dark infantilization patterns


This is too trivial to qualify as a dark pattern but it is annoying.
The designer (this is from Feedly.com) doesn't think it's enough to have a big white-on-green plus sign telling you where to add an RSS feed ("content") to your list of feeds.
No, like a small baby you need a pulsating crib toy to draw your eye down to that part of the page.




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Was going to talk about this "weak" abstract art (the good weak) in terms of Boris Groys' essay "The Weak Universalism" and Hito Steyerl's "In Defense of the Poor Image" but then discovered that e-Flux had broken links to both those essays. Functioning links and more discussion here.
In a nutshell, over at Hyperallergic John Yau writes laudatory reviews of successful practitioners in the field of abstract painting, which is essentially an embalmed body (he's been writing the same essay for as long as I can remember). Meanwhile abstract art continues in the "weak" zones beyond Yau's empowering vocabulary. What is to be done?