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My Online Writing (selection)

"On Screen/Off Screen: Kate Petley, Lorraine Tady, & Liz Trosper at Barry Whistler," Glasstire, July 31, 2021
"The Stubborn Dream of Everyday Virtuality," Pool, July 2011, [Internet Archive]
"Mp3 Discussion Group: Thomas Köner‘s Glacial Permafrost, Disquiet.com, August 3, 2010
"Anne Truitt at Matthew Marks," Art F City, June 28, 2010
"Heather Rowe at D'Amelio Terras," Art F City, June 29, 2010
"Jorge Pardo at Friedrich Petzel," Art F City, July 1, 2010
"Psychotronic GIFs," Art F City, August 5, 2008

Essays, Articles I Wrote (print)

"Palo Alto Dreamin': Towards a New Digital Expression(ism)," Art Papers, November/December 2001, pp. 20-24
“Secondary Structures,” Sculpture, June 2000, pp. 40-45 [pdf]
“The Trouble Is (Not) With Your Set,” VERY No. 8, 2000, page 14
“Laura Parnes and Sue De Beer: Double Your Transgression, Double Your Fun,” VERY No. 6, 1999, pp. 16-17
“Michael Phelan: Plastic Is Inevitable,” VERY No. 5, 1998, page 40
“Op Art in the ‘90s,” VERY No. 3, 1998, pp. 26-27
“New York Paper,” Art on Paper, May/June 1997, page 8
“On View: Chelsea, New York,” New Art Examiner, April 1997, pp. 38-39
“‘Avant Garde and Kitsch’ Lecture Series at Dallas Museum of Art,” Art Papers, July/August 1993, page 74
“Galleries” column, Dallas Morning News, August to October, 1990
“On Abstract’s Cutting Edge,” Dallas Morning News, August 8, 1990, page 5C

Exhibition Reviews I Wrote (print)

"Paradise/Paradox," Sculpture, March 2004, pp. 71-72
"Compression" at Feigen Contemporary, Art Papers, May/June 2001, p. 44

Nina Katchadourian, Artforum, Summer 1999, page 158
Ross Knight, Artforum, April 1999, page 126
Georg Herold, Artforum, January 1999, pp. 120-121
Carl D’Alvia, Artforum, December 1998, page 132
Gary Gross, Artforum, November 1998, page 117
Rebecca Quaytman, Artforum, September 1998, page 158
Howard Schwartzberg, Artforum, Summer issue 1998, page 137
Michael Phelan, Artforum, April 1998, page 118
Devon Dikeou, Artforum, January 1998, page 102

Max Estenger, Artforum, November, page 117
Denyse Thomasos, Artforum, November, page 117
Jack Risley, Sculpture, July/August, page 62
Michael Smith and Joshua White, Artforum, May, page 111
Peter Soriano, Sculpture, April, page 58
Bill Davenport, Artforum, April, page 95
William Wood, Artforum, March, page 94
Randy Wray, Artforum, February, page 91
Carl Fudge, New Art Examiner, February, page 47
“Seminal Sculpture of the School of London: Don Bonham, Walter Redinger, Ed Zelenak,” Sculpture, January, page 64

Joseph Copeland, Sculpture, December, page 56
Richard Phillips, Artforum, November, page 100
“Ab Fab” at Feature, Art Papers, November/December, page 56
Barbara Gallucci, Artforum, October, page 120
Mark Dagley, Artforum, September, page 112
Kienholz Retrospective, Whitney Museum, Sculpture, September, p. 63
Sybil Andrews, Artforum, May, page 106
Daniel Wiener, New Art Examiner, May, page 48
Wayne Gonzales and Lauren Lesko, Art Papers, May/June, page 44
Jenifer Kobylarz, Artforum, March, page 103
Drew Dominick, New Art Examiner, February, page 86
Duncan Hannah, Artforum, February, page 86
Alexander Ross, Michelle Segre, et al, Mitchell Algus Gallery, Art Papers, January/February, p. 54
Robert Harms, Artforum, January, page 86

“Artist’s Choice: Elizabeth Murray” at MOMA, Art Papers, November/December, p. 52
“Critical Mass,” Art Papers, July/August, page 62
Giles Lyon, Artforum, May, page 103
Tad Griffin, Artforum, May, page 103

1992 - 1994
David Dupuis, Artforum, November 1994, page 91
Peter Halley, Art Papers, May/June 1994, page 63
Richmond Burton, Circa, Winter 1994, page 25
Benito Huerta, Artforum, January 1994, page 95
Ange Leccia, Artforum, January 1993, page 89
Perry House, Artforum, November 1992, page 113
“The Vertical Flatbed Picture Plane,” Artforum, February 1992, page 123

John Pomara, Artforum, December, pp. 108-9
“Pure Paint,” Bill Lundberg, Art Papers, November/December, page 111
“Surface Safari,” Dallas Observer, October 24, page 31
Linda Ridgway, Artforum, October, pp. 133-4
“The Legacy of Hank Herron,” Art Papers, July/August, page 65
“What You See Is What You Saw,” Dallas Observer, May 9, p. 19
David Szafranski, Trish Nickell, Jimmy Hudson, Art Papers, May/June, page 61
Douglas MacWithey, Art Papers, January/February, page 61

Laura Noland and Geoff Holle, Art Papers, November/December, page 63 (with Karen Emenhiser)
“Putting Ideas on Display,” Dallas Morning News, October 25, page 5C
Martin Delabano and Andrew Bennett, Dallas Morning News, September 24, page 5C
“The Vessel,” Art Papers, September/October, page 66
“Two Come On Strong in ‘Counter Signals,’” Dallas Morning News, August 25, page 5C
"‘The Elements of Abstraction’: Cool Reserve with a Human Touch,” Dallas Morning News, August 8, page 6C
“Mediations,” Art Papers, July/August, page 61
“Controversial Boon: Art that Draws Fire Also Draws an Audience,” Dallas Morning News, May 29, page 1C
Brent Johnson, Art Papers, May/June, page 65
“‘Whatever Works’ Setting Shows Albert Scherbarth at his Best,” Dallas Morning News, April _, page 3C
Big Snuff, Dan Rizzie, Lee Smith, Art Papers, March/April, page 54
“Camera Views,” Dallas Morning News, February 4, page 7C
Stephen Shanabrook, Art Papers, January/February, page 62

1987 - 1989
“10 + 10,” Art Papers, November/December 1989, page 57
Priest Center Installations, Art Papers, September/October 1989, page 57 (with Tre Roberts)
Linnea Glatt and Frances Thompson, Art Papers, July/August 1989, p. 61
“The First Texas Triennial,” Art Papers, January/February 1989, p. 52
“Excellence ‘88,” Art Papers, January/February 1989, page 50
Arleigh Stark, Art Papers, September/October 1988, page 63
Willard Watson, Art Papers, July/August 1988, page 46
John Pomara, Dallas Arts Revue No. 25, Winter 1987

Exhibition Catalog Essays I Wrote (print)

Jack Featherly (New York: Team Gallery, 2002)
Michael Rodriguez (Miami: Miami-Dade Community College, 2000)
Jason Young (New York: Cristinerose Gallery, 2000)
“Cyber Drawings” (New York: Cristinerose Gallery, 2000)

Monica Pierce, “Pattern Book” (Austin: Women & Their Work, 1999) [pdf]
Claire Jervert, “UFO Series” (Jersey City: New Jersey City University, 1999)
Matt Harle (New York: Queens Museum Bulova Center, 1999)
post-hypnotic (Normal, IL: Illinois State University) (book co-authored with Barry Blinderman, 1999)
“Static” (New York: Eugene Binder, 1998)
Carl Fudge, John Pomara, William Wood (New York: Eugene Binder, 1997)
“Thread” (New York: Cristinerose Gallery, 1997)
Elizabeth McGrath (New York: Eugene Binder, 1997)
George Condo (Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum, 1995)
Peter Halley (Dallas: Dallas Museum of Art, 1995)
“Analogs of Modernism” (Dallas: McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 1995)
George Condo (Dallas: McKinney Avenue Contemporary, 1994)
Charles Mary Kubricht (Dallas: Eugene Binder Gallery, 1994)
“David Szafranski,” New Works Fellowships: Northern Telecom (Raleigh: City Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1994)
Tad Griffin, Tom Moody, John Pomara, David Szafranski (Dallas: Eugene Binder Gallery, 1994)
“The Big Show 1994” (Houston: Lawndale Art & Performance Center)
Perry House (Dallas: Gray Matters, 1994)
John Pomara (Dallas: Eugene Binder Gallery, 1992)
“Bill Lundberg,” Research Subscription Series (Arlington, TX: Center for Research in Contemporary Art, 1991)
“Me, Myself & I” (Dallas: Allen Street Gallery, 1990)

Book Review I Wrote (print)

Frances Colpitt, Minimal Art: The Critical Perspective, reviewed in New Art Examiner, Summer issue 1996, page 56

Exhibitions I Organized

“Cyber Drawings,” Cristinerose Gallery, New York, NY (co-organized with Mariacristina Parravicini), 2000
“Static,” Eugene Binder Gallery, Long Island City, NY (co-organized with John Pomara), 1998
“Op at UP,” UP & CO, New York, 1998
“Thread,” Cristinerose Gallery, New York (co-curated with Mariacristina Parravicini), 1997
“Analogs of Modernism,” McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, 1995
Juror/Curator, “The Big Show,” Lawndale Art and Performance Center, Houston, 1994
“Perry House,” Gray Matters, Dallas, 1993

Writing About Exhibitions I Organized

Schmerler, Sarah, "Cyber Drawings," Art on Paper, May/June 2000, p. 81
Thea, C., et al, "Mob Rule," NY Arts, March 2000, page 7
Viveros-Faune, C., "Computer World," New York Press, February 2, 2000, Section 2, page 1
Johnson, Ken, "Cyber Drawings," New York Times, January 28, 2000, page E33
Kino, Carol, “Op ‘Til You Drop,” Time Out New York, June 25, 1998, page 57
Schaffner, Ingrid, “Thread,” Artforum, February 1998, page 95
Provo, Annie, “Thread,” New Art Examiner, November 1997, page 56
Griffin, Tim, review, “Thread,” Time Out New York, September 25,1997, page 43
Cotter, Holland, “Thread,” New York Times, September 19, 1997, page E38
Mitchell, Charles Dee, “Three Views of Art Outside New York,” Dallas Morning News, April 22, 1995, page 1-C
Mitchell, Charles Dee, “Sampling Past Art Elements for the Present,” Dallas Morning News GUIDE, April 7, 1995, page 50
Kalil, Susie, “Big Show, Small Vision: At Lawndale’s ‘Big Show,’ the Artists Get Lost in the ‘Grid,’” Houston Press, August 18, 1994, page 35
Johnson, Patricia, “‘Big Show’ Forces a Perpetual Squint,” Houston Chronicle, August 4, page 4C
Chadwick, Susan, “The Big Show,” Houston Post, July 30, 1994, page F-2
Tyson, Janet, “Galleries Have Heart and Soul, Times Three,” Fort Worth Star Telegram, November 10, 1993, page 2E

Writing About My Blog

McHugh, Gene, Post Internet, 2011 (Brescia: Link Editions), pp. 208-214 [Rhizome.org-archived version]
Wikipedia: "Tom Moody (artist)"
Fabuš, Palo, "Tom Moody's BLOG," Furtherfield.org, 2007
Johnson, Paddy, "Blog for Sale," Art F City, May 23, 2007
Johnson, Paddy, "Geeks in the Gallery," Art F City, June 12-14, 2006 (parts 1 / 2 / 3)
Kraft, Jessica, "Feature: Art Blogosphere," Artkrush, December 14-27, 2005
"Art Joins the Party: Jessica Kraft on Entering the Blogosphere," Contemporary, Issue 73, 2005
Arcangel, Cory, "Interview with Tom Moody by Cory Arcangel," Rhizome.org at the New Museum, October 28, 2005
Yassin, Aaron, "Not Just Flying Toasters" (interview), NY Arts, September/October 2005
Rubinstein, Raphael, "Art in the Blogosphere," Art in America, January 2005 [pdf] [text] [annotated]
Omann, Marie, "Art Blogs: Why Such a Timid Emergence?" student paper, masters program in Design, Communication and Media, IT University of Copenhagen [PDF]
"Art Blogs Beyond Photography, and One Path Away From the Darkroom," Coincidences, March 12, 2004
Hicks, Cinque, "Give It Away, You'll Still Have It," Bare and Bitter Sleep, 2004

My Lectures, Panels, and Jurying

2000 - 2016
"Visual Poetics a la Dump.fm," talk at Sunview Luncheonette, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, Feb 27, 2016
Rhizome.org Telethon, reading, YouTube, March 19, 2014
Art Micro Patronage Artist Talk, UStream video, January 12, 2012
"Concrete Poetry vs 'Doing Internet,'" lecture, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY, December 7, 2011
Gallery talk with Jon Cates in connection with "Glitch" Exhibition, CentralTrak, University of Texas at Dallas, Jan. 28. 2011
Artist talk to MFA students, University of Texas at Dallas, Jan. 27, 2011
"Net Aesthetics 2.0" panel, Rhizome.org at the New Museum, New York, NY, June 6, 2008
"From the White Cube and the Silver Screen to the Black Hole and the Color Field: Moving Around and Beyond the Institution," Panel, NAMAC (National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture) Conference, Austin, TX, October 16, 2007
"Blogging and the Arts" panel, Rhizome.org at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY, November 23, 2004
“The Future of the Autonomous Object in a Wired World, or, How Blogging Changed My Art Life,” artist talk, Dorkbot-NYC, Location One, New York, NY, November 3, 2004
“Ink Jet” exhibition panel discussion, Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT, October 26, 2000

1990 - 1999
Gallery Talk with Julian Stanczak, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, October 23, 1999
“Post-hypnotic” exhibition panel discussion, Illinois State University, Normal, IL, January 20, 1999
Juror, 1996 Visual Arts Fellowship Recipient, Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Shreveport, LA
Panel discussion, “Analogs of Modernism,” McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas, 1995
Juror, Student Exhibition, East Texas State University, Commerce, TX, 1995
Juror, Outstanding Student Art Show, McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA (also slide lecture), 1995
Gallery Talk: “David Szafranski’s Grid Works,” Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX, 1994
Juror, “21st Annual Juried Competition,” Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA, 1994
Panelist with Donald Kuspit, et al, DARE Dialogue Lecture Series, Dallas Museum of Art, 1993
Lecture, Contemporary Art Seminar, East Texas State University, Commerce, TX, 1993
Juror, “209 Hours” Student Exhibition, University of Texas at Arlington (also gallery talk), 1992
Gallery Talk, Bill Lundberg exhibition, University of Texas at Arlington, 1991
Slide Lecture, Contemporary Art Seminar, East Texas State University, 1991
Moderator, panel discussion with Robert Colescott and Italo Scanga, Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, 1991
Lecture: “Collecting Critically the New,” Museum of the Southwest, Midland, TX, 1990

Arts Organizations and Affiliations

Member, International Association of Art Critics (AICA), U.S. Section (1999 - present)
Texas Editor, Art Papers magazine, (1990 - 1995)
Board of Directors, Dallas Artists Research and Exhibition (1989 - 1992)
Treasurer, 500X Gallery, Dallas (1984 - 1986)


School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY (Summer) 1978
Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC 1977 - 1978
BA, English Literature and Studio Art, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 1977