Mutable Edges LP released on Bandcamp

LP liner notes:

"Edges," a Eurorack module for chiptune-like sounds, was one of Mutable Instruments' least popular modules and was discontinued fairly shortly after production. The device has four voices that are easy and fun to configure: three pulse waves and a fourth voice that produces either a pure sine tone or digital noise.
In this LP, titled Mutable Edges, I played around with all the voices and how they can be stacked as chords, in unison, or with modulation.
The ten tracks were made from Aug - Nov 2018, and are in chronological order.
The first track consists of 4 voices, played with MIDI-to-cv, using notes I wrote in Ableton MIDI tracks. Later songs add other instruments, effects, and methods of working. The "instrument" in the photo is two Edges units triggered by CV and gate signals from Expert Sleepers' ESX-8CV and ESX-8GT modules (also playing MIDI notes from Ableton).
My objective here isn't videogame nostalgia so much as simple enjoyment of the pulsewidth timbres.

released November 26, 2018

"Frienemies (2018)"

frienemies editing detail

"Frienemies (2018)" [5.1 MB .mp3]

Am about 28 songs behind in posting to my Bandcamp page. This one is a redo of an effort from December 2007. At that time I didn't care much about song structure, or, alternatively, was mesmerized by certain textures and just let them repeat for three minutes. Now some of those efforts test my patience -- enough, enough, break it up already. This remake has a few more motifs piling up in a shorter run time. The triplet chords at the beginning were originally notes from a MIDI version of an, ahem, Enya song that Guthrie Lonergan posted.

8 voice 8 bit instrument


8 midi channels in Ableton are converted to 8 pitch/gate voltage signals using Expert Sleepers midi-to-SPDIF-to-cv modules; the pitches and gates are patched to 8 gate and 1v-per-octave inputs in two Mutable Instruments Edges modules. Many thanks to Andrew Ostler of Expert Sleepers for providing an Ableton template that made this work.

Enough Units -- LP screenshot


Screenshot of release page for my 27th Bandcamp release, Enough Units.

Short songs with a few ambient-style pieces interspersed. Continuing the quest for concise combinations of electronic sounds, noise, canned beats intended for electronica producer-wannabes, and "loopable" phrases from old vinyl records. "Tunes" are used in this process of integration and commentary; musical development within a song, in the conservatory sense, occurs but as a means to an end: a theme, a chorus, a bridge, an abrupt segue to a new tune are useful in focusing attention on the timbral and mnemonic connections, in a way (I find) that mere drones, collages, washes of sound, and other ambient music vocabulary elements, are not. The song-smithing is as "discursive" as it needs to be. (As a friend noted, there is also intentional humor.)