"That Seventies Song 2"

"That Seventies Song 2" [4.5 MB .mp3]

Another song made with Tracktion Software's Waveform digital audio workstation, running on Ubuntu Studio.
Sound sources include:
Tracktion's Collective synth/sampler;
Snippets from 1970s vinyl (which may or may not have been uploaded to YouTube by record companies pretending to be "street");
Recordings of a "live" Eurorack synth sync-ed to the DAW via midi-to-cv; and
Beats from the Driven Machine Drums sample pack, playing in Waveform's sampler rack plugin.

Update: A "safe" variation of this track is on Bandcamp.

lazy YT-jaying: Zap Carnivorous

Eddie Jefferson, "Zap! Carnivorous" [YouTube]

Inimitable practitioner of jazz vocalese Jefferson adds lyrics about inner city dangers to a fairly melodic, mellow, obscure 1973 Fender Rhodes workout by The New Heritage Keyboard Quartet (Roland Hanna, Mickey Tucker plus drummer and bassist)

New Heritage Keyboard Quartet "full album" (with crackles, worn grooves -- "Zap Carnivorous" is the first song) [YouTube]