Daniel Widrig and Shajay Booshan


binaural, a sound-based data sculpture by Shajay Bhooshan and Daniel Widrig commissioned by Melkweg

Frozen: Sound as Space exhibition, Amsterdam, July 2008, curated by Marius Watz.

Haven't seen the piece, only jpegs from various angles. These sculpture posts are more in the nature of thought experiments than art reviews. What do the images of the sculptures say to a working artist? Would like to see this piece/image have some of the obsessive/creepy personalization of say, Cathy de Monchaux, or the sense of accident or catastrophe of the Kai Vierstra Earthquake piece posted earlier. The idea of sound visualized as pure form is nice and the execution is tight but art is more than that. This is a complaint about generative art generally. Even though the computerization tools are new, we've been there with this kind of modernist sculpture. At its worst it's a kind of kitsch that you saw a lot of in "happenin" '60s/'70s churches and synagogues. At its best it does exactly what it's supposed to do--visualizes sound waves, in the most formally pristine way. Again, we need more.