Indian Moon Shot

From the front page of Wikipedia we learned today that

Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 successfully lands the Moon Impact Probe on the lunar south pole.

This is major news. India is now the 4th country to put a spacecraft on the lunar surface (after the Soviet Union, US, and Japan).
Searched the front page of the New York Times online for this story and it's not there. Great paper: the Iraq War, Tom Friedman... Let's repeat: Wikipedia had this story and the Times didn't.

Update: My sources saw this item in one or more of the financial papers and in the science trades. I've seen no mention of it in the NY Times online edition on Nov 14-15 (haven't looked at the print editions for those days). Possibly the Times has a bias against stories that go against the grain of the "American exceptionalism narrative." Anyway, congratulations to India, that's an impressive achievement.

Update 2: On Nov. 16 the Times ran a one-paragraph AP story, dated Nov 14, about the landing. The headline was several stories down in the Science section. Way to cover 'em, Gray Lady!