computers club drawing society drawings printed out



My studio "long wall" is occupied so I broke these internet-originating drawings into two groups.
There is a lot of talk about making screen based art "gallery friendly."
The best reason to print them out is not to "create scarcity" (the fave bugaboo reason of the "art and technology" websites) but to actually facilitate viewing them all in one place at a certain scale, which your phone or desktop is not going to allow you to do. These are done on nice paper so they "pop" if you are going to the trouble to print them. But if you believe it's for conspiratorial reasons adduced by university Marxists go ahead. Part of making them sellable is not being too goofy and making collectors nervous and I can't claim to have any wisdom on that score.
Many thanks to Computers Club Drawing Society for making this work possible.

surge molecule 2


Surge Molecule 2, 2013, photocopies, linen tape
13 1/8 X 10 1/2 inches


Installation view with Surge Molecule, 2012

At the rate I'm making these I'll be ready for a show of them in 10 years. But seriously, these are probably better for being a "back burner" project while I work on other things. I made #2 without having looked at #1 for several months and was surprised by the different set of rules I made for myself the second time (and also that it was more elaborate).