"Noa and Alphonse"

"Noa and Alphonse" [mp3 removed]. A slightly more elaborate variation of "Clip City." Every drum was recorded as a separate .wav file, then those were filtered to create more separate .wav files, then everything was cross faded. The Sid tune from "Clip City" is now a Reaktor tune, mixed way down so it weaves in and out of the drum sniggles. The detuned note that runs through the whole thing is a drum setting called "multi."

Long version, with rhythm intro: [mp3 removed]

"Lysergic Interlude (Trance Moves)"

"Lysergic Interlude (Trance Moves)" [mp3 removed]. A "harder, faster, trancier" version of a previously posted tune.

Update, June 2010: With some reluctance, had to change the URL for this (the link above still works), as it was "burning up the charts" of the free mp3 sites. It's still up, just not at the same link. If you are interested in this song give me a shout and we can talk about licensing it.