"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)"

"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)" [Bandcamp]

This track was first posted in 2012 and then remixed in 2015 for the Meta Dance Classic LP on Bandcamp. Lately I started thinking the omnipresent kick drum was too boomy so I shortened its decay time. Then I started adding notes and chords to the song while chopping out sections to shorten the overall length. Rather than re-upload this version I'm posting it here (for now). (Update: I decided to re-upload the new version on Bandcamp.)

Hypercylinder (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 32nd Bandcamp release, Hypercylinder.

Liner notes for the LP:

Compositions for piano, synth, and percussion.
The synths and softsynths include Moog Subsequent 37 CV, Vermona Perfourmer, EMW Wave Composition Oscillator, U-He Diva, Plogue Chipsounds, Tracktion RetroMod Fat, and Elektron's Machinedrum and Octratrack sequencers.
Also employed was Tracktion's MIDI "Pattern Generator" for Waveform 9, which provided rough drafts of the many rhythmic chord patterns in these tracks.
"Rutabaka" is found audio from "the crates," heavily rearranged.
All songs produced April-October 2019.

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"Stock Phonography"

"Stock Phonography" [4 MB .mp3]

This song was an experiment in converting a lengthy atonal work -- Karlheinz Stockhausen's Mixtur (1965-7) -- into a short tonal work. File under "bratty."
I took snippets from a vinyl version of the Stockhausen, looped them, layered them, reversed them, etc. There is a certain ready-made consistency in the raw materials here, because KS had already electronically processed the piece's orchestral sounds -- he used a sine wave generator and ring modulator to slightly distort the live performances.
Am happy with the remixtur of the mixtur but it doesn't really fit in with my recent LP releases so I'm posting it on my blahg.

Tiny Gargantuas (video)

Vimeo, 2 min 7 sec



You call these music videos "non-videos"?
Don't you think people deserve to watch something dynamic while listening to a tune?
Many YouTubes just "sit there."
Don't you want people to be excited watching you dramatically turn knobs, like Skrillex?
Are you really hitting the "play" key here, or is that faked?
That is done live.

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One Solid Production (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 31st Bandcamp release, One Solid Production [embedded player removed].

Liner notes for the LP:

"This is one solid production"
"I just one need one solid production"
Many of the tracks are single-take recordings of Machinedrum & Octatrack playing songs programmed in their "arrangers." No improv, no knob turning, just composition and changing parameters.
A Eurorack mixer (made with I/O, mixer and compressor modules) binds the tracks together and hopefully adds some analog oomph.
Other Eurorack sounds, softsynth riffs, and samples from vinyl also find their way in here.

If you'd like to support this blog (now in its 18th, ad-free year) buying the occasional Bandcamp song or LP is a great way to do that.