Similarity Engine (new Bandcamp release)

Announcing my 26th Bandcamp release, Similarity Engine.
Ten new tracks, created with a dizzying array of software, gear, and samples listed on the release page.

Music diary: I've been posting embedded players to announce these releases, but I think I'm going to stop this practice. The concept of Bandcamp is you are supposed to use "social" to promote music, otherwise it just sits there, since Bandcamp has no in-house means of promoting releases. The one exception is, an email kicks out to anyone who bought your music in the past, letting them know you have a new release. Anyone who hasn't opted out of this process is your de facto community.
Since Bandcamp's artist and release pages are a very good way to organize a large amount of music, I plan to keep using it as a music hub, and let be a place where I keep notes and think aloud about what it means to make a pre-post-internet style of tunes.
I've always pretty much disliked embeds -- it's just one more thing to hang up the loading of a blog page (especially with a new theme that uses scripts, plugins, and third-party font downloads). With the music I've been posting I've been removing the embed code once the blog post has dropped off the front page, and this gets tedious.

discussing Bresson, Trumbull, others

Lately I've been commenting on posts at Alex on Film, and I appreciate the author's willingness to respond and have some back and forth:

Silent Running (1972)

A plug for Peter Schickele's music score, followed by some discussion of the moral complexity of '70s movies versus Top Gun-style blockbusters, and the recent odious trend of milking highly political events for their thrill value (Black Hawk Down, 13 Hours, Zero Dark Thirty, etc)

L'Argent (1983)

Robert Bresson's last film, about the corrosive effects of capital and one man's transition from hard-working husband and father to ax murderer.

Let the Right One In (2008)

The theory (considered elsewhere) that the film is a Moebius strip, with Oskar recruited to be Hakan's replacement.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)

Peter Weir in decline, or Peter Weir being Peter Weir?