bad g**gle drawing of the day - the spectators


As noted previously, Eric Schmidt's company greenwashes its diversity problem with an endless parade of cultural "others" on its main search page.

Above is a drawing cropped from the same picture as yesterday's bad G**gle image of the day, celebrating women's soccer.
These are the spectators, a happy melting pot of women waving tiny American flags. (With one male, wearing a lei.)
They are all reacting with identical robotic smiles as lady liberty smacks the ball with her shin.
The artist combines Norman Rockwell feelgood-ism with a kind of desperate propaganda style, like old Chinese Communist posters of happy factory workers.

Bonus: If you like women with tiny heads and big thighs, there is a monopoly technology company that openly displays them:


This somewhat resembles the work of Matisse, except the poor figure drawing is unintentional. He also had a better color sense.

st celfer exhibition in são paulo (flyers)

john parker sao paolo 1

john parker sao paolo 2

Digital flyers for the upcoming show by St Celfer (John Parker) in São Paulo.
The installation will include a distributed sound composition (sub-tracks of a single large work aimed at the walls via directional speakers) and a performative drawing component (semi-ritualistic mark-making inspired by artist Lygia Clark's notion of "breaking the plane," in this case of the gallery space). The work looks back to the mysticism of Malevich, auf Klint, and Kandinsky while employing the toolkit(s) of the digital noise scene.

In a post 15 years ago I wrote about Parker's work at Front Room gallery in Williamsburg. We have since collaborated on some art and music projects.

Update: Installation photos