earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit (new Bandcamp release)

This release appears on St Celfer and Tom Moody, a collaborative project page for St Celfer (stcelfer.bandcamp.com) and yrs truly.
Liner notes for the release:

earcon was an earlier alias of St Celfer (aka John Parker). For this sampler I chose tracks from earcon's catalog and edited them into the above mix. The songs are discrete, not faded together, offering what I hope is a cohesive "take" on earcon's music.

The earcon project is discussed a bit in our interview at www.tommoody.us/archives/2020/12/04/on-breaking-the-square-a-conversation-between-john-parker-and-tom-moody/.
Parker made the songs over a several year period with the Elektron Monomachine instrument, then saved the individual "stubs" (tracks within the song) as .wav files and further edited them in a home computer.

For this selection I've narrowed the range of the work to short-ish songs with straightforward beats and melodies to try to give the flavor of what can be done with a sophisticated beatbox.
At the same time this is very much a collaborative project, where I have imposed my taste and preferences on John''s music, shortening and occasionally layering tracks, DJ-remix-style.

The releases I culled for this mix (over 50 songs in all) came from four earcon CDs: Party Lion, Funkiller, Funkiller 2, and Funkiller 3-4.
One additional track came from this earcon EP on Bandcamp:
stcelfer.bandcamp.com/album/earcon-with-tom-moody-vs-st-celfer. John's own compilation of earcon material can be found at stcelfer.bandcamp.com/album/best-blips-the-funkiller-years
Only three songs overlap in our two retrospectives!

Music for Piano (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 37th Bandcamp release, Music for Piano.

Three main methods of making piano music were employed:
• actual keyboard playing, recorded as midi and edited
• entering notes in midi piano roll
• creating chord, melody and arpeggio patterns with Tracktion Waveform 11' s "pattern generator," then manually editing them.

The first six songs were created in 2020, the remainder in 2009-2016.

Released December 22, 2020

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new music releases (updated)

Some recent Bandcamp releases are below. This is sort of a pre-announcement; eventually they'll get a proper sendoff with embedded links and liner notes.

(My music productivity is a bit ahead of blogging at the moment.)

Tom Moody - Music for Piano

Three releases from the St Celfer and Tom Moody collaborative page:

earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 1

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 2

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 3

The "First Wavs" series presents tracks from 2004-2010 that were originally posted here. These have been culled down to "keepers" and in some cases drastically shortened, but not otherwise remixed. For example, Mutator OD Bass, from Vol. 3, which a fellow blogger once used as his ringtone.

Happy New Year to all.

St Celfer and Tom Moody, "eleven tracks" (collaborative LP) released on Bandcamp

In connection with our interview posted earlier this week, and our video/performance in Austin yesterday, St Celfer (aka John Parker) and I are pleased to announce the release of our new LP, "eleven tracks":

eleven tracks by St Celfer and Tom Moody

[Note: embedded players -- which I basically hate -- are replaced with links when they move off the blog front page]

The release is available for purchase as a CD, or as a download. Liner notes:

St Celfer and Tom Moody have been collaborating off and on since 2004. In this release "eleven tracks," each artist chooses several recent songs by the other and discusses them.

[You can] click or tap the individual songs to read commentary about them.

"On Breaking the Square," a 10-page dialogue between the two musicians about their work, philosophies, and "how they got where they got" in the past 16 years accompanies the digital version of this release as a bonus item (PDF).

Cover: Tom Moody, made with "Epson Print CD" and incorporating a detail from a video realization of his track "Melding Principle (Three Nebulaes)," employing John Romero's encoding/decoding program Pitahaya. See http://www.tommoody.us/archives/2020/11/18/melding-principle-three-nebulaes-bonus-pitahaya-release/

"March of the Covids" screening at ICOSA Gallery, Austin, TX, today

Reminder: The video described below will be shown today from 3-6 pm Central at ICOSA Gallery in Austin, TX (with YouTube "simulcast" at https://youtu.be/e_zaeQ-SpzQ).

Our music release, eleven tracks, which comprises the audio portion of the screening, will be published on Bandcamp tomorrow (Sunday, December 13). Update: Bandcamp version


Screenshot from the gallery's Instagram promotion (click or tap for more legible, full-size text):


Text of announcement (with bios):


St Celfer Performance at ICOSA Collective, December 12, 2020

Austin, TX

St Celfer’s musical work “March of the Covids” will be performed at the ICOSA space in an unusual way -- as an abstract, encoded YouTube video. The song made its original appearance at the Casagaleria art space in São Paulo, Brazil as a 16 channel audio composition “distributed” in the gallery through directional speakers. At ICOSA the work will be presented virtually in the form of video projections, in a new, collaborative incarnation. “Covids” will be “played” as one of a suite of recent compositions by St Celfer, who is currently based in Seattle, and his long-time collaborator Tom Moody, a New York artist and musician.

Eleven tracks by the two artists have been converted to video using Pitahaya, a software program created by John Romero. Pitahaya turns the audio (which can still be heard) into a stream of random pixels resembling TV snow and QR codes. Uploaded to YouTube, the 35-minute video will be played by the gallery and may be watched like a Stan Brakhage-like abstraction, with fluctuating, chaotic correspondences between picture and sound. The video has embedded content but there is nothing subliminal or mystical about it: instead, Pitahaya has been used to convert a CD-quality version of the eleven songs, which can be downloaded and decoded as explained at http://jollo.org/LNT/doc/pitahaya/.

The audiovisual performance runs from 3-6 PM Central on December 12, 2020.

Biographical information

St Celfer has drawings (http://stcelfer.blogspot.com/) that have been recently acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo and in November 2020, released “Suites #1-9” (https://stcelfer.bandcamp.com/album/suites-1-9). He has exhibited and performed primarily in New York as John Parker (http://www.eyekhan.com/index1.html) among other aliases.

Tom Moody is a New York-based artist (https://tommoody.us) and musician (https://tommoody.bandcamp.com/). Most recently his work was seen in the exhibition "PAUSE (prelude)" at Künstlerverbund im Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany.

John Romero is an artist and programmer who was a member of the Computers Club collective (under the name Rene Abythe) and was profiled on Rhizome.org at https://rhizome.org/editorial/2011/dec/08/artist-profile-rene-abythe/. His website is at http://jollo.org/LNT/home/fanfare/.