sketch_p8a (installation)


Instead of a virtual painting this is a different kind of ersatz painting. I printed out sketch_p8a at 12 x 12 inches, on sturdy (100% rag) paper, and glued the paper onto a 12" x 12" Fredrix canvas stretcher (no canvas, just paper on wood), then photographed it on a wall (actually the floor but whatever).
In the "virtual" version I digitally cut-and-pasted the .tif file of sketch_p8a onto a photo of an existing canvas.
I guess this is sort of about making paintings without paint or canvas. Clearly the medium -- although dead -- still has its attractions.

my show at Honey Ramka extended to Jan. 28

Many thanks to artefuse for this Instagram photo of my show at Honey Ramka gallery. The run of the show has been extended to January 28, 2018.
Am not on Instagram due to a limited supply of dopamine but I appreciate the pics of the show posted at #tommoody (which can be captured and "returned to the commons," at least until Zuck can figure out how to disable screengrabs in people's devices).

Here is a capture of the original post:


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