the technobabble happens here (part 2)

We've made fun of the hyper-punctuated technospeak of this tweet by Lozana_Rossenova:


In terms of verbal communication, someone who grew up learning English in the classical sense might have no idea what any of the above meant. Also, what is a "PhD w/ Rhizome?" Is now "accredited" is that just some fun thing? Must have missed this somewhere.

The tweet also comes up mysteriously short in the visual department. Those familiar with MTAA's decades-old "The Art Happens Here" cartoon know that the image was a blinking animated GIF (the lightning bolt trembled). You can't upload those to Twitter -- Twitter converts them to video -- but Rossenova didn't take that step; it was simply rendered as a flat .png. So much for net-art-as-inspiration (&more!). Worse, what is that swirly stuff surrounding MTAA's rectangle? Apparently it was one of a series of ambient backgrounds uploaded to Rhizome's server by an ad agency that did Rhizome's last design. It's basically decorative fluff and has no business being attached to "art" -- imagine a show of 1960s conceptualism at the Metropolitan Museum with Rainbow Brite patterns instead of white walls. So much for "designing archival interactions" and "interface transparency" (again, whatever those might be).

the technobabble happens here

Hard to believe people are still referring to that dumb "simple net art diagram" but it gets a lot of play over at Rhizome -- gives meaning to their existence, even. Yesterday it appeared attached to a technocratic-sounding tweet from Lozana Rossenova, prompting a smart crack from yours truly. Rossenova disliked the joke and promptly hid it from public view. Here's a screenshot:


The old, fun internet (of which even this diagram is a part) has been taken over by the Cult of the Professional Class, which speaks a new, terrible form of English.

abuse this

You may have seen Apple's big news.
To paraphrase: they will be combing through all your photos on your phone or pad, as well as your "cloud" archives, looking for evidence of "child abuse." It there is a match, you are in trouble. Of course, AIs never make mistakes, so don't worry about those images you have of your kids at the beach.
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I've considered asking my extended family (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins), and many personal friends, all of whom own Apple products, what they thought about this.
But I already know the answer: "Yeah but the phone is sooo convenient, and it's really part of our lives now."



This blurb interrupts the W**ther Ch*nnel's hourly weather forecast page every time it loads. No one says the forecast has to be free but this is more annoying than ads (which are already blocked via plugin). Get better weather -- use the National Weather Service.