computers R stupid


Suggested feature for the "art and technology" websites:
A page where people can talk candidly about how stupid computers, phones, and social media are.
Failures, breakages, outages, poor design, scams, stories about people falling into manholes while reading phones, etc.
The tech sites all have such upbeat, utopian attitudes, and their partnerships with Silicon Valley rent-extractors are ominous.
You have your occasional "broken kindle" jokes but what's needed is a page of pure zine 80s style hatred.
I would contribute.

hat tip cheseball for burning laptop

word dot com GIF (late '90s) -- enlarged


So-called "art" GIFs were around in the late '90s -- I used to see them on They were made mostly by graphic designers as opposed to self-identifying artistes. The above GIF came from there; the original was 102 x 128 pixels. I enlarged it to 400 x 400 using "nearest neighbor" resizing to preserve the sharp edges. Still, this is an incredibly small (19 kilobyte) GIF in terms of ecological impact, in case you are thinking about alternatives to binge-watching Mad Men. Not that you can look at this one for very long.