new page: travel writing

Lady Liberty

I started a new page (see sidebar) that I'm calling Travel Writing, consisting of "photo-essays exploring the Texas outback and New Jersey inback." The emphasis is more on visuals but I do write captions. Here's what I have so far:

1. A View from the Picnic Area (2020). A pretty spot outside Glen Rose, Texas, is blemished by the local gentry.

2. Trip to Regency Bridge, June 7, 2020. The last suspension bridge in Texas that you can drive across, built mostly by hand labor in 1939.

3. New Jersey Wasteland Tour (2003). A walk between Grand Avenue and Liberty State Park in Jersey City, an industrial zone gone to seed that would eventually become condos.

An upcoming project will be a comparison of Jersey City in '03 (based on that same group of photos) with "street views" from today. Funky used car lots then, soulless condos now.

my am*zon reviews in html

A minor ingrate on the former ridiculed the sidebar link here, "my amazon reviews, '98-'03" -- it was supposed to be a joke, oh well. These reviews were written in the innocent days before Jeff Bezos emerged as a totalitarian Sauron turning the American workplace into a high-tech surveillance hell.
The reviews were an experiment in attempting "pro" culturecrit in an unpaid environment and ceased when one of them had wording altered by a staffer.
Rather than continuing to link to the black evil that is am*zon, I've saved the reviews as an HTML file.

technodiary, 2002-2005

technodiary logo

I made the "technodiary" blog in the early '00s hoping to have a place for music reviews. I didn't have time to develop it and mostly just cross-posted music-related material from my Digital Media Tree blog, which ran from 2001-2007.
"technodiary" is still up on Digital Media Tree but I put up an archive (mirror) page without comments (which were sparse) or permalinks for posts. No guarantees on which of the other links still work, but a surprising amount of them still do.
It's on a single long HTML page, that looks much the same as it did (does).
The writing preserves a catch-as-catch-can record of (i) some things going on then in New York such as the "electro revival," "circuit bending," the early 8-bit scene, and NY appearances of the BEIGE programming ensemble, (ii) the end of the vinyl, record store era, (iii) my first stabs at putting a music studio together and publishing songs outside of the iTunes/social media continuum (a hermetic practice that continues against all odds).