"Aruba Doobie (2020 Mix)"

"Aruba Doobie (2020 Mix)" [1.6 MB .mp3]

Am going through older tracks (for no good reason), seeing what's salvageable. Removing one measure after another I whittled this one down from 110 seconds to 40. Originally posted in 2006.

Update: Removed another couple of seconds.

about that election

Bernard, Moon of Alabama:

That the Democrats lose House seats, do not win the Senate and barely manage to drag their demented presidential candidate towards a stalemate tells a lot about their lack of sane policies. A donor party completely disinterested in what the people really want -- medicare for all, no fracking etc. -- will have little chance to survive a future onslaught of conservatives with a more competent figurehead than Donald Trump.

Voter turnout was high, too -- highest since 1900, says Fortune mag.

Left-leaning comedian Jimmy Dore makes fun of the Dems' pitiful showing: [YouTube]

retired CD-R design


The MAM-A company (recently sold to an outfit in Chattanooga called WTS Media) changed the design of their CD-Rs and no longer offer an edge-to-edge white printing surface on their gold discs, as seen above. Now there is an obnoxious, bling-y 3mm gold rim around the white. I am rethinking my CD-R design for future releases and took down the CD above from Bandcamp, since I won't be making more copies with that design.