David Galbraith - New Music

David Galbraith - "Lines in Two Directions (Once More and Again, with Feeling)" Soundmuseum.fm (Click "depot" and pray.)

The essence of analog, very warm and sensuous abstract electronic music in a Subotnickian vein. Galbraith has performed with the Experimental Makeup duo (with Michael Mahalchick) and in the Analogos series at Diapason.

Had a hard time finding the tune at soundmuseum. It didn't come up with the search function. Eventually I found the little billiard ball icon in the "Electronic" field and dragged it into the play bar. (These icons change every time the page loads.) Really wish organizations wouldn't use Flash bells and whistles. A simple html list would work fine (but then you could easily save the mp3 and they seem keen to prevent that).

Still, looking forward to checking out the site's other offerings. Work by Hakan Libdo, Tom Fruchtl, etc.