social media believer of the day

Online art zine Hyperallergic reports on a tragic figure: a "curator and art historian" who trusted Facebook! Here's the lead sentence:

Curator and art historian Ruben Cordova thought that Facebook was the perfect platform to archive the photographic materials equivalent to almost a decade’s worth of his research.

What was he thinking? After the inevitable happened -- Facebook censors shut him down for posting a nude sculpture image he downloaded from the Met -- he learned his lesson and moved all his research to his self-hosted site. Actually, no, he didn't do that. He wants to get back on Facebook really badly! Hence, his appeals to Hyperallergic, a long-time promoter of Facebook. Maybe they can help him to get reinstated by writing about this mishap! The article continues:

And if Facebook reverses its decision, will Cordova return to the platform? “Yes, I absolutely want to stay,” he tells Hyperallergic. “I want my account back, and I want to continue posting. I have made numerous excellent contacts through Facebook. Many people respond to Facebook messages, but not to emails! Right now, I am unable to contact most of the people I know personally because their phones or email addresses have changed.”

two shows at 56 Bogart

Bill Albertini at Theodore:Art
Below: MS/AP/003, 2018, archival inkjet print on metallic paper, 10 x 10 inches


"between days" at Honey Ramka (closes today). Group exhibition organized by Lars van Dooren with work by Skye Gilkerson, Elizabeth McAlpine, Peter Mundwiler, Heather Rowe, Greg Smith, Lars van Dooren, Nikita Vishnevskiy, and Robert Yoder.
Below: Robert Yoder, Rose Garden, 2018, appliqués and embroidery on pieced wool towels, 26 x 24 inches (image via Honey Ramka, courtesy frosch&portmann)


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