CPB Appropriates CA Appropriating Some "Web Developer"

CPB (Camille Paloque-Berges), late of Nasty Nets and whose blog cpb.tumblr I like a lot, made a GIF of the "project space" that Cory Arcangel did or didn't do for Art Review dot com beta.

[What's this about? Art Review's web designer sent Arcangel some panels to show the layout of the website project space Arcangel was going to decorate for a one-off commission. Just some random stupid stuff the designer threw on there, including rolling polygons and a photo of an inflatable alien toy. Arcangel replied--"just use those panels as my piece, thanks" or similar words, so they did. A commenter at Art Review who'd apparently never heard of Duchamp and/or was put off by Art Review's hyperbole in describing Arcangel* criticized the easiness of that appropriation gesture and Arcangel's online army of crazed partisan dittoheads swung into action to defend the artist, just like they used to when I had comments.

CPB screen-captured one of the polygons and the alien to make a GIF.

*"digital appropriationist, pop-media protagonist, trash-technology koan-maker"]