"Brakin' (Remix 2)"

"Brakin' (Remix 2--Get Me to Lee Miles Mix)" [mp3 removed]. John Parker remix of my Mac SE tune (and my mix of his mix, etc.--this has been traded back and forth a few times). Still work in process--we're still composing and editing this piece, but I like this stage.

"Godzilla Scales" (Parker RMX)

"Godzilla Scales" [mp3 removed]. John Parker remix of my Mac SE tune. The original tune was a four note chord ascending and descending the scales over the Mac's entire octave range (maybe four octaves? I forget). The computer couldn't keep up with all the changing pitch information so interesting percussive artifacts developed. John has employed some kind of time-stretching algorithm so the chord speeds up and slows down as it changes pitch. The result is exhilirating and strange.

"Blues Vector"

"Blues Vector" [3.6 MB .mp3].
The tune formerly called "Two Minute Drum Solo"--I thought it needed a slightly sylvan, deconstructed blues riff wafting in over the top, so I added that. "Vektor" is the preset on the Reaktor instrument Subharmonic used to play it. Finally learned how to make that "drill and bass" drum sound--it's just MIDI notes playing one sample many times in rapid succession--so now I don't need to do it any more.

Update: Reposted with volume maximized, 2009.