"chorus of angles" vimeo embed

Video version of "Chorus of Angles I," a music track posted Nov. 2011. Watch for the Ken Burns effect.
Embedded videos stay up until they drop off the blog front page (yes, how quaint) and then the embed code is removed (the links stay up). Not that you need to know these Byzantine self-made rules.
As for the embed, it's always good to take abstract art and stick logos all over it. These could be removed but am kind of enjoying the horribleness of it.

Chorus of Angles from Tom Moody on Vimeo.

The Chambers Pavilion

I have some work in the Digital Art Biennale, titled "The Wrong" (front page / explanation), based in Sao Paolo, which opens today. Invited curators created online pavilions for artists' works. Mine is in a Sara Ludy-organized site called The Chambers Pavilion (site / jump page). Below is her flyer and announcement for the show.

The Chambers Pavilion exhibits 11 new works from artists who were invited to create sound rooms accessible online. The Chambers Pavilion is an online pavilion created for the Digital Art Biennale The Wrong. Chambers opens on 11/1/13

Rene Abythe: http://aryl.ca/
Leah Beeferman: http://leahbeeferman.com/
Mitchell Brown: http://dublab.com/labrat/labrat-cantaloupe/
Robert Lorayn: http://robertlorayn.computersclub.org/
Austin Meredith: http://austinmeredith.com/
Tom Moody: http://www.tommoody.us/
Maryann Norman: http://maryannnorman.computersclub.org/
Alexander Peverett: http://alexanderpeverett.com/
Bunny Rogers: http://meryn.ru/
Chris Shier: http://csh.bz/
Krist Wood: http://kristwood.com/

Curated by Sara Ludy: http://saraludy.com/