interviews, performances, panels (videos)

I created a Vimeo "showcase" here of some interviews, performances and panel appearances from 1988 to the present. Here's an embedded playlist of the same items:

And below are my notes on the vids; the links go directly to the individual videos, bypassing the showcase. You may see banner ads on individual video pages, sorry. (I only recently learned Vimeo is doing this.) If you stay in the "showcase" or playlist, you shouldn't see ads.

1. Comment reading at Telethon (2014)

I was pleased to be invited to read aloud from a selection of my comments to Rhizome blog posts, as a kind of stunt to raise money for the organization. My enjoyment waned when I found out later the microphone was so poor no one could understand me. To salvage this waste I added captions.
The comment I am reading is a semi-ironic response to a post by Rhizomer Ceci Moss, who used the term "hermetic" as if it were something vaguely distasteful. After all, we are all networked now and Rhizome supports "networked art."
I sang the praises of the "hermeticist artist," including two Moss had chosen as examples of non-hermetic practitioners.
The video was streamed from Lu Magnus Gallery, New York, NY.

2. Tom Moody interview (2017)

Two rough-cut edits of interview for documentary on "glitch art" by Travis Basso.
The two cuts are mostly identical: The first version discusses the "OptiDisc" .gif and has a has a shorter explanation of the printing-error artworks on paper.
The second version has more explanation of the printing-error artworks and omits discussion of "OptiDisc."
Video, sound, editing: Travis Basso

3. "Control Panel" (2015) exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

Panel discussion on July 25, 2015, in connection with "Control Panel" group show at Honey Ramka gallery.
Panelists (l to r): Tom Moody, James Clark, Linda Francis, Ben Garthus, Micah Ganske
Moderator: Veronika Szkudlarek
This an excerpt from the discussion; the full version can be found on YouTube - part 1 / 2
Responding to the anti-tech drift of the conversation, one of the panelists suggests that people who criticize software or tech services don't know how to use them properly, or don't know the difference between good and bad "apps." He includes Twitter as an example of the human progress that technology has engendered, but says he doesn't use the platform himself and offers no examples of an evolved way to use it.

4. Performance (2012), Apex Art, New York, NY

Live performance of several musical works.
"As Real As It Gets" exhibition, curated by Rob Walker.
The sound art component of the show was organized by Mark Weidenbaum.
Musicians were asked to make music based on field recordings of commercial, retail businesses.
Two of my tracks were done this way, four were original tunes not related to the theme.
Video and audio recording: Apex Art, NY, NY

5. New Museum, NYC, Net Aesthetics 2.0 panel, June 6, 2008

Left to right: Kevin McCoy, Jennifer McCoy, Tim Whidden, Ed Halter (moderator), Tom Moody, Petra Cortright, Damon Zucconi
This is a "panelist's cut" of a longer discussion made available for public download by, sponsor of the panel at the New Museum, New York, NY.
Captions were added for less audible portions of the discussion.

6. Lecture/Performance (2006), artMovingProjects, Brooklyn, NY
The video is divided into six parts, a lecture followed by five songs for drum machine and SIDStation: Godhopper, Clip City, Protest Song Variation, Suite 6, and artMoving
Video camera: Aron Namenwirth
Conversion of tape to digital: Justin Strawhand

7. KHOU-TV interview (1994), Houston, TX

Discussing The Big Show, an annual event that I was in the process of jurying, at Lawndale Art & Performance Center in Houston, Texas
Photos of the completed installation are here.

8. Art Breath (1990) - part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Tom Moody studio visit

Originally aired on Cable Access of Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Tre Roberts visits me in my studio
Video co-produced by Tre Roberts & Lee Murray

9. Ask an Artist (1988) -- Tre Roberts interviews P.M. Summer and Tom Moody

Originally aired on Cable Access of Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Summer and I discuss our inclusion in "Memory," a show at UT Arlington's CRCA (Center for Research in Contemporary Art), commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination; we also display other art we've made. Some discussion of my paintings was lost when I clumsily erased a section of the tape.