"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)"

"Surface Variation (2019 Mix)" [Bandcamp]

This track was first posted in 2012 and then remixed in 2015 for the Meta Dance Classic LP on Bandcamp. Lately I started thinking the omnipresent kick drum was too boomy so I shortened its decay time. Then I started adding notes and chords to the song while chopping out sections to shorten the overall length. Rather than re-upload this version I'm posting it here (for now). (Update: I decided to re-upload the new version on Bandcamp.)

Hypercylinder (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 32nd Bandcamp release, Hypercylinder.

Liner notes for the LP:

Compositions for piano, synth, and percussion.
The synths and softsynths include Moog Subsequent 37 CV, Vermona Perfourmer, EMW Wave Composition Oscillator, U-He Diva, Plogue Chipsounds, Tracktion RetroMod Fat, and Elektron's Machinedrum and Octratrack sequencers.
Also employed was Tracktion's MIDI "Pattern Generator" for Waveform 9, which provided rough drafts of the many rhythmic chord patterns in these tracks.
"Rutabaka" is found audio from "the crates," heavily rearranged.
All songs produced April-October 2019.

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