around the web: "rethink this" edition

Econospeak: The New York Times is wrong in using "enslaver" to mean the same thing as "slave owner." (Using language to nudge politics is obnoxious enough without misconstruing the meaning of words.)

• I received an email from AICA, the art critics' organization, about the "Guston controversy." My first thought was that painter Philip Guston had been #me_too'd because (I recall) his daughter said he was a skirt-chaser, in her book about him. But no, some museum directors postponed a retrospective because they thought his goofy paintings of Klansmen smoking cigarettes and riding around in little cars might trigger some folks. What a world. (See, e.g. ArtNews)

• Here's what Simon Reynolds supports with all that election cheering: According to the Grayzone, Biden appointee Richard Stengel "has proposed 'rethinking' the First Amendment that guarantees the freedom of speech and press. In 2018, he stated, 'Having once been almost a First Amendment absolutist, I have really moved my position on it, because I just think for practical reasons in society, we have to kind of rethink some of those things.'" It's gonna be a fun four years.

study in contrasts

Rock critic Simon Reynolds (a British writer who seems to have "gone Hollywood" since moving to the LA) is ecstatic at the thought of a Biden presidency:

Tried to put down some thoughts on the events of the past week, but I don't really have thoughts, just feelings. Relief, joy, hope, elevation... a sensation of lightness, the lifting off and away of an immense heavy shadow. All the things everyone else is feeling. Well, except for the people who are feeling the opposite - and who are still with us, still alarmingly numerous, still implacably lost. But let's not dwell on that right now... let's stay in the glow as long as we can.

The post where this appears is titled "Landslidin' with Biden" -- wait, what landslide?

Meanwhile, Russiagate skeptic Raúl Ilargi Meijer reminds us that Biden is The Swamp and will bring all the oozy creatures back with him (to the extent they ever left). Go back to sleep, nothing to see here, etc.

about that election

Bernard, Moon of Alabama:

That the Democrats lose House seats, do not win the Senate and barely manage to drag their demented presidential candidate towards a stalemate tells a lot about their lack of sane policies. A donor party completely disinterested in what the people really want -- medicare for all, no fracking etc. -- will have little chance to survive a future onslaught of conservatives with a more competent figurehead than Donald Trump.

Voter turnout was high, too -- highest since 1900, says Fortune mag.

Left-leaning comedian Jimmy Dore makes fun of the Dems' pitiful showing: [YouTube]

more on the great reset (so-called) and fourth industrial revolution (so-called)

Wrong Kind of Green examines the "social dilemma," not so much the Netflix movie (probably best avoided) but the way Big Social aims to turn the planet into a micromanaged, globalist, resource-extracting hell, using "humane technology" propaganda as cover. (Much as King Leopold of Belgium milked the Congo under the banner of humanitarianism.)

• The mighty Zuck worries that low population growth in the US dooms his company, which requires a steady supply of suckers being born, so he's turned his dead, pasty face towards Africa, which promises a baby explosion in the years ahead.

• It's hard to beat these people. While you are having your morning coffee, enjoying life, they are up and about, thinking of new ways to exploit you. Hitler was like that, too, but somehow Gates, Bezos, and Zuckerberg get a pass. Tessa Fights Robots summarizes Wrong Kind of Green's arguments nicely. She shades into Covid paranoia, but the pandemic has turned about to be a better, more pressing emergency than global warming, for purposes of advancing the techno-kleptocratic agenda, so it doesn't hurt to be a bit skeptical.

around the web

• Just because the Covid truthers are wrong about this being a manufactured crisis, doesn't mean evil technocrats aren't waiting in the wings, hoping it will provide a technological "reset" that benefits the largest and most vile corporate actors. Wrong Kind of Green analyzes the writings of one Klaus Schwab, head of the Davos-based World Economic Forum, who is bubbling over with creepy hopes and prognostications for a globalist, transhumanist, privacy-invading future, existing mainly for the purpose of enhancing profits (or what Schwab calls "value") for the One Percent. Know your enemy -- this is him.

• A Hofstra professor retired and had time to look more critically at what major media outlets were saying about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, "election interference," etc and discovered it was all a pack of lies. Now his friends don't want to talk to him.

• Comedian Jimmy Dore has fun with the Jeffrey Toobin whackoff story, lampooning a report from a local LA newscaster who tries to normalize Toobin's bizarre behavior. Since it's a CNN commenter doing it, it must be something that could happen to any of us, right? The LA newscaster actually says "There but for the grace of God go I." [YouTube]