"Teleclysm" [3.3 MB .mp3]

This piece starts with "One Minute Techno Song," with a new "techno" theme added. Then, it slows down and goes into the "K-hole," and ends with the "techno theme" recast as a kind of a reggae song.

Teleclysm is a googlewhack--which means probably no one's used it before. It could be a really bad TV show, like Alias--I get so sick of the close-ups on that show that I want to reach through the screen and push the characters into the middle distance so I can see what's really going on.

I prefer to think of teleclysm as a horrible teleportation mishap--like Captain Kirk being split into Evil Kirk and Weak Kirk, or even worse, when the explosion of the "link gate" in Cowboy Bebop turned the moon into a belt of meteorites that constantly rain down on Earth.