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[Post copied and pasted from jimpunk's blog--a collection of posts he made on another site, Triptych.tv, plus an assortment of del.icio.us tags linking there.]


Create Digital Music weighs in on the iPad. It sounds horrible (closed platform, no standard ports, tied to iTunes, Apple controls distribution of media). Permission to go to the bathroom, Mr. Jobs?

Excerpt of the CDA post:

As with the iPhone, you can’t use the iPad’s drive as a drive. You can’t connect it to a computer and put on it what you like. You’re limited to using third-party apps as conduits or servers – and even then, you’re limited; critical files for media and reading are controlled by Apple’s market-dominating iTunes app. It’s a storage device you own, but that someone else controls. Maybe that’s acceptable for game consoles, but, again, the iPad has the appearance of a computer. (Except, of course, it’s actually not.)

Journalists Ask Money Questions

One difference between artist/bloggers and mainstream journalists is the former talk about matters of substance and the latter mainly want to dissect your finances. They are worse than your parents: "How do you make money doing that?" they love to ask. This serves two purposes: avoiding talking about your art/blogging, which they don't understand, and reducing your life's work to the common currency of America (money and griping about money).

If the artist/blogger interviewed by the mainstream journo confesses to having a day job, the journo will structure the article on the job and the "dual life" of the artist. (An avant garde musician I know had a Time Out piece called "Avant Garde Musician and Permatemp.")

If the artist/blogger says "I don't know how I'm getting by" the journo will write about the plight of the starving artist/writer in this rich land of ours.

So, if you rise to the level of these folks' attention, how do you deal with their questions to keep them focused on your work? "None of your fucking business" isn't polite, so I suggest joking evasion such as "I'm making in the low billions, thanks for asking."