, visibility and "likes" beget spam, stalkers and trolls - this is not a good case for branding 23 Feb

googlebombing started as a weapon of the powerless and morphed into a conventional advertising strategy 23 Feb

in fairness, the quote was written before gaming search results was widely considered ethical 23 Feb

"trusting the viewer to ultimately sort out what's going on" is not the same as an artistic "economy of liking" 23 Feb

my quote about artists having to compete with sneezing pandas devolved into self-proclaimed generational spokespeople's case for "likes" 22 Feb

these discussions of "likes" don't take into account the time-honored tradition of artists telling people to fuck off 22 Feb

(i) No Disrespect is Intended for the First Three McCartney Solos and (ii) GIFs also turn computers into portable heaters 22 Feb

kraftwerk without florian is like... Wings 21 Feb

the ideal internet page is one that doesn't heat up your computer when you walk away from it for five minutes 20 Feb

"Facebook is the platform on which our generation negotiates its artistsí respective brands and the tenuous connections between them" #funny 20 Feb

broadcast and portishead sprang fully-formed from the jovian forehead of morricone's danger: diabolik score 19 Feb

dali's "idea" of recutting a Hollywood film wasn't expressed until Joseph Cornell did it; Cornell violated the maestro's mental copyright 19 Feb

salvador dali criticized (and intimidated) joseph cornell for realizing an idea (in Rose Hobart) that dali had but had never executed 16 Feb

"what are you doing?" to "what's happening?" to "compose new tweet" over 4 years - now we're composers 16 Feb

scrawled on SeaWorld-type subway poster: "dolphin is not smiling, it's just a muscle crease, fool" w/ dolphin thought bubble: "get me home!" 15 Feb

hey NY Times the LP is called Tour de France Soundtracks, not Tour de France - Tour de France was an EP from 1983 #kraftnerd 15 Feb

Ralf Hutter: Last Man Standing Tour, coming soon to MOMA 15 Feb

will The Mix be one of the "eight kraftwerk lps between 74 and 03" performed at MOMA - guess so - but why 15 Feb

to the man who just blasted his horn because the car ahead was too slow - you need some bottle kids in your life 15 Feb

mario bava's Rabid Dogs (1974) - two hours in a hot car with gibbering maniacs - "tight cinema" in every sense 15 Feb

posted about Lovecraft on Valentine's Day 14 Feb

"The temperament of our generation can be summed up by the hashmark" 14 Feb

@glasspopcorn "capitalism impedes our understanding of the post-physical world"- well said but perhaps not consistent w the urge to sell out 13 Feb

"dickens was somehow able to keep writing even though the vast majority of his reading public consisted of lurkers" (2.0-pedia) 13 Feb

@glasspopcorn commoditization and commodification aren't the same thing in case you ever decide to publish your thesis 12 Feb

Whitney Houston sings Soft Machine song "Memories" on Material's One Down LP (1982) 11 Feb

sound is muted on one YouTube segment of Spielberg's Duel because it has a song that you might "record" - ridiculous #networkawesome 11 Feb

satie's music for the film part of Rel‚che outshines his score for the ballet part (just realizing this) 9 Feb

business to business has got to go peer to peer (b2b g2g p2p) - i will pay for that joke with twitter spam 9 Feb

long weekend (1978) - disagreeable yuppies slowly murdered by landscape and creepy cinematic atmosphere 9 Feb

richard stark's ask the parrot: parker as shaman blows through small town, strengthening, weakening, or killing the locals 9 Feb

laughing at francis picabia's overenthusiastic jumping in slow motion in rene clair's Entr'acte (1924) 8 Feb

new app lets you hear me speaking such phrases as "deviantart" and "just surfed on in" DOWNLOAD NOW 8 Feb

NEW! IMPROVED! sidebar now on left! 8 Feb

poorly-enlarged atom logo is now even larger and poorer - thank you twitter! 7 Feb

defiant crab deleted after comment spam outbreak - one wonderz why u maaaaaaad 6 Feb

who needs horror movies when you have 45 pages on the commodification of internet art 2 Feb

"[author]'s clearly a cynical atheist and I'm not; that's a matter of opinion so I gave the book a 4-star rating as opposed to a lower one" 1 Feb

sf wall-crawlers: insurance ad (Dick - Simulacra); graffiti eaters (Gibson - All Tomorrow's Parties); homcom slug (Marusek - Counting Heads) 1 Feb

movement: designated by participants (via manifestos, etc); genre: designated by outsiders (critics, etc) 1 Feb

"guess who i saw today?" "who" "lisa" "that's hilarious" (louis CK on lame use of "hilarious") 1 Feb

did a double take at billboard of The Rock riding a giant honeybee 31 Jan

...on the weekends we would barbecue. And all the other princes and their princesses would come, and they would say, "Delicious, delicious." 29 Jan

watched "rocco and his brothers" on network awesome; also liquid sky but the "reels" were out of order 29 Jan

carrion items such as guts & old men crawling across the desert moaning "water water" are subject to inspection by the Port Authority police 29 Jan

"if you see any specious activity please report it to the Port Authority police" 29 Jan 

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