Selected Rhythm Tracks

Rhythm tracks posted on my main blog on New Year's Eve '05 - '06:

"Tesla's Tribe" [mp3 removed]. From Reaktor, specifically a drum sequencer called Scenario II, just spat out today, another sparingly tweaked preset. I added the electronic buzz and '80s snare and cowbell samples from the Drat Fink Archive. Might ultimately fade this in or out of something else.

"Eternal Hiphop" [mp3 removed]. A pattern from the Electribe Rmkii rhythm synth played ad infinitum. Digital signal processing but analog filtered to add some exciting panning.

"Limelight Barely Remixed" [mp3 removed]. And I mean barely--it's a Reaktor preset from the Limelight rhythm synth. Both glitchy and loungy--very pretty. About all I did was record it and fade it.

"Super Slow Tango" [mp3 removed]. Not super slow like Super Slow Tetris, just slow for a tango. I made this with the soft sampler Kontakt.