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2020 Occult Classical, Bandcamp (LP)
Industrial Nonsense, Bandcamp (LP)
2019 Hardware Sequencer, Bandcamp (LP)
Hypercylinder, Bandcamp (LP)
One Solid Production, Bandcamp (LP)
Terra Organization, Bandcamp (LP)
2007-2013 Beats, Bandcamp (LP)
2018 Mutable Edges, Bandcamp (LP)
Enough Units, Bandcamp (LP)
Similarity Engine, Bandcamp (LP)
Layered Timeline Events, Bandcamp (LP)
2017 Full Metal Algo, Bandcamp (LP)
Streets of Passive Aggression, Bandcamp (LP)
Discontinued Beatbox, Bandcamp (LP)
Generic PC (Vol. 5), Bandcamp (LP)
Generic PC (Vol. 4), Bandcamp (LP)
Generic PC (Vol. 3, Bandcamp (LP)
Generic PC (Vol. 2, Bandcamp (LP)
Generic PC (Vol. 1), Bandcamp (LP)
2015 Stasis Field Day, Bandcamp (LP)
Crude Essence, Bandcamp (LP)
Curbed Convolution, Bandcamp (LP)
Meta Dance Classic, Bandcamp (LP)
Knob Twiddlers, Bandcamp (LP)
Discreet Mutations, Bandcamp (LP)
2014 Home Electro for Fun and Profit, Bandcamp (LP)
Quantum Leap Sideways, Bandcamp (LP)
Molecular Exercises, Bandcamp (LP)
Recombinant Youth, Bandcamp (LP)
Critical Weekend Work, Bandcamp (LP)
Household Kit, Bandcamp (LP)
Disc Formation, Bandcamp (LP)
40 Yards from the Machine, Bandcamp (LP)
Squeaky Arpeggio, Bandcamp (LP)
Silent and Spectral, Bandcamp (LP)
2013-9 Music videos, Vimeo
2010 Despite the Downturn: An Answer Album, Internet Archive (Compilation)
2008 "Nice Nemesis," (Single)
2008 Nasty Nets DVD (compilation published by, New York, NY)
2007 Scratch Ambulance, CDBaby (LP, collaboration with Earcon)
2005-2014 Single releases on

Performance, Video, and Radio

"Tom Moody Guest Mix," Ffog, anonradio, September 1, 2015
"Selections from Tom Moody's Bandcamp," Ffog (DJ), anonradio, August 18, 2015
"The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale," Chambers Pavilion curated by Sara Ludy, Sao Paolo, Brazil/online, 2013
"Reuse Aloud," and NewBridge Project Space, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK 2013
"Speculative Sound Performance with Disquiet Junto," Apex Art, New York, NY 2012
Performance, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY, April 15, 2009

"The Program" (Dallas Video Festival), Dallas, 2008
"Nasty as U Want to Be," New York Underground Film Festival, 2008
"(Make the) Product," NegFi guest mix, WNYU-FM, August 22, 2007
"Abstract Horror," Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, 2007
"Digital Political Time Lapse," Long Island University, Brooklyn, 2007

Lecture/Performance, artMovingProjects, Brooklyn, NY, May 19, 2006
"Moments of Greatness," Chicago Underground Film Festival
"Mods and Rockers," York Quay Centre (Case Studies), Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (collaboration with John Parker)

"23 Reasons to Spare New York," Ocularis at Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, 2005
“Robot Landscapes,” Case Studies gallery at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto (music for Sally McKay video installation), 2004

DJ at Good World Bar & Grill, Lower East Side, New York, NY, Wednesdays from Jan - November

Artist Statements

"Teaching vs Lying in Music: A Proposal,"
technodiary, blog, 2003-2005


Weidenbaum, Marc, "The Sound of One GIF Animating," Disquiet, August 4, 2011
Weidenbaum, Marc, "Simple Tom Moody Mp3," Disquiet, February 26, 2008
Weidenbaum, Marc, "Tom Moody's 8 Bit Mp3s (and Other Media)," Disquiet, November 26, 2007


School of Visual Arts, New York (Summer) 1978
Corcoran School of Art, Washington, DC 1977-78
BA, English Literature and Studio Art, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 1977