Hardware Sequencer (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 33rd Bandcamp release, Hardware Sequencer.

[Note: embedded players -- which I basically hate -- are replaced with links when they move off the blog front page]

Liner notes for the LP:

What I might call minimal you might call short. I can't extend these tunes any longer and am not sure I want to -- they're fairly relentless for as long as they last.

Many employ the Intellijel ┬ÁScale II module, which converts sloppy voltage settings from a Doepfer sequencer (not depicted in the photo) into cognizable scales and harmonies.

Most of the synth sounds are in the "simple waveform" category, which connotes vintage computer games, bandwidth-hogging, and noise (like rock guitar but nerdier).

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"qMI Three Channel Composition (2019 mix)"

"qMI Three Channel Composition" [3.9 MB .mp3]

Revised version of a track from October 2012.

Notes from 2012: "Vermona's Quad MIDI Interface allows you to write polyphonic tunes [on a modular rack] with monosynths and/or mix four-part harmony in the [rack]'s mixer without later overtracking."

Notes from 2019: Added drums, and a new section at the end where the MIDI from the original tune was used to play softsynths on the PC.

"Thx for the Add (2019 mix)"

"Thx for the Add" [3.8 MB .mp3]

Revised version of a track from November 2011.

2011 notes: "This starts all 8-bit* then a secondary theme comes in [consisting of] MIDI controller-controlled CVs altering a [modular] synth's** filter cutoff (pitchbend) and pulse width (mod wheel). At about 1:30*** the 8-bit part drops out and the secondary theme continues over various Reaktor Nanowave patches playing the main theme. It ends with piano..."

2019 notes: Edited to remove needless repetitions of themes. Piano part revised and re-recorded.

*Not sure what module -- possibly the Doepfer A-112 sampler.

**Not sure what module -- something with pulse wave, obviously.

***1:00 in the revised version.

"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)"

"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)" [Bandcamp]

This track was first posted in 2012 and then remixed in 2015 for the Meta Dance Classic LP on Bandcamp. Lately I started thinking the omnipresent kick drum was too boomy so I shortened its decay time. Then I started adding notes and chords to the song while chopping out sections to shorten the overall length. Rather than re-upload this version I'm posting it here (for now). (Update: I decided to re-upload the new version on Bandcamp.)