"Mini-Terror" [mp3 removed]

"Mini-Terror (Rhythm)" [mp3 removed]

While I have limited software on my computer to test it (I may have found the problem--possibly a fried out firewire card--knock plastic), I did this with one softsynth and a virtual rhythm box (plus multitracking). I also present the rhythm track without the softsynth parts--you can hear things otherwise hidden in the mix. The rhythms are a mix of live analog-modeling synthesis and sampling, but since the sampling is all of live analog synthesis (a TR 808) treated with the same kinds of digital effects it's a minor distinction.

Update: The sudden, involuntary reboots I am experiencing on the Sony VAIO are not the fault of the firewire card. I thought it was only happening when I was playing/composing media but last night after watching a video it shut down while I was websurfing. It's not a virus unless it's one that survived wiping the C drive. I've never really liked this VAIO and am thinking about using it for parts.

Update 2: This restarting problem began shortly after I added a new external hard drive. I'm going to try working with it turned off. I know this is fascinating. Also, I made a couple of minor changes to "Mini-Terror" and re-uploaded it. I'm really happy with it now--there's kind of a simulated scratching thing in the middle using some backwards snares that I'd like to explore more.