john pomara - blu-face3

by John Pomara

in this piece printing is done on top of an existing ink jet print. I like the chaos here and the trace of a face in the visual noise.

cf. jimpunk video in the previous post.


jimpunk, "We Fix Antlers II" [YouTube]

the original data grinder. this work comes as close as any to rocking the standardized confines of YouTube. there is always that tension that something is breaking. the pure aesthetics of the digital accident. never trendy, always reliably pissed-off.


"Trumpets" [mp3 removed - later version is on bandcamp]

Jazzy dodecaphonish licks made after listening to Keith Emerson's '80s movie soundtracks for about a week. Not that it sounds like Emerson's dextrous playing at all--it's much more midi. I guess it's just those analog synth trumpets remind me of some of his anthemic dramatics. I struggled to make the ending more tonal after getting fed up with 12 tone noodling.

"Sidechain Sideshow"

"Sidechain Sideshow" [mp3 removed]

After watching a demo on how to make hard style bass using sidechaining in Reason I tried my own version of the effect, using the hardware compressor I bought pre-owned a few months ago. It's not a big deal: a drum beat in one synth plugged into the sidechain port automatically raises and lowers the compression on a sustained bass note so that it appears to throb or pump. It's basically another way to make a tremolo sequence. (The Reason demo went on to add midi-synced LFO filtering to get a "wonky" bass sound--I didn't do that here.) Anyway, the effect can be heard on the "chorus" part that comes in at :17. Not dramatic but it does deepen the sound of the synth.