drawing by mthw


drawing by mthw (via bogchat)
based on cam of christtt, formerly mrhappyface

The style (randomly) resembles the work of Texas artist Ed Blackburn, who has a coloring-book style with tasty Pop Art colors bounded by a quavery black line.

quick reality check

Jason Ditz at Antiwar.com:

The American public, however, seems to broadly support Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, and to bring some troops home from Afghanistan. The White House switchboard is laden with calls of support.

To Rococo Rot + D - A Day Long (seacrestcheadle music video)


Screenshot from seacrestcheadle music video To Rococo Rot + D - A Day Long [YouTube]
A dead horse canters around a spectrally tinted liminal space (Sisyphean bardo loop for equestrians?).
Seacrestcheadle says the video exploits some happy accidental feedback between tv and webcam (not an exact quote).