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Twitter posts -- reverse chronological order, December 18, 2014 - January 2, 2014

trying to learn managementspeak: "we're improving your service" means "we're making changes you didn't request" Dec 18

new bandcamp release, "home electro for fun and profit": (with complimentary cassette for digital purchasers) Dec 9

RT @petcortright spare me the inner workings of everything Dec 7

ansel, andy, and vincent in glorious 16:9 Dec 6

rescued ephemero-blogging re: square computer monitors: Dec 5

i am trying out USB media players @mirrrroring "as art" Nov 22

the previous tweet was written and first seen in gratuitous widescreen Nov 22

rhizome has an intriguing post on square-format screens, with good comments, check it out before it goes down the EPHEMERA-HOLE Nov 22

the Qu-Bit Nebulae's LEDs are second only to The Sun for things you don't stare at directly @WIZARDISHUNGRY Nov 22

SECRET FAVING lets tweeters know you care without the career risk of publicly endorsing their opinions Nov 18

throw those musty old cds in the garbage along with those outmoded LPs and cassettes and join the thumb drive revolution! Nov 17

my @efaprojectspace testimonial - was proud to be included in the telefone sem fio show in 2012  - thanks again Nov 17

governments stop using ankle monitoring for criminal home detainees because "everyone has a smartphone now" #satire Nov 13

weighed in on two topics of interest on AFC today and got trumped by facebook and masseuses Nov 11

influx of wealthy bubbas squatting on manhattan real estate is the only possible explanation for the dairy queen on 14th street Nov 9

hey @dream_froth3 i'm writing your artforum cover story but look, you need to stop working -- no disappearance, no legend, no cover Nov 8

hey @dream_froth3 this superamiga image received some favs - time to -ize it Nov 8

we note you are losing followers - continued participation in this system requires that you tell us what's happening - try to be creative Nov 8

you haven't tweeted in five days - the combine needs to know what's happening - this is your first message - 3 more, then AttitudeAdjust Nov 8

thanks to for a couple dozen funny riffs on the phrase "our bruce nauman" - i feel better now Nov 3

more on the halter/lonergan artforum debacle Nov 3

find the right genius in a scenius and this thing may still be marketable!

the great man theory of history hasn't died with new media, according to artforum and @edhalter -- good to know

i still like @gup's work despite that depressing artforum cover story -- people from "that era" are still working, y'know Nov 3

you may both be the one recognizing an artwork's importance & the person responsible for consigning it to infinite misreading -gilbert-rolfe Nov 2

pronounce Giphy with a hard G - feel good about yourself Oct 29

feedly recently ditched URL shorteners to respect "the power and openness of the Web" (twitter's  brand - take a hint) Oct 29
thanks to twitter's URL shortener, the link to on my profile is now 4 characters longer Oct 29

"queasy mentoring dynamics" - nice turn of phrase from salon headline writer, mostly wasted on TV show analysis Oct 28

art that lures us back into poignant empty loft spaces from the fascination machine we hold in our hands Oct 27

if post internet is "internet art for old people" (rozendaal) then the people who "coined" the term are... Oct 27

new bandcamp release, "quantum leap sideways": Oct 23

am with you on lonely planet RSS @WIZARDISHUNGRY and still obsessively clicking through to the buried blog strata Oct 21

on this net he had a blog eieio and on this blog he had a sidebar eieio and on this sidebar he had a link... @WIZARDISHUNGRY Oct 21

hey @artfcity congratulations on being a post-internet thought leader -- i had no idea Oct 15

mark tribe as another supposed post-internet thought leader -- this stretches credulity to the breaking point Oct 15

cory arcangel was never an "internet artist" -- always showed in galleries -- so how can he now be a "post-internet thought leader" Oct 15

a highly contested, some might say meaningless, yet strangely established term Oct 15

really wanted to call a song "sonic youth outreach" but didn't want the search engine confusion Oct 15

"17 Artists I Like, I Mean, Who Are Post-Internet," by Authora T. Figure Oct 14

"Post-Internet: 17 Artists Who Are Behind the Curve" -- whoops, scratch that one Oct 14

high culture at The Party Oct 11

solo jazz mea culpa Oct 7

"these remarkable, special weirdos who I found on the Internet" (lena dunham) Sep 30

"want to know how your Tweets are performing?" "no, not really" Sep 26

the dictator in syria said it was ok if we bombed some bad rebels in his country in order to help some good rebels who also want him dead Sep 23
nice of twitter to post a single frame not of my choosing for an animation on another website - oh yeah artists and social media baby Sep 19

my animation Small Universe Model (anti-aliased tumblr conversion remix) in The Limited Collection exhibit today Sep 19

would like to see ryder ripps arguing with kari altmann about the meaning of net art for the final round of the Prix Sep 18

short list consisted of artists who hadn't offended at least one of the selectors at some time or another Sep 18

@sailingfanblues OK experiment failed - will return to the permanence and no-word-limit of your blog comments for these broadsides Sep 17

@sailingfanblues you are only accepting 140 character texts for that page? Sep 17

@sailingfanblues @rhizome thanks for the link but isn't the point of soliciting a #Review to have reviews, as opposed to more links Sep 17

i offered @rhizome a #Review and all i got was a lousy t-shirt, i mean, link -- don't put too much work into this, prospective reviewers Sep 17

art-pizza connection belabored @rhizome #Review Sep 17

the maine hermit curates team gallery show called "images i never saw in 20 years" Sep 16

thanks for the kind words re: the music @furtherfield -- two aerobic horn blasts back at you Sep 15

i went to team gallery to see images of beyonce, kanye, hillary, and britney because i couldn't see them anywhere else Sep 15

when i buy video art i always insist on a 70-inch flat-screen because i can use it to watch movies Sep 15

team gallery has spent 10+ years teaching collectors that new media is a current form of video art Sep 15

ends with a whimper - RSS Feeds from the ignominiously disappeared #bloglines can be backed up by accessing Sep 10

new bandcamp release, "molecular exercises": (friday afternoon, just in time for the weekend) Sep 5

🎶 Towns seen from an airplane / Look like electronic stars / That are squashed on the ground to take root / And to live spread out thus 🎶 Aug 28

that maine hermit was fortunate not to have to see pictures of bill gates and jeff bezos every day Aug 26
a bit late, but: saying that "swag" originated in shakespeare was the perfect response to that article Aug 25

those twitter owners with nice houses in the bay area like to experiment with us monkeys by trying out new things and seeing if we screech Aug 25

 the previous tweet was my own shortened rendition of an Aug 20 techcrunch article "Twitter Pollutes the Timeline" Aug 25

strangers' crap entering our timelines soon (promoted tweets weren't enough, apparently) -- it's for the stockholders, hater! Aug 25

"unseemly" doesn't begin to describe dick cheney's armchair critiques of his successors' foreign policy Aug 21
giant crab fanned by human servants and other animated gif history Aug 16

with help from the feds the sheriff & barney built the Mayberry PD into a heavily armed racist swat team second only to Mt. Pilot's Aug 14  is up and running - ask me about my SSL certificate (or not) Aug 13

if i lived in rhode island I would not like having my state used as a size metric for toxic algae blooms Aug 13  works - i just have to get my redirects worked out for incoming links from the http site Aug 13

the catch 22 loop that took my site offline will make for an amusing blog post -- when i have a blog to post on Aug 13 is kaput for a few hours (i hope) as I, in my humble DIY fashion, attempt to comply with google's https everywhere directive Aug 13

pushing software to the limits of good taste Aug 9

just some surgical strikes to prevent genocide -- it's not war or anything Aug 9

you nailed troemel's duplicity in AiA @briandroitcour - shame you have to even mention him if/when 2nd tier joggers are more interesting Aug 8

journalists are starting to write "one tap" instead of "one click" [list of click pejoratives meaning "dated" or "stupid" to come] Aug 5
scroll down to 1995-1998 GIFs from word dot com  @artfcity (GIF-historical note) Aug 4
optiDisc, jello llama, kelly's world of cheerleading and other precedents Aug 4

new bandcamp release, "recombinant youth": Jul 30

meet the bundys: al, ted, and cliven Jul 22

no, you may not make a tumblr of my rss feed so one millennial can read my blog Jul 14

some commentary on bewersdorf poetry transcription Jul 5

the real heroes are the people who kept working while the seeker was off wandering in the wilderness Jul 2

more belated response to the non-event of removing your work from the web and coming back as a Taoist seeker Jul 2

naked capitalism stopped offering full-text RSS because google changed its search algorithm #why #pitiful Jul 2

as Mr T says, "i pity the fool that depends on google for their business model" Jul 2

new york times is "shutting down or merging almost half its blogs," per pando daily -- a change that will not be noticed Jul 2

an RSS reader keeps you abreast of people on the web who work best outside the limitations of social media Jul 2

thanks for the purchases and nice (back-channel) feedback on the LP - very encouraging Jul 2

new bandcamp release, "critical weekend work": Jul 1

if bewersdorf re-surfaced as a devout christian you'd never hear about it but his "eastern" religious art is considered profound Jul 1

also, as long as we're going, who else is uneasy about "spiritual new media" - will there be classes in that? Jul 1

rick silva deleted multiple websites and personas over the years; kevin bewersdorf does it once and gets a rhizome article Jul 1

online presence is addictive, yadda yadda, but taking your work offline is not a revolutionary act deserving of coverage, was my point Jul 1

"i fear climate change but global warming just sounds so... extreme," said the nervous journalist, as another piece of Antarctica fell off Jul 1

to the faithful, kevin bewersdorf's web disappearance wasn't apathy but some kind of tragic withdrawal that rises to the level of insight Jun 30

the cult of kevin bewersdorf demands that his inactivity and apathy be seen as genius Jun 30

literally anyone can "take all of his images music & texts offline and publish a new website featuring only an image of a flickering flame" Jun 30

youtube now wants age confirmation to view "elmo on fire" @negatendo Jun 28

give the government first crack at your data with google cloud storage [promoted] Jun 28

ugh, now you have to give twitter a reason for blocking -- how about "(e) because it's a free country" Jun 23

overheard: "we don't go on that floor of the natural history museum" Jun 22

"give me your H1-Bs, your real estate investors, your trust fund children yearning to run free" Jun 22  on a PC is like pre-design-bloat twitter (the "what's happening" phase) but has more ads at the timeline top Jun 21

"what are those spirals all over your notebook?" "doodles" "like the Google doodle?" "no, not at all" Jun 19

another sphere painter from around that time: Jun 19

right, thanks @bcoonley -- before bleckner's more polished treatment of the idea, i was doing these Jun 19

let's add (via @cosmicsands) that twitter's gif to mp4 encoder ignores the GIF's frame rate - imagine if this were movies Jun 18

"riker insane face" notwithstanding, am all for trying to improve GIFs, make file sizes smaller, etc, if anyone could actually do it Jun 18

coincidentally was experimenting yesterday with vine-to-mp4 conversions Jun 18

twitter resizes the GIFs it converts to mp4 for uniform display in twitter but if you save the mp4 it's the same size as the GIF Jun 18

i think we could safely say twitter's GIF-to-mp4 isn't there yet but you gotta love 'em for trying to make twitterized GIFs Jun 18

saved the mp4 from the previous tweet - it animates in Firefox but doesn't loop & displays as a single frame in stand-alone VLC Jun 18

i still hail cabs Jun 15

t. pynchon essay explaining that luddites weren't angry about technology per se, so much as the use of it for economic advantage Jun 12

once every site had "share this" buttons, browsers could be streamlined by removing the technically-challenging address bar Jun 11

"share this" buttons changed the web because pasting a URL was something only the most technically-inclined could do Jun 11

best use of wasteful header space: @mirrrroring Jun 11

how come deepak chopra gets a skinny header and mine takes up half the page Jun 11

playing chicken with an oncoming segway is not my ideal bike ride experience Jun 10

how not to respond to criticism @kimasendorf Jun 9

about that "iranian gif exhibition" - see comments -- Jun 7

comment-disabling isn't 1999, it's post-knucklehead Jun 7

the lilting strains of "happy" emanating from speakers all over the city make me reach for my flask of soma Jun 7

anyone who hates kids, dogs, and pharrell williams' "happy" can't be all bad Jun 7

RT cosmicsands after you're moved through, don't forget to "remember this choice for next time" (yellow box will appear near top) 2/2 Jun 6

RT cosmicsands yes, near bottom-right is a question mark "button" where you can "return to classic google maps" 1/2 Jun 6

is there any way to roll back that last round of google maps changes Jun 5

alteration, disruption, meltdown, imbalance, catastrophe -- nah, let's call it "change" Jun 4

posterity is so last year June 2

real men do kangaroo trials, then solitary May 31

thank you twitter for the gift of more public stats - we'll try to return the favor by being willing and dedicated capitalist tools May 28

we knew @dream_froth3 was a generous (yet discriminating) fav-er but twitter felt we needed an exact count to make his efforts real May 28

i deleted all my tweets with links to photos/videos but twitter has decided that i have 16 for stats purposes May 28

despite all the tabulation and bean-counting my tweet archive only goes back to mar 2012 now May 28

today was the day twitter made my new profile design un-voluntary - they felt I needed to tell you more about myself May 28
"I'm not gonna call it JIF. You invented the Graphics Interchange Format, you didn't invent the way letters are pronounced" (maddox) May 25

can thy olfactory senses detect what dwayne johnson is preparing? May 25

first propeller beanie sighting since the 1950s May 25

"celebrities" as a 20 Questions category? ugh, count me out -- I don't look at the internet  [full joke] May 25

requiem for a dream, a conservative, pretentious downer of a movie, somehow confers art-collector validity on its executive producer May 13

new bandcamp release, "household kit": May 10

as it turns out, there was no steampunk in Eyebeam's New Romantics show May 9

artist seeks technologist for hell-spawned partnership May 3
man on cell: "are you hungry? want me to get you like sausage egg and cheese or some shit?" May 3

those ordered rows OF 140-character wisdom YOU thought you were DISPENSING will now read like a RANSOM note Apr 24

knew it was only a matter of time before twitter started posting fav counts under each tweet - everything in America must be graded Apr 24

new twitter profile's prioritization of tweets by font size based on favs/retweets is ugly and presumptuous Apr 24

dear twitter: i do not choose to use the new profile / twitter: ha ha ha ha ha ha Apr 23

steadily deleting tweets with links to youtubes - i didn't sign on for some twitter exec's convergence fantasy Apr 22

if your profile had a precise count of tweets you've faved and photos/videos you've linked to it would be so much better Apr 22

here we go again, twitter pretends that the change to a new format is optional before making it permanent Apr 22

buzzfeed is like a slightly zanier version of the comcast xfinity homepage Apr 21

yuppies in tour de france duds are out yelling "on your left!" in the local parks again Apr 19

just another po-boy on the po-net Apr 14

carlos santana credits Metatron with getting him back on the radio -- hey they don't call him the recording angel for nothin' Apr 14

please quit retweeting those john maeda homilies Apr 14

I believe that Wells' book [Island of Dr Moreau] was not about the danger of playing God; it was a metaphor about God --amazon comment Apr 14

"surprises from being able to quickly and mindlessly populate an SD card with new wavs" OK sold @drumasaurusrex now i need to learn matlab Apr 14

thanks @drumasaurusrex - saving & naming wavs "by hand" makes me think about them more - was commenting mainly on the ADDAC player's quirks Apr 14

what do I think of webM? @box_eyes -- i think our divine rulers need to agree on a standard we can all use Apr 11

twitter exploded over the colbert announcement and i... i just wanted to be part of that Apr 10

colbert will always be a hero for that speech at the white house dinner where none of the insiders laughed Apr 10

if you like facebook don't type "fb" - you shouldn't be embarrassed to utter the name of the brand - also, flaunt your hoodie Apr 9

some clown just tried to sell me followers - am not that kind of new media artist Apr 8

or, bauhaus at eyebeam performing "bela lugosi's laptop is dead" Apr 7

new romantic + new media = steampunk? looking forward to this show of dandies with coal-powered difference engines Apr 7

new romantics, get back in your crypts Apr 5

an interest in art isn't the only thing george bush has in common with a certain mustachioed world leader of the 1930s Apr 5

people punching bad l33t speak onto smeary glass panels probably don't think about pages much, but the worker bees still use Word Apr 3

right, "the page" is a dated metaphor because we're all donning our VR helmets to talk face to face with our clients' avatars Apr 3

"Funny how we still say 'web page'. As a metaphor, the page now feels simplistic and outgrown" - dumb quote i'm gonna save to a web page Apr 3

"why we fight about colbert" and "our greatest interviewer, errol morris" are headlines that abuse the first person plural Apr 3

organizing my Home Cloud Apr 2

reading skill makes the Topness of comments not have to be self-evident and maybe that is a form of divine intervention @20bux Mar 31

ha ha re: the "comment royalty" @20bux -- I'd settle for "oldest" and "newest" and no determination of "best" at all Mar 31

new bandcamp release, "disc formation": Mar 31

hollywood movies are so horrible you'd think they'd *want* people to share them Mar 31

dropbox saves server space by scanning your supposedly private cloud files and "de-duplicating" them by comparing them to others' uploads Mar 31

when a journalist calls something a kerfuffle you know it's pretty damn serious Mar 31

when in fact, the "best" or "top" comments could be the ones no one "likes" because they're "ahead of their time" Mar 31

the livefyre comment company refers to its most liked (shouldn't that be lyked) comments as "top comments" rather than "best" Mar 30

in its options for comment display (oldest, newest, best) disqus defaults to best, which means "most upvotes" in developerspeak Mar 30

♩̅͟♪̅͟♬̅͟♪̅͟♪̅͟♬̅͟♬̅͟♩̅͟♩̅͟♪̅͟♪̅͟♪̅͟♩̅͟♪̅͟ ♪̅͟♩̅͟♪̅͟♬̅͟♪̅͟ (copied and pasted from jimpunk's twitter) Mar 29

waiting for stories about people wearing large clunky VR headsets walking into open manholes Mar 29

it's work deleting your downloads from the various amazon clouds Mar 29

a larger than life ad for toilet bowl deodorizer just plopped into my timeline #thanks_twitter Mar 29

🎶 Down in the park with a friend called "Five" 🎶 Mar 27

five GIFs rescued from the jaws of a neoliberal competitive model: Mar 27

"did you see our online gallery?" "yes, i saw the landing page -- the thumbnails looked great" Mar 26

"did you see the show?" "yeah, i saw the jpeg, it was great" Mar 26

until '02 or so artforum used small B&W thumbnails in the review section because it didn't want readers thinking the pic was the art #purist Mar 26

if was started today would it have used pics so everyone knew what was being discussed? Mar 26

wondering if the poets who initially embraced twitter have managed to create 2008-like communities without pics, media, notifications, etc Mar 26

celebrities who married normal people -- child stars who grew up to be ugly -- best gluten-free crackers Mar 26

am proud to introduce a line of khaki and buttondown internet surfwear Mar 25

finally got around to clicking the # Discover link and it's 50% pictures Mar 25

enjoying the command line beats #rhiz1996 Mar 19

am on twitter to link to this comment about facebook to michael connor on rhizome Mar 19

finding a credible way to work with modular in the terrible aftermath of the corgan synth unveiling Mar 18

dropping a red-hot ball of molten nickel on a stack of CDs is age-restricted based on YouTube's Community Guidelines (no one over 14) Mar 17

i will have wearable computing that scrambles screenshots and soundbites @cosmicsands Mar 15

march 19 noon EST - reading my @rhizome comments aloud to raise $9000 in one hour. part poetry, part filibuster, details upcoming Mar 15

nicholas o'brien, i don't like your tone - OK, we covered VC art funding, next topic Mar 13

"by their upvotes shall ye know them" Mar 12

i wasn't replying to your tweet, i was notifying you Mar 12

all citizens of The Federation had health care Mar 11

When, exactly, did "Replies" become "Notifications"? (Parallel universe test to determine if someone "moved the island.") Mar 11

the word "Notifications" recently appeared on the top menu - what were they calling it before - "Activity?" Mar 11

please incubate "Airbnb for Non-Sites": Mar 11

bottom level domains - oops, our startup failed - punk-like business model - our incredible reptilian journey to profitability Mar 6

grow a business, grow a tumor - i can't live on micropayments - hey, you, get off of my cloud - incomprehensible art proposals, inc. Mar 6

the humanities against incubators - failure is an option - escape from turing land (i paid 2 branding agencies to come up with slogans) Mar 6

so far this thread hasn't "devolved" as @juliaxgulia feared: - (i just added a slightly more measured comment) Mar 5

"If you were on Twitter at the time, you could almost hear the collective gasp." Mar 4

"New Inc seems to be geared toward people in Turing Land more than Duchamp Land" #dichotomy_from_hell Mar 4

RT o'brien went out on a limb here -- - you know he's right - speak up, there's no character limit Mar 4

RT ‏@__nkO @zoesalditch @juliaxgulia @oritgat my plea is for a public conversation about these issues, not to move them into closed door environments Mar 4

i blogged that william gibson "otaku" quote a week after he wrote it: #protoaggregator_whatever #ancient_wisdom Mar 3

"twitter erupts with mockery" Mar 3

am enjoying the pandodaily vs first look foodfighting over whether a gazillionaire can really fund hard-hitting journalism Mar 2

cahiers du cinema the tomato-meter clearly isn't, with de Palma's Passion at 35%, a Thor sequel at 65% and the Lego movie at 95% Mar 2

animals with wheels - 10,000 clicks; animals with wheels with interspecies friends - 100,000 clicks Mar 1

people forgave geordi la forge for wearable computing because he was sight-impaired and not plugged into Advertising Central Mar 1

have yet to see my first "glasshole" in the wild - kind of excited about having a pejorative term already in place Mar 1

my modular synth is smaller than billy corgan's Feb 28

email gif collaborations (thanks @stageyb) Feb 28

the original groundhog day script ends with the andie macdowell character revealing she's in her own time loop -- much better Feb 25

groundhog day bugs me because she sleeps with him in a single one of her days because he's superhuman Feb 25

"pound and wyndham lewis were interested in the Vortex" "like the Polar Vortex?" "kind of, yeah" Feb 25

i swear that charcoal grey around my name is getting darker Feb 25

the near-Turing-complete user decides which photos are important enough to justify mass dissemination Feb 22

thanks @glassVEVO - next up, samples from field recordings based on walks to the deli and back Feb 22

Salon's journalistic strategy is endless Pavlovian shocks of right wing politician photos with headlines about their horrible doings Feb 18

please help me right a search engine wrong by linking to Feb 18

two new Bandcamp releases: Squeaky Arpeggio ( and 40 Yards from the Machine ( Feb 17

twitter announces improved software linking rhetorical questions with kneejerk responses Feb 16

winter storms to be named after characters from '80s films Feb 13

if firefox forces me to look at ads while browsing guess i'll have to take the plunge and... go back to IE Feb 13

i prefer a blank page when opening firefox tabs (rather than a graphic rendering of my history) - curious if i can still do that post-ads Feb 13

rentiers are destroying the middle class and -- whoa, look over there, SINKHOLE -- aren't you glad that's not you Feb 12

jazz, per se, ended with spyro gyra and everything since has been revivals of blue note this and that Feb 8

the dadjazz of the 70s was stan getz, now i guess it would be kenny g Feb 8

back in the day metheny alternated between sweet proto-Windham Hill and Ornette Coleman harmolodics so no, not dadjazz, whatever that is Feb 8

twitter's user growth is "sputtering," according to Reuters, meaning it's well shy of Facebook levels of user-count exaggeration Feb 6

"the memes justify the ends" - inverted cheezburger joke as philosophy Jan 23

my NastyNets links that were redirecting to rhizome's archive now go to @GIFmodel - my curse for obsessive coverage Jan 22

DirecTV will restore The Weather Channel if TWC will stop naming winter storms Jan 22

instead of postinternet or that other crap i'll be using postNastyNets from now on Jan 18

gene mchugh's post internet blog is down - i emailed to find out if that's significant or just life in the wild west of post malware Jan 18

a tune by chietronix "stretch glitch" disappeared with the Reaktions website - an EP is available by that name but not with that song Jan 18

was following stephen m walt's blog until Foreign Policy abruptly dropped RSS in favor of the big-evil-company model of sharing Jan 18

stuck with bloglines because of the clear unsexy interface but they just copied Feedly's including the "hipster green" Feedly since dropped Jan 18

thanks to @glassVEVO and @mirrrroring for the plugs of my bandcamp LP #postpotlatch #zombie_capitalism #16bit Jan 15

theo van gogh did what he could to grow vincent's followers [sad face] Jan 15

if twitter ever does a redesign it would be good to make the stat numbers larger and increase everyone's anxiety about their "counts" Jan 14

journalism now consists of a TV event followed by harvesting of celebrity reactions on twitter Jan 13

from each according to his abilities, up to a 30% tax rate, to each according to his needs, up to 2000 calories a day Jan 6

"from each according to her abilities, to each according to his needs" --Vladimir Limbaugh, 2013 Jan 6

winter storm Diogenes arrives, searches for honest person Jan 3

mark zuckerberg used @WendyPaint to send me a personal greeting Jan 2

please help me make a success of the slightly larger than micropayment model Jan 2

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