The Holden Caulfield Ploy

"Walter Hill's contribution to the Red Harvest/Yojimbo/Fistful of Dollars story family is the Bruce Willis vehicle Last Man Standing. This is perhaps the most overblown, arty, and ultimately exhausted contribution to the 'lone wolf pits rival gangs against each other' form..."

"There you go again."


"You take the most current movie of the group, very fast paced and well made and enjoyed by many and claim that you, only you can see its flaws. You align yourself with these older movies, no less exploitation cheapies in their days, and claim, like Holden Caulfield, to be the only one who can see through the current 'phonies.'"

"Yes, but Last Man Standing is a demonstrably worse film than the others."

"We've never heard anyone say that. You need to give us ten examples of someone saying Last Man Standing is 'overblown, arty, and ultimately exhausted.' I mean you come here, to the Walter Hill fan page, shooting off your mouth, trying to claim some kind of moral high ground..."

(Third voice): "Yeah, Yojimbo sucks!"