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"XP Hardware Failure: Intro and Main Theme" [mp3 removed]

This blog is a continuation of my music page, which is no longer being updated but contained the following .mp3s:

1998 - 2005
1. Scratch Ambulance [3.75MB]
2. Phil's Revenge (TM vs Ectomorph) [2.65MB] / hi-fi [2.65MB]
3. Brakin' 1 [1.86MB]
4. Brakin' 2 [2.03MB]
5. Calypsum (TM vs M. Mayer) [3.27MB]
6. Migrant Song [2.29MB]
7. Streetsong (TM vs 8BCS) [2.84MB]
8. Eins Zwei Drei [mp3 removed]
9. Eins Zwei Drei (Melody) [mp3 removed]
10. Monster Scales [1.25MB]
11. Robot Landscape [3.5MB]
12. Streetsong 2 [3.48 MB]
13. Latin Horror House [mp3 removed]
14. Acid Lullabye [mp3 removed]
15. Something Clicked [mp3 removed]
16. Funky Mountain Lake [mp3 removed]
17. Mountain Lake (Not Funky) [mp3 removed]
18. Kill Maurice [mp3 removed]
19. Taser Squad [mp3 removed]

1. Arpeggiasm [1.76MB]
2. Dance of the Nematodes [2.18MB]
3. Lament for a Treefrog [1.22MB]
4. Life in the Mortuary [0.75MB]
5. Pass the Amphetamines [1.03MB]
6. Spring Has Sprang [0.83MB]
7. The Organist Died [0.59MB]