"Tesseract Ranch"

"Tesseract Ranch" [mp3 removed]

My contribution to the tech house genre. This is all live hardware sequenced (no overdubbing) with some EQ and reverb added after the fact. Update: I substituted the "dry" mix of this--no EQ or reverb. The effects were "bodying up" the sound at the expense of some of the DSP nuances.

Abstract Thinking (Various)

"Abstract Thinking" [mp3 removed] Caution: loud, we're talking Ricky Martin loud. I took a few beats from Brains' remixes of my earlier tunes and made some of my own so this tune would bang.

"Abstract Thinking (Quiet)" [mp3 removed] Some of the subtle moog-y stuff was lost in all that din.

"Abstract Thinking (Photons)" [mp3 removed] Another variation of this piece, incorporating a special effect sound from, let's just say, a popular televised science fiction drama. There is now an added "tripped out" middle section with some layered sputtering LFO noise and a snare run through an effect-pedal octave sequence. Update: Added a new synth part to this. I think I'm still working on it (see comments). Update 2: the piece is pulled for further tinkering. When it rises Phoenix-like it will probably have a new title. Update 3: Or not. I put it back up, with the original, underlying synth tracks all sliced up and made to obey the meter.