"After Candy"

This was the first track I made for my current Bandcamp release, Chamber Bits. It's the ninth track on the release. In the opening segment, I am using a mouse to move a cursor around an X/Y grid, kind of like a joystick, which changes the timbre of the notes in real time. At the halfway point an "electro" beat comes in and the track kicks into higher gear. The beat is from an early-'00s softsynth that connotes "cool" and would be completely unacceptable in any classical or sound art repertoire (see my thoughts on interrogative use of the recently outmoded).

"Piano & Woodwind Improv"

I got busy and have been neglecting to promote my last Bandcamp release, from back in May. Here is the final track on the LP:


[Note: embedded players -- which I basically hate -- are replaced with links when they move off the blog front page]

That's me playing piano, with some segments translated to woodwind (recorder) via the magic of MIDI.
Playing skill, for me, is less interesting than the ear and editing. Tunesmithing is a matter of hearing melodies in clusters of played notes and then wrestling them into rhythmic and tonal coherence on the page (jiggering around the notation). Then it's a matter of arranging the revised clusters into a song-narrative.
The keyboard is a Native Instruments' Komplete Kontrol S49, and the piano is mainly "Berlin Concert Grand."