richard ford on unsystematic opposition

Richard Ford, The Lay of the Land (2006), excerpt of excerpt from Google books (the narrator is describing his son Paul; "Ann" is the narrator's ex-wife and Paul's mother):

[...] It was the time when Ann (for good reason) thought Paul might have Asperger's and was forcing me, at great expense, to drive him down to Hopkins to be neurologically evaluated. He was evaluated and didn't have Asperger's or anything else. The Hopkins doctor said Paul was "unsystematically oppositional" by nature and probably would be all his life, that there was nothing wrong with that, nor anything I could do or should want to since plenty of interesting, self-directed, even famous people were also that. He named Winston Churchill, Bing Crosby, Gertrude Stein and Thomas Carlyle, which seemed a grouping that didn't bode well. [...]