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screenshot of the website of cindeeloocupcakes. click for larger version. the "jackson pollock" is my jackson pollock from miltos manetas' hoax "paint a jackson pollock" web utility, drawn a while back. i worked really hard on that jackson pollock--the medium is not very conducive to making anything that looks remotely like something of jack the dripper's

post about quantifying Pollock: "Pollock is a perennial target for computer geeks. Besides these DIY-Pollock programs ... we were recently subjected to a barrage of hype about the computer science prof who could purportedly identify fake Pollocks by measuring drip sizes, fling rates, and so forth. And a few years before that, critic Pepe Karmel used computer analysis of Hans Namuth's studio photos of Pollocks-in-progress to determine that beneath the convoluted abstraction lay images of the human figure, which Pollock 'always drew first.'"