Happy E-tune (SidStation)

The "happy little E-tune" posted previously ([mp3 removed]--eventually it'll get a real title) is reinterpreted here on the SidStation synth: [mp3 removed]. Also working on an extended remix of the Sid version, with drums, etc.

The Sid isn't truly polyphonic, so in order to have it play several melodic parts simultaneously you have to overdub them (digitally). This is a pain in the ass.

"Little Shrieker"

"Little Shrieker" [mp3 removed]. More drum and bass, specifically a "dark roller," lo-fi f-ed up repeating noise division. This comes from hanging around too many Dutch darkcore websites. (My first foray into beat-slicing, if it's not giving away too much.)

"Calypsum 2" with bonus MIDI file

"Calypsum 2" [6.1 MB .mp3]. Posting this again, because I really like it. It's simple but it's supposed to be simple. I think about a computer playing calypso and getting hung up on a phrase, or deciding this is the most valuable phrase (but with a swirly "E'd up" feel that is more dreamlike than cyber). As a bonus (or alternative?), I'm including this 4.6 KB MIDI file of the same tune. It sounds more Latin when played with a piano and the General MIDI drum map. Your browser will probably play it, or Quicktime. In case it doesn't, here's the same thing as a 1 MB .mp3 (played in Winamp, which I prefer to the exaggerated percussion in Quicktime).