David Jackman, Untitled B

Am busy working on my next musical release. Some experiments with Doepfer's cv-to-midi module, and getting back into the Machinedrum (because it's there).

Was randomly checking out "noise" releases from Mr.Schwarz's YT page.
Found "Untitled B" from a 1983 cassette by David Jackman. [YT audio]
Based on the runtime it appears to be from this tape release listed on Discogs.
Echoing squeaks (possibly violin) overlap and fade, swaddled in tape hiss. The artifacts of artfully degraded analog sound feel particular to the era and medium.
An accompanying photo on YT shows Jackman outdoors "playing" a mixing desk. No idea whether it relates to "Untitled B" or if it's just a publicity photo from that time period.

What led me to Mr.Schwarz (no space) was his YT of Oeo by Sukora, a vinyl record (which I have) on the LoVid-related Ignivomous label. Amazingly this was reviewed by Discogs user Intransitive:

One side is an arrhythmic tapping on what seems to be a contact mic with no effects on it. the other side seems to be the sound of a record's run-out groove. It's simple, and yet... this is an enjoyable record! I especially like the first side, which instead of being precious, manages to create a certain calming atmosphere. There's no concept or pretense, either. It is what you think it is. Nice.

ventilator facts

From Jeffrey St Clair at Counterpunch:

+ Trump: “Nobody in their wildest dreams would have ever thought that we’d need tens of thousands of ventilators.”

2015 CDC study: A severe flu pandemic could require 60,000 additional ventilators

+ COVID-19 patients average time on ventilator: 11 – 21 days (vs. 3 – 4 days for non-COVID-19 patients).

+ The government’s secret ventilator stockpile contains just 16,600 ventilators, according to an investigation by the Center for Public Integrity, not even close to the number needed to help people affected by a severe pandemic…

+ How much Jeff Bezos makes, measured in ventilator costs:

1 minute: 6 ventilators
1 hour: 258 ventilators
1 day: 8,602 ventilators
1 week: 60,385 ventilators
1 month: 261,667 ventilators
1 year: 3,140,000 ventilators

Hospitals in the U.S. have only 170,000 ventilators. (Source: Public Citizen.)

about that mindset (2)

Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders did nothing to stop the coronavirus bailout bill, which gives top financiers zillions in no-strings money. Pundits say it's almost a certainty these fat cats will use the funds to buy companies distressed by the pandemic, thus increasing their monopoly control over the system. Way to go, progressives!

The bill still has to be voted on by the House but was approved 96-0 in the Senate.

about that mindset

Several commenters have noted the irony that the same people who were screeching about Obama death panels are now saying "let granny die to save the economy."
(No one told them that crowded emergency rooms means people of all ages get killed.)

The sanctity of human life is malleable depending who's in office.