dark ominous mind-bending

Such are adjectives used by Netflix and Amazon to push entertainment product. Wait, can everything be "mind-bending"? Below is a sample of recent movies and TV shows with additional categories to classify their mind-bending properties.

Travelers (Showcase/Netflix series)

cult -- Travelers from Earth's future are guided by an omniscient AI "Director"
apocalypse -- Future earthlings live in domed cities surrounded by uninhabitable wasteland
dimensional doorway -- The Director sends Travelers back to "the 21st" via quantum entanglement
super powers -- Travelers are trained for hard combat and communicate via "coms" implanted in their necks

The OA (Netflix series)

cult -- Followers of a blond angel-like woman are viewed as nuts by non-followers
apocalypse -- None
dimensional doorway -- The angel's followers learn ritualistic movements that cause people to jump to parallel Earths
super powers -- Teleportation into "host bodies" in parallel Earths

Another Earth

cult -- Guilt-ridden woman believes doppelganger Earth that has appeared in sky may offer a forked causal path where she is not guilty
apocalypse -- None (miraculously the doppelganger Earth doesn't cause tidal devastation on our planet)
dimensional doorway -- It's hinted that that the "other Earth" is a parallel world but an actual, physical space shuttle is launched to go visit it
super powers -- None


cult -- Psychopathic protagonist receives messages from a superhero character on a Christian TV channel; protagonist has one devoted follower (Ellen Page) who shares his delusional worldview
apocalypse -- None
dimensional doorway -- Protagonist also receives messages in otherwordly dreams, including one bizarre sequence where snakes slice his skull open
super powers -- Protagonist has no powers (a la Batman); instead, he fights crime by viciously knocking wrongdoers on the head with a pipe wrench


cult -- Parents pretend their adopted son wasn't rescued from a crashed spaceship; they convince each other he is a normal kid
apocalypse -- Only the hell unleashed on Earth by the arrival of this bad seed kid
dimensional doorway -- None, but possibly the spaceship receives power and messages from "elsewhere"
super powers -- Superboy character uses heat and X-ray vision, flying, and strength for evil rather than good

The Endless

cult -- Two boys raised by cult and deprogrammed return to the commune as adults
apocalypse -- Lovecraftian demon entity (seen only in charcoal sketches) controls commune territory
dimensional doorway -- Cult members "ascend" in mass suicide but remain trapped in time-loop personal universes
super powers -- The entity watches from the skies and controls humans with teleportation and telekinesis


cult -- In the Unbreakable/Split/Glass universe, it's unclear whether special talents rise to the level of super powers; believers in powers (such as Mr. Glass' mom) have cult-like faith that they exist
apocalypse -- None
dimensional doorway -- The villain has multiple personalities, one of which, The Beast, may have super strength. There is discussion of personalities emerging from "the light" within the host's consciousness. The light is not explained but may be a portal of some sort
super powers -- The Beast can climb walls and bend steel bars; he eats humans to build up strength

Stranger Things (Netflix series - Season 1)

cult -- Kid is kidnapped; initially only Mom (Winona Ryder) knows he is in "The Upside Down"; believers in that scary place maintain a cult-like bond in the face of skeptical normals
apocalypse -- None, except that the Upside Down is a dark, gloppy mirror world of our world
dimensional doorway -- Telepathy experiments in government lab attract beastie from The Upside Down
super powers -- The beastie can move between dimensions, drawn by the smell of blood; girl escaped from government lab has psychic powers


cult -- Bond of love causes normal man to act as enabler for beautiful woman who periodically transforms into Lovecraftian monster
apocalypse -- None
dimensional doorway -- Monster's huge bulk balloons into normal space, seemingly from the Beyond
super powers -- The woman claims her transformations aren't occult but rather science (stem cell treatments) run amok; she is superhumanly powerful and aggressive after transforming

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix series - Season 1)

cult -- Stern disciplinarian father raises seven mysteriously-conceived children as super heroes
apocalypse -- Preventing the end of world is the main plot driver
dimensional doorway -- Doorways in time and space open and close throughout the series
super powers -- Teleportation, telekinesis, hypnotic suggestion, time travel, super strength, uncanny knife throwing, communicating with the dead, ectoplasmic tentacles

The Magicians (Science Fiction Channel - TV series)

cult -- College campus for teaching magic expels some students; rejects wishing to practice become low-class "hedge witches"
apocalypse -- "The end of magic" is a frequent plot driver
dimensional doorway -- "Travelers" can jump to other worlds. Other dimensions can also be accessed by diving into a fountain on the college campus
super powers -- "Magic" isn't just conjuring tricks but includes teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, and communicating with spirits. Some characters are gods and have godlike powers