Greg Lynn: Reimagined Sears Tower



Excerpt from Lynn's text, from wannes deprez/ony one's photostream [hat tip lalblog.tumblr]:

This project reformulates the vertical bundle of tubes horizontally along a strand of land between Wacker Drive and the Chicago River's edge adjacent to the existing Sears Tower. To engender affiliations with particular local events, the rigid geometry that dictated the exact parallel relations between tubes was rejected for a more supple description. Through a geometry that is more supple, the nine contiguous tubes accommodate themselves fluidly and flexibly to the multiple and often discontinuous borders of the site. The relations between tubes are not exactly parallel. These supple deflections allow connection to take place which would have been repressed by a more rigid and reductive geometric system of description.

Starting a mini-series of blog posts on sculptural/3D forms. The above has a certain affinity w/ this drawing from a few months back. Didn't know Lynn's work or much about him but like the abject quality of this architecture. It talks a good game about functionality but it seems more about a failed or impossible space which makes it considerably more interesting than Gehry or Hadid.