One Solid Production (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 31st Bandcamp release, One Solid Production:

Liner notes for the LP:

"This is one solid production"
"I just one need one solid production"
Many of the tracks are single-take recordings of Machinedrum & Octatrack playing songs programmed in their "arrangers." No improv, no knob turning, just composition and changing parameters.
A Eurorack mixer (made with I/O, mixer and compressor modules) binds the tracks together and hopefully adds some analog oomph.
Other Eurorack sounds, softsynth riffs, and samples from vinyl also find their way in here.

If you'd like to support this blog (now in its 18th, ad-free year) buying the occasional Bandcamp song or LP is a great way to do that.

the funniest night

Belatedly came across a SNL sketch from a week after the 2016 election: [hooktube]
Set in a NY apartment on election night, the bit features David Chappelle and Chris Rock yucking it up and rolling their eyes while smug Clinton-believers watch the dismaying election results come in.
Amazing that the show could go from this kind of blasé humor to singing Christmas carols to Robert Mueller.

"no webp" logo

Eric Schmidt's company bought a little company that makes a crappy "new" image file format that is apparently no better than jpg or png.
Using its monopoly power, Eric Schmidt's company is persuading more and more websites to use it, instead of jpg and png.
Most image programs need an additional plugin to convert this new format to jpg or png.
Who needs that hassle? Who needs a monopolist telling you what to do?