"Labyrinth Remixed"

"Labyrinth Remixed" [2.8 MB .mp3]

Shorter, digitally rearranged version of ex-Happy the Man keyboardist Kit Watkins' instrumental prog anthem "Labyrinth" (1981).
Took what I consider the "essential riff" (four variations of the same tune, plus a bridge) and jettisoned all the classical dynamics, theatrics, artificial buildups, and throat clearing as well as expressive soloing. Reordering the riffs and overlaying them to make new counterpoint turned a progressive rock song into a techno-prog song--kind of sped-up Philip Glass, what I always wanted to hear when I played this song.
Some excellent "real time" keyboard and drumming being massaged here--but I am interested in the song's "money shot"--structures of the sublime in their most compact form.