PDF of 1995 Art in America article on abstract painting in Texas


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Finally getting around to learning to make PDFs with LibreOffice.
I started with the .tif scans I used for this "poor man's PDF" a while back.
The scans were of pages from a 1995 Art in America article on abstract painting in Texas, featuring David Szafranski, John Pomara, Jeff Elrod, yours truly and others.
The .tifs were huge -- like 24 MB per page, at 300 dpi. I loaded them in the "Draw" portion of LibreOffice and exported them as a PDF, reducing the dpi to 150 and choosing jpeg compression at 85%. Voila, a legible PDF at only 2.6 MB. Feedback/comments on this would be appreciated, since I plan to do more of these.

good news from ardour re: midi looping

Have noted several times the errors in Ardour's midi looping. Apparently it's finally going to be fixed:

Tue, 2018-03-27 10:24, paul: MIDI looping will be an area of intense focus for the 6.0 release. It is known to work incorrectly in all existing releases, at least in cases where note boundaries coincide with the loop boundaries (it does work in other situations).

But some people are never happy:

Thu, 2018-03-29 11:44, ccaudle: All these kids and their new fangled loopty loops. In my day we had to play a song all the way from beginning to end, and we liked it that way. :)

Tracktion Waveform 9 - Multi Sampler

Tracktion Software just released version 9 of its Waveform digital audio workstation. I've been learning it because it runs on Linux PCs -- one of the rare proprietary DAWs that does. Version 9 includes a new instrument called "Multi Sampler." It's intuitive and easy to work with. Essentially you drag any sound file into the sampler, cut it up, and assign it to a MIDI note. Multiple samples are assigned to keyboard zones a la Kontakt. It also records and resamples. Best of all (for me), it plays Soundfont files.

Individual sample; some light processing with filters, envelopes and LFOs is possible:


Sample being sliced in the "Record" pane:

multi sampler slices

Keyboard "zone" assignments:


The zones in the third screenshot show a Soundfont file (.sf2) version of a 1990s E-Mu synth module, Orbit 9090 v. 2. This is a kit of electro-style drum hits.

Screenshots, top and middle, were found "on the internet." The bottom screenshot is mine.

LSP oscillator plugin

LSP Plugins: Oscillator plugin tutorial [hooktube]

This Linux audio plugin (I'm using it in Ardour) works as a simple vocoder for speech samples (or any sample). The chosen clip in the demo is "Hello, this is Linus Torvalds and I pronounce 'Linux' as 'Linux.'" Prepare to hear it in a zillion metallic renderings.
Thanks to hooktube -- while it lasts -- for allowing users not to have to link directly to [Eric Schmidt's company] should they so choose.

"Posse on Greenwich (2017 Mix)"

"Posse on Greenwich (2017 Mix)" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Some drum and bass type beats I made years ago with Native Instruments' short-lived Intakt plugin were used here, along with some newer "library" DnB beats. The synths used were Zyn-Fusion, formerly ZynAddSubFX (software) and Doepfer A-111-5 (hardware).
After my last post on Tracktion-on-Linux, the company revamped its T7 DAW and it's now called Waveform. The main change is adding a mixer (needed) but unfortunately some stuff broke that was working OK in T7, such as track automation and clip effects. I've submitted a support ticket. In the meantime, this short tune was done using Waveform in its current state of mixed functionality.