Mutations: Email GIF Collaboration

Simon Baker, aka Stage, put up a series of GIF collaborations he did with various people via back-and-forth email exchanges. Participants in the Mutations project are listed below.

Our collaboration started with this GIF of Stage's:


And nine emails later ended with this GIF of "mine":


The word "mine" is in quotes because by the final step we had both added ideas, edited, cropped, enlarged, etc, so that it's properly "ours," even though I had the final cut.

Links to individual collaborations: Agathe André, Aaron Chan, jimpunk, Sara Ludy, Michael Manning, Tom Moody, Sabrina Ratté, Ryder Ripps, Chris Shier, Rick Silva, and Yoshi Sodeoka.

From my email to Stage, after he had everything up (and note the use of the "gallery" top level domain -- what, no "art"?)

The [website] design is intuitive and simple, even though the work is cumulatively neo-baroque psychedelic.
I like the banners compressing all the collaboration steps into a single strip.
Will be curious to see the reactions. There are interesting facets to the "politics of collaboration" and many single images that stand out from the flow.

Will be posting some of the other collaboration GIFs from the project soon.